The importance of all feelings

All people are connected to feel. We not only have good feelings, but also some that we like less.Feelings drive our vitality, our relationships, our decisions, and our humanity. It’s how we connect with ourselves and with others , is how we feel love, when we decide who is right or wrong, what is good for us and what we should avoid. The most important thing is that feelings are the indication that something is happening to us, that we are alive.

When we have feelings that upset us, we must take into account that they are the indication that something is not right and that it needs to be dealt with. We must find a balance between our emotions and our actions, in this way we will feel good about ourselves and the world around us.

Feelings in people

Sadness is a signal to know that we need emotional support, happiness tells us that we should keep doing what we are doing because it is okay, fear is a warning and prepares us to fight, flight or stand still. Lastly,we have anger, which if not well controlled, can destroy everything in its path. On the other hand, if anger is well managed, it can be protective and motivating in life.

All feelings are important and must have a place in our lives. If it were not so, thousands of years of evolution would have been useless. We can pretend there are no uncomfortable feelings, but you can’t make them go away. Denial buries feelings somewhere deep within us, but when they are buried they are like seeds… they always grow and appear above ground.

Importance feelings

When children are able to recognize what feel, they will be able to adequately experience an effective response and the feelings will not have as much power in them. Feelings never cause problems, it’s what we do with them that can make us feel bad.

Anger is important too

Every feeling we have inside has a very good reason to be there with us, even anger. It is not always possible to understand why we feel what we feel, but on all occasions there is a reason for being. We must bear in mind that the problem is never the feeling, but the way in which we treat that sensation that we have.

Feelings cause problems when they arrive without warning and dominate us, when we let our emotions do whatever they want with us. When this happens, it can feel like you lose control of yourself… the key is to be emotionally intelligent and put impulsiveness aside. Be aware that emotions cannot dominate us if we do. we prevent, and that when a sensation comes to us, we must allow ourselves to feel it, recognize it and know why we are having that sensation at that moment and not a different one. In this way you will be able to have control of your feelings and your children, when they understand it, too.

As you can see, all feelings are important and necessary in our lives. When our When our children are happy, we like to see them excited, but when they are sad or angry, we don’t like it so much and immediately want them to be okay or even feel frustrated when we can’t do anything. It is essential to respect the feelings of our children, but also to understand them and be by their side so that they feel supported at all times. Feelings are always on our side to guide us and to make us feel better, even if we have to go through somewhat annoying feelings from time to time.