We want to congratulate you on the arrival of this new little person who will soon be the center of your attention at home. !! Congratulations!! You are already preparing his room, you have chosen the color combination of the walls and furniture, you have bought a beautiful crib and all you have to do is choose the ideal name for your little one. Among the options you have, you can choose a Russian name with meaning. Let’s see them.

There is a great diversity of names that you can choose from within the wonderful world of the Russian patronymic. Did you know that most Russian names belong to the Slavic idiosyncrasy? According to tradition, they used to cut their hair and change their names once they came of age. However, it is not necessary to carry out these customs to carry a powerful name. Choose the best baby names for girls.

This is a selection of русские имена for your children, in case you have not yet decided on the name it will bear. Choosing the perfect name is not always easy, here we leave you a selection of Russian names with meaning so you can choose the one of your preference. Continue reading and discover the options that we present to you.

Russian names for girls and their meaning


Russian name meaning ” she who brings light “.


This name means “ she who brings peace ”.


Its meaning is ” the well loved one “.


It means ” one who acts rebellious ” or ” who does not show submission “.


This name means “ it is a miracle of life ”.


Its meaning is “ blessed at birth ”.


The meaning of this name is “ kind woman ”.


It means “ your soul is light ” or “ the tranquility that abounds ”.


Its meaning is “ the sincerity that reaches the river bank ”.


The meaning of this name is ” the one with the beautiful voice “.

Russian names for boys and their meaning


Also Alexey. Its meaning is ” brave son “.


It means ” the one who transmits calm “.


Its meaning is “ graceful child ” or “ who is born with a great gift ”.


The meaning of this name is ” the one with a pure soul “.


Also Ivanov or Ivanof. This name means ” precious son “.


It means ” brave as a lion “.


Its meaning is “ humble man ”.


Its etymology is ” as strong as a stone “.


It means “ he who comes for salvation ” or “ the defender of his people ”.


Russian name whose meaning is ” the good shepherd ” or ” the one who protects “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Helenka They have a very sensible mindset that allows them to make rational judgments from the events of reality. Dedicated, passionate and give many hours of their lives to achieve their personal goals.
irina Very intelligent and with great abilities to learn languages. Spontaneous, demonstrative with their feelings and great friends. They know how to listen to others and usually stand out for their greatness of spirit.
Mariya Scrupulous, haughty and susceptible to changes. They feel better when they are surrounded by people who inspire them confidence. Willful, expressive, they like order and their virtues make them long-term winners.
Masha Spontaneous, cheerful and lively, who are not afraid to pursue their dreams from an early age. Patient, harmonic and they always make it clear when they don’t like something.
mila They have a great sense of responsibility that leads them, over time, to take on important projects. Friendly, although they are also strong-willed and can have an attitude, in some cases, somewhat pretentious or arrogant.
Natasha They know how to maintain a good temper despite the fact that the circumstances are not the most favorable, they do not let themselves be discouraged as quickly as other people. Sincere and very good friends. They have a talent for the arts and scientific areas.
Girl They are usually patient people and their temperament is reserved. Their personality makes them sincere, they act with humility. They do not like mediocrity or hypocrisy at all, and tend to criticize these attitudes.
Svetlana They like simplicity and being surrounded by nature. They are introverts, but they are not afraid of loneliness, in fact they tend to isolate themselves to admire the environment that surrounds them. They tend to be possessive and jealous of their belongings.
Vera Restless, hard-working and lively. In general, they really enjoy moments alone that allow them to focus on their goals. They always find an activity to do and in which they usually stand out easily.
Viveka Their soul is noble and they are attracted to all kinds of philanthropic works. They have people skills and know how to use their communication skills to mobilize the masses. They are usually great leaders and highly respected in their circle.
Alekseev Daredevils and they like adventure, as well as all kinds of extreme activities. For them the most important thing is the members of their family. Throughout their lives they may have resentful feelings that can get them into trouble.
chesna Protector and his presence gives certain security to people. They have a great sense of friendship and their calm personality inspires respect without having to impose themselves. They are usually independent, so much so that they are sometimes considered ungrateful.
Darko They have a great sense of humor, sometimes sarcastic, but in any case they know how to please people. They have a lot of skills to develop, but they are a bit lazy so it’s hard for them to stand out.
Dushan Intuitive and particularly emotional. He has great ability to listen and understand animals. They are observant, analytical and highly perceptive. Their honesty and innate naivety leads them to quickly believe in others.
Ivanov In some circumstances they can show a nervous temperament and develop attitudes close to fanaticism. When they are interested in something, they jump right in and it seems that they are not going to get out of there until their curiosity is satisfied.
Lenya They can be paternalistic and overprotective. They are usually generous and very kind. They are also dedicated, enthusiastic and good friends.
Pavel Intelligent, diplomatic and very sure of their abilities. Their interest is not to stand out, although their multiple abilities lead them to stand out. They are not proud, arrogant, or arrogant. They have a great sense of altruism.
Petrov They can be sometimes possessive and a bit authoritarian, but they are also weak in the face of tenderness. Brave, skillful, reserved and their strength lies in facing problems alone, without seeking help, because they consider it their duty.
Sasha They act with disinterest for some personal benefit. They are prone to pessimism or feelings of doubt that sometimes afflict them. They are rational-minded and quite practical in the decisions they make.
Sergey They like solitude, calm, but sometimes they enjoy the crowd. They do not like other people to interfere in their affairs. They feel indispensable and are sometimes a bit cocky.