In this pandemic that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, we have realized that although it can affect people of any age, it has more incidence in the elderly than in children. For many it is still a mystery, but it would be good to understand it in order to defeat the virus as soon as possible.

This virus behaves very differently from other viruses such as the flu, which is often dangerous for people of any age. With COVID-19, children do not yet have a well-developed immune system and older people have a weakened immune system, so this may have a lot to do with the severity of the condition in one and the other.

Understanding the low incidence in children

Understanding the low incidence in children could help understand how and why the virus sickens and kills different age groups. It seems that the coronavirus condition has more to do with the host than with the condition itself. In older people, a deregulation is created in the body that causes exaggerated reactions to the coronavirus and that is why people die from the infections caused.

What causes more damage is the aggressive response of the immune system to the threat, so the consequences are fatal in many cases. The first hypotheses about why it seems that children escape this COVID-19 more are that perhaps children are more exposed to other mild coronaviruses that circulate every year and cause colds, something that can give children certain strengthened immunity.

Experts believe that if it is confirmed that children are less prone to infection, there may be a more mechanical component than an immunological one. There may be something in children’s bodies or their lungs like receptors that interfere with the ability of the virus to stick to the body.

COVID-19 immune system

There is still much to understand

These assumptions made by experts show how little is still known about the virus and everything What do you have to learn to beat it? A learning that must be done against the clock because more and more innocent human lives are being taken. It is necessary to focus on the vaccine and treatment to defeat the virus in the people who are affected and that it does not destroy the health of the sick person in such a sudden way.

Schools and educational centers are closed despite the few infections in children, because although they may be infected just the same, they present few symptoms and can infect other more vulnerable people. Something that could undoubtedly continue to raise the curve that we so much want to flatten as soon as possible.

Children can often be a factor of infection and can transmit it to parents, relatives and the general society. For this reason, it is necessary that educational centers are closed to avoid, above all, that professionals become infected. Schools are closed primarily to protect adult staff.