What a good time to see names! You are at home or doing some errand and you have taken to looking for Romanian names. It may be that you are looking to learn more about the etymology of Romanian names or simply a need of the moment has arisen to broaden your knowledge about the names of this region and its culture. Many families have these names as options to call their baby and it is a frequent option in many parts of the world. Let’s meet them.

The anthroponymic onomastics of Romanian names has many elements shared with Eastern Romance languages ​​with some Indo-European characteristics, so we can say that they have similarities with Italian names, French names or Greek names. It goes without saying that Romania is a country with beautiful landscapes and magnanimous buildings such as fortresses and castles that are a great feat of human construction. If you have the opportunity to visit, do not hesitate to do so. We are sure that it will impress you. Choose the best baby names for girls.

If you are looking for options to call your newborn, this post is for you. Here we have made a selection of Romanian names with meaning that we bring today. Read on to learn one by one the descriptions of the Romanian baby names and their meaning.

Romanian names for girls and their meaning


This name means “ full of grace ”.


It means “ beautiful popular song ”.


Its meaning is ” God is merciful “.


This name means “ no one like God ”.


Its meaning is ” the winner “.


The meaning of this name is ” hope “.


It means “ the one that comes down from the river in Moldavia ”.


This name means “ beautiful sunrise ”.


Its meaning is ” the one that comes from the land of Christians “.


The etymology of this name means “bell”.

Romanian names for boys and their meaning


It means ” the one who stands firm and constant “.

dragon trees

Its meaning is ” brave and precious “.


The meaning of this name is “ the one that is flourishing ”.


This name means ” the compassion of Yahweh “.


Its meaning is ” gift from God “.


The etymology of this name is ” glorious gift “.


The meaning of this name is “ the setting sun ”.


Razvan too. Its meaning is ” the mysterious “.


The meaning of this name is “ related to the king ”.


It means ” brave wolf “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Haunch Passionate, cheerful and fun. They have many talents and are always with a smile on their face, ready to give their best. Brave, risky and when they have something in mind it is difficult for someone to contradict them.
lady People who radiate joy and peace. They are always calm and serene, but at the same time they have a tenacity to carry out the tasks. Their temperament is strong and they are usually the mainstay of their close social circle.
Jenica Of ambitious personality and that does not know of earthly limits. Careful and detailed with each of the activities they carry out, to which they dedicate a large part of their time so that they look just as they appear in their minds.
Mihaela Their mentality is transcendental, they like to think about the possibilities of the impossible and for this reason they tend to get complicated most of the time. They are friendly, responsible with their chores and somewhat capricious.
nicoleta They are people with great strength and unstoppable momentum. Dreamy, conciliatory and do not like to disturb the peace that they have worked hard to build. They are always willing to help people.
nadia Of remarkable intuition, they are not usually people of regrets and they like to live life to the fullest. Insightful, bold and like to get their way. They have nothing to worry about; everything they do, they do well.
Ozana They have great charisma that stands out everywhere. Sometimes they are fearful and insecure to make decisions or to participate in front of people they have just met, but it is only a matter of time while they get used to it.
Ruxandra Intelligent, affectionate and charitable. They have a great inner strength that drives them to maintain a constant rhythm that will take them far. They tend to perfectly dominate those activities that are favorite for them.
Roman Impatient, anxious to see their dreams come true and do not like to waste time on activities or conversations that they consider irrelevant or superficial. They are bold and very honest.
Viorica Independent and autonomous. They have facilities to communicate their thoughts and express their feelings. They usually stand out with their presence and strong personality.
Costel They have a human mentality and are altruistic. He possesses great strength and boldness in his conduct. His personality is a mix between shyness and great courage that he usually shows in those opportunities that deserve it.
dragon trees Receptive and observant. They always seek help without looking at who, and they do everything anonymously. They do not like to stand out and are very reserved. They like to have privacy and not see their intimate interests published or revealed.
Florin Courageous, thoughtful and like academics. They do not usually abandon their objective until they see it fully completed. They like to be an example for others and they are easy to learn foreign languages.
Ioan They are sweet, imaginative and charismatic boys. Delivered and always with the best disposition. Their mentality is flexible and they prefer changes to rigid structures, which is why they like to get out of the conventional.
Ionut They stand out for having an attractive character and possess great magnetism. They make themselves felt with their presence and lifestyle. They do not like monotonous or routine life, so they always seek to innovate and look for new alternatives that dazzle.
Ivantie They search for the unfathomable, the novel and feel it as a challenge, but once discovered, they quickly lose fascination and interest. They are nostalgic and melancholic, they tend to relive the past in their mind.
Sorin Admirable. They are peaceful, courageous, conscientious and focused in their thinking. His mentality is flexible and understanding. They know themselves very well and know how to manage their emotions.
Rǎzvan Sensitive and tend to be quickly affected, when they do not know how to handle their feelings, this leads to angry and capricious attacks. They need signs of security and love that is provided from the warmth of home.
vasile Workers, industrious and with interest to stand out. They have a low tolerance for failure and frustration, so they tend to blame other people for their own mistakes. They are interested in art.
Velkan Romantic and have a great sensitivity that allows them to understand issues that other people often overlook. Their greatest strength is courage and the need to protect others, which they keep as their greatest treasure.