Roman names are common in all latitudes of the world due to their sonority and the historical importance that has been attributed to them. Today we bring you a compilation of names that can catch your attention and that, if you have entered this post, it is sure that you are looking to find lists with beautiful meanings. We also invite you to go through Greek names, Hebrew names and unisex names, and tell us which one you like the most.

In the tradition of Ancient Rome, it was common to perform rituals that accompanied the birth ceremony. After the mother gave birth, she used to take the baby in her arms and hold it up so that all the people could see it. It was a tradition of pride and joy that inflamed families. Another characteristic of Roman onomastics is that names were chosen after birth, that is, once they had the boy or girl in the air, they were already worthy of bearing a name. It is believed that boys received the name after eight days of birth, and in the case of girls, this time could last up to fifteen days. The last aspect that must be taken into account is that the etymology of Roman names has its bases in Latin and many of them are versified. Choose the best baby names for girls.

When it came time to name each baby, they used to look at the names of the families. For this reason, it was common for girls to receive the name of the mother and grandmother, and in the case of boys, of the father or grandfather, with small changes to be able to distinguish them. We can say then that the onomastic choice of names has to do with family kinship rather than with a household issue. Do you find Roman names striking? Let’s take a look at the ones we have chosen for you.

Roman names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” precious stone that shines “.


The meaning of this name is “ beautiful sunrise ”.


This name means ” bright star “.


It means “free woman”.


This name means ” honor and victory “.


Also Ileana or Eleana. The meaning of this name is ” spiritual tree “.


The meaning of his name is ” extraordinary mind “.


This name means ” wild pigeon “.


The meaning of this name is ” the one who is reborn “.


It means ” fascinating woman “.

Roman names for boys and their meaning


Its meaning is “ the one that comes from the Adriatic Sea ”.


The meaning of this name is ” the one with wings “.


This name means ” the messenger “.


The meaning of this name is “ the one with golden hair ”.


The etymology of this name is ” the firm “.


Its meaning is ” the one who is born in the month of January “.


The meaning of this name is “ luminous man ” or “ he who was born to bring light ”.


It means “ mighty hammer ” or “ from Mars ”.


This name means “ the pilgrim from Rome ”.


Its meaning is “ the defender ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Amber Elegant, sincere and with a pure essence. They have a great charisma that mobilizes masses and does not usually detract from other people, on the contrary, they enhance their strengths. They are loved by everyone you meet.
dawn Clever and learned. They are interested in intellectual topics, awake and unwrapped in any activity that catches their attention. They are patient and have a very human vision of life.
Ayesha Very intelligent and creative women, who stand out for their patience and analytical understanding of the world. They have skills in dealing with young children and are often interested in topics of spiritual connections.
Phoenicia They go where they want without giving reasons or justifying themselves to anyone. They live autonomy and freedom to the surface. They know how to enjoy every second of the things in life. Adventurous, risky and love to live to the fullest. They don’t regret their decisions no matter how crazy they seem.
Glory Versatile and active personality. They have talents in different areas and they stand out in all of them. They do everything with love and dedication, they don’t care so much about perfectionism, but that the creations transmit part of their essence.
Iliana They are people with a broad perspective on life. They have the ability to follow their goals, maintaining a steady and steady pace. Calm, phlegmatic and serene, interested in nature.
Minerva Strict and meticulous with everything they do. Wise and know in depth details that others do not usually notice. Romantic and in love, they have good intentions and manners.
dove Intelligent, applied and loving. When they afflict they tend to somatize their inanimate thoughts, they need a person to remind them how brave they are and how ready they are for situations.
renata Determined, shrewd and quick-thinking. They like avid and deep conversations, in which they are interested in learning a large amount of knowledge. They are fearless and make impulsive decisions.
Sabine Routine and have a big smile with which they attract other people. They do not lose interest in their passions and spend several hours of their time doing what they like best. They are enterprising, artistic and get carried away by all kinds of arts and poetry.
Adrian They are emotional, analytical and reserved. When they grow up, they are the man everyone looks to for emotional support because their advice is wise and relevant. Their personality is catalytic and they are great confidants.
Alair Determined, with an attractive personality and great analytical skills. Their mentality is open and they have the ability to notice details that most people tend to overlook.
Angelo Prudent, outstanding and elegant. They don’t usually waste time on trifles, instead they are always working out their future. incomparable friends. They are sought after for their sound advice.
Aurelius They have an admirable ability to communicate, they are diplomatic and can sometimes pass for flatterers or liars. They usually exaggerate with aggrandizements, but they do not do it with bad intentions.
Fermin Friendly and enjoy the company of people. Their comments are funny and they know how to maintain an energy that expands. They are not usually in a hurry and consider that everything arrives in its time. They have good luck.
Genaro Calm and are lovers of unconditional camaraderie. For them, the most important thing is to have a circle of friends who value them for who they are and give everything for them. They do not like mystery or bad intentions.
Luciano Voluntary and do not leave for tomorrow what they can do in the present. They like to anticipate events and anticipate conditions. They are always prepared for what may happen.
Marcellin Their activity depends on motivation, they honestly do not carry out actions in which they do not feel pleasure in seeing them achieved. They only act with enormous conviction when they feel that all their efforts will be rewarded.
Romeo Intelligent, they like moving and hectic environments. They embark on any adventure that dares them from the front, they do not hesitate much when taking the step that will lead them to discover the unforeseen.
titus Gentle and do not like laziness. Proactive, enthusiastic and an excellent family man. They like to impose themselves because they are meticulous in the way they act, that is why they stand out, for being firm and tender at the same time.