They are increasingly a frequent option in families. Do you know someone with a unisex name? Surely yes! What makes these types of names unique is that they are valid for both boys and girls alike. The gender does not really matter, what is really important is the meaning of that name that it will bear. That is why today we bring you a list of the loudest and most striking that you can find on the web.

Some names have become unisex due to the change of location, as is the case of Sasha, which in many countries is a girl’s name, but its origin refers to a Russian name and in this country it is mostly worn by boys. Another similar case is that of the name Andrea, which as an Italian name is usually a boy’s name, but in the Spanish-speaking community it is known as a girl’s name. How curious! No? Some people choose unisex names for their little ones because honestly they are very pretty and full of meaning. Another common reason is because they do not want to know the sex of the baby until birth and therefore look for an ambiguous name. Another valid reason is for those families who do not wish to impose a defined gender identity. Between tastes no dislikes. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Whatever reason you’re considering for giving your little one a unisex name is completely valid. We are glad that you have a little person at home to accompany you. Here is a selection of 20 unisex names and there are many options for you to consider. Let’s see them.

Unisex names and their meaning


Name of Japanese origin that means ” shining clarity ” or “bright”.


Name of Greek origin whose meaning is ” who defends the land “.


Name of Chinese origin that means ” beautiful maple “.


Name of Greek and Italian origin that means “precious courage”.


Coming from the Hebrew, this name means “ lion of God ” or “ creature of God ”.


Also Dennys or Denis. Of both Hebrew and French origin meaning ” close to Dionysus ” or ” like Dionysus “.


Also Francis. Name of Latin origin that means ” who comes from France “.


Also Gabrielle. Name of Hebrew origin that means ” God is my judge “.


Name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means ” who plays the harp “.


Name of Japanese origin that means ” clear spring sun “.


Coming from Japanese, this name means “ shining light ”.


Of Japanese origin, the meaning of this name is ” who faces the sun ” or “sunflower”.


Name that is of Slavic origin and its meaning is ” who brings justice “.


Also Lucián or Lucien, name of Latin origin. Another Basque variant is Luján. Its meaning is ” light that illuminates my soul “.


Also Michel or MichelleName of Hebrew origin that means ” there is none like God “.


Also Noah. Name of Hebrew origin that means ” the peace of those who have received consolation ” or “rest”.


Also Renee or Renee. Of Latin origin this name means ” who has been born again “.


Coming from English, the meaning of this name is ” he is a famous person ” or ” who stands out for his generosity “.


Name of Latin origin that means ” sacred place “.


Name of Canarian origin that means ” magnificent greatness “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Akira Intelligent, dynamic and with very good ideas who do not hesitate to comment on them publicly whenever they can. They have great generosity and an innate genius.
Alex They have very good communication skills and tend to make friends wherever they go. They are respectful, brave people with strong principles who usually impose with their virtue.
An People skilled in mathematics and with a great ability for logical reasoning. At the same time they stand out for their capacity for observation and tendency to appreciate art. They are bold and very cautious.
Andrea They stand out among other people for their leadership and their tendency to be noticed in each place. They have the ability to make friends, but sometimes they often lack tact or diplomacy to keep them.
Ariel They are people who tend to make decisions in a hurry, which is why they are impulsive and very energetic. When you have something on your mind, there is no one to change your mind.
Dennis Refined, educated people who tend to get carried away by pleasures, although this means that they cannot concentrate on their most important goals.
Francis The most important thing for them is to have enough time to dedicate themselves to what they like. They hate being imposed activities or ways of being. They have good taste in art.
Gabriel They are very clear about their goals from an early age and their careful thoughts lead them to take on big projects. Energetic people, with great motivation and personal will to achieve it.
Harper Sometimes they can pass for being lonely people, but this behavior is due to the fact that they do not always know how to relate and they are very afraid of being excluded. Intelligent and they will know how to solve your problems.
Haru Elegant people who do not like to waste time on what they consider to be of no benefit to their future. They are people dedicated to what they are passionate about and they tend to stand out quickly.
Hikaru Innocent-minded, they are usually trusting and sometimes get carried away by their friends. They can also be somewhat short-tempered and have a strong personality.
hinata Calm and complacent. They really don’t like conflict and tend to avoid it at all costs. They like crafts, they are very intelligent and very observant.
jessie Sensitive inside, but usually show a tough and impenetrable face to others. They are not constant if they are not sure that their efforts will be well rewarded.
Lucian With a strong and imposing personality, they do not usually sit idly by or lower their voice if there is something they do not agree on. They are the first person to manifest and make themselves felt. They have the capacity to be great leaders.
Michell Entrepreneurs, lovers of comforts and luxuries that they usually seek and maintain throughout their lives.
Noah They have a strong temperament and wherever they go they make themselves felt. They do not like to walk with hesitation or with some lie.
Rene Risky, they tend to stand out for their great creativity and imagination. They do not like what is expected, they tend to go for what is different and thus be able to stand out with the originality of their spirit.
Robin Idealistic mentality and tend to fantasize about the utopian. They may have deep feelings that they have to learn to deal with.
Sanctuary His personality is a bit complex that oscillates between unmatched tenderness and rudeness in dealing with the problems of everyday life. They are people who are not stranded, their creativity is their best weapon.
Yeray With a haughty personality and at the same time they stand out for being generous and kind people. They maintain great energy to achieve their goals and like to share happiness with those they love most.