If you have been lucky enough to enjoy your grandparents, their love and their wisdom, then you will know the importance they have in the lives of their grandchildren. They are not just older people who are in the family and now, they are people who need their recognition for their important role in families. That is why it is so important to celebrate Grandparents’ Day, and make them see how important they are in your life and that of your children!

The grandparents; the pillars of every society

Grandparents are those who struggled in society, who worked for years, who formed a family and who care about their relatives every day of their lives. They are those basic pillars that we all need because without them, basically there would be no society, they are the origin of future generations!

In addition, in today’s families they also have a great weight since they help their children in the upbringing and care of their grandchildren. They care that they do not lack for anything, that they learn things every day and above all, that all the members of their family are happy and enjoy every moment of life. Because if they know something above all, it is that in life you have to do what you feel like because if you don’t do it, over time there will be regrets that will not go back.

Life is not only about working, it is also about having fun with the family and they teach us that every time we are by their side. When their children become adults and the parents become grandparents, an affinity begins between the generations that becomes friendship because there are no longer limits and rules like when we were children… now it’s about enjoying each other.

Now there is real complicity and a union that nothing and no one can ever break. Because even when dear grandparents, by law of nature, are no longer by our side, the emotional bond that unites us will not be broken… we will continue to feel them close to our hearts thanks to all the wisdom they taught us in their lives.

When is Grandparents Day celebrated?

Our parents will always be our parents, but there will come a day when we are the parents, they will become grandparents. They deserve their recognition on a day (although their work in the family is recognized 365 days a year), where they feel special, because they are, and because they should know that they are the greatest of all families.

Grandparents feel unconditional love for their grandchildren and every time they see them they show it with words and actions. Now they are not responsible for educating the little ones, the ones who have to set limits and rules are the parents.

This day in Spain is celebrated on July 26 and coincides with the Catholic liturgy that commemorates Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary, who are the grandparents of Jesus. On the other hand, this commemoration of grandparents also coincides in some Latin American countries. Although for example in Mexico, it is celebrated on August 28 and they call it “National Day of the Elderly”. And at the international level, there is also a celebration by the UN that remembers the elderly, being the International Day of the Elderly (October 1).

On the other hand, in other countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada, they celebrate Grandparents’ Day in the first days of October. In any case, celebrating it is important not only for grandparents, but also for the whole family in general. Because grandparents are the pillars of society.

Grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren

Grandparents have a great influence in the lives of their grandchildren as long as they are involved in the family. They represent various values such as: learning, dedication, effort, perseverance, unconditional love, respect, etc. Although they do not work now, everything they have has been thanks to their efforts.

They now have a precious resource for the grandchildren that the parents of those children do not yet have: time. A time where they show their love and patience. As children grow up they realize that grandparents are their parents’ parents, making the bond between them even stronger.

Children will love knowing family stories that their grandparents will tell at times of reunion, and savoring every minute of those meetings with grandparents is priceless, there is no money in the world that can compare to the feelings that occur! during those moments by your side!

In addition to time, grandparents are also important to their grandchildren because:

  • They are a great example of life
  • They promote emotional balance
  • They transmit values ​​for life
  • They show the importance of resilience and are an example of it
  • They know how to have fun and enjoy the present
  • They don’t need technology to connect with others

For all this and much more, celebrating Grandparents’ Day is so important. They must feel that much-needed recognition from their children, grandchildren and society in general. Because without them, there simply would be no humanity.