A baby coming home is always a joy, a change of routine and someone with whom to share thousands of new experiences. In Primary World we congratulate you for this good news. If you have entered here, surely you are looking for peculiar names for that baby that comes into your life today.

Some people do not know it, but the personality of a baby is influenced by the name that has been chosen. Some names incline toward creativity, adventure, imagination, or artistic abilities; other names express courage, will to do, tenacity and strength. An overwhelming personality has a good name to match. Choose the best baby names for girls.

These personalities are unique in part because their names are just as original and weird, without crossing the line into outrageous quirkiness. These are rare names because they attract attention with their sound, and with their strange and unique composition. Review the list that we present below and you will see the meaning of rare names and you will surely find one that catches your attention.

Rare names for girls and their meaning


Name of African origin whose etymology is ” bearer of wisdom “.


Originating from the Middle East, this unusual name means “ brave and strong ”.


Name of Arabic origin that means ” head of the family “.


Name that comes from the original Amerindian peoples and means ” lonely girl “.


Name of biblical origin that means ” the woman who admires God “.


Coming from the Greek and means ” piece of sun “.


Name that means “ bird that flies over the mountains ”.


Name of Arabic origin that means ” charming woman “.


Name that comes from Hebrew and means ” strong palm tree ” or ” who protects our lands “.


Variant of Arabic origin that means ” the one who works for her future “.

Rare names for boys and their meaning


It means ” the one of great character “.


The meaning of this name is “ of great beauty ”.


Its meaning is ” big-hearted “.


This name comes from Roman mythology and its meaning is ” who makes his way in the face of adversity ” or ” who opens the doors “.


This name means “ one who is brought by the sea ” or “ the son of the ocean ”.


Also Rainier. The etymology of this name is ” the warrior of the gods “.


Name of Egyptian origin that means ” son of the sun god “.


Name that has Arabic origin and its etymology is ” Jehovah will provide “.


This name means ” great brother ” or ” radiant as the sun “.


Name that comes from the Greek whose meaning is ” great thinker “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Chika Ambitious and from an early age they take on certain responsibilities, and although they do not correspond to them, they quickly stand out. Proud and put a lot of effort into any activity.
Dawiyah They are very clear about their goals and fight with perseverance to achieve them. It is important that they learn to have moments of rest or relaxation, because otherwise there will be anxiety in their lives.
Douja Patient and very friendly with everyone. Dynamic, very hard-working and constant in their duty, doing it with pleasure. They have a spirit of brotherhood and do not lack courage to defend their family.
Enola They prefer to be in calm environments that allow them to think calmly and enjoy moments of silence. They are usually observant, calm and very intelligent people.
Lisbeth It’s a bit calm and collected. They do not like conflicts and tend to run away from them. They have great listening skills, are a bit retrograde in their way of thinking and do not usually understand modern concepts.
Ornella Energetic, friendly and very creative. They have many skills to succeed in everything they set out to do. They are simple and very intellectual, that makes them have a wide cultural baggage. They don’t like generalizations.
Keel They are usually imposing and capricious as they like things their own way. Over the years they have to learn diplomacy and tact, since their unbridled sincerity knows no limits and can hurt other people.
Rania Calm and like to be surrounded by good friends. They are also attracted to fun times and sporadic parties.
Tamara Brave, intrepid and daring. They like changes and novelties. They do not usually stay still in a single point, but they like to go on an adventure.
Zuleika They are independent, energetic and spontaneous. They have altruistic convictions and are good friends. They usually stand out in everything they do, they are dreamers and they like to make others smile with their jokes.
Dante Thoughtful and with a good sense of humor. They are not easily influenced and tend to make their own decisions, without taking into account the empty opinions of others. They are of great intellect and must learn how to exploit their talent.
Eider They are scrupulous and perfectionists in their daily work. They consider themselves very attached to their family and feel responsible for it. They are interested in large-scale events where they tend to make friends easily.
Hart Lovers of nature and animals. Direct, frank and tactful in expressing what they feel. They don’t like the idea of ​​hurting other people with their comments.
janus They have high self-esteem and are not easily upset. They have the ability to make everyone feel comfortable around them.
Neymar Enthusiastic and highly charismatic. Hard workers and don’t like to waste time that they could use on honing their skills. Realistic, uncompromising and have their feet firmly on the ground.
rainer Solidarity and creative by nature and they love to find new alternatives. They maintain a taste for crafts and like to make their own tools. Clever and ingenious.
ramses Apparently adaptable and malleable, but in the end he knows how to impose his principles and ideals. They have few friends, but they are all very loyal to him. Sometimes they get discouraged quickly when something goes wrong.
Youcef They are supporters of peace and therefore are peaceful and calm. Very enterprising and like comfortable life. Sometimes they tend to be possessive and overwhelmed by some trifles.
Ytiel They have great magnetism in their personality and tend to stand out as leaders. They are sensible and know how to manage their pride well, to the point of being an example for others. Bold and very discreet.
zoilus They have great ability to discern and question the world. They like strategy games and are often dependent on people who show them affection.