What does it take to raise good children?

What is a “good boy”? The answer is relative and will depend on the values ​​of each one, but what is important is that a child must be happy in order to be calm and behave well. Children who suffer tend to have worse behaviors for not knowing how to express the intense emotions they feel inside.

We live in the age of technology, where children grow up surrounded by screens. It seems that parents have it easier in their education thanks to its use, but it is quite the opposite. It is not easy to establish rules and limits when screens and strangers (influencers, youtubers, etc.) are constantly present in the lives of little ones.

Children before and now

Until not long ago, children played outside the house, in the field… with a ball, bicycles, etc. And at home they played cards or marbles, and screens weren’t an option because they just didn’t exist. His imagination flew much higher and the time with friends at the door of the house was a treasure. Parenting today is quite different than it was 2 or 30 years ago.

The reality is that now, we are in a new, different world. It seems that children these days are quickly given a screen to entertain themselves, or worse, to calm down. Parents should be very clear about where the limits are so that children do not focus their lives solely on screens.

Aspects that cannot be missing in your upbringing

If you want your children to grow up being good, and above all, not to grow up depending on technology to be well or enjoy the moment, it is important that you keep in mind these basic aspects that cannot be missing in your upbringing. These are things you should have every day of your family life.

Spend more time with your children

We are not just referring to time on site, but to quality time… to those moments that create beautiful memories and put a smile on your children’s faces. This means going for a walk, playing ball or a board game. It means interacting with your children, being happy doing things together.

raising good kids

Improve communication

Communication is essential in the life of families and it is important that you improve it with your children. Talk to them, ask them what they think about things, how was their day, how was it with their friends. If you notice a change in behavior and you don’t know what’s going on, talk to other adults who know them to find out if something is wrong, etc.

Children and adolescents need to feel the recognition through words and actions. Also share your stories with your children so they know that you trust them and that’s why you tell them your things.

Show them the way, but don’t walk for them

Children need constant guidance in order to move forward in life. In this sense, you must be his advisor, teach him how to solve the problems that arise, but without putting all your attention on the result. Process and effort are always more important. You can’t solve his problems all the time or all his life, so it’s important that you teach him to do things on his own.

This way you’ll convert your child into a productive adult. He will share his problems with you and will know how to choose the best decisions in each case. Although it is difficult to see your child make mistakes, it is part of life and learning, the important thing is that they know and feel that you are always by their side for whatever they need.

Gratitude should be something normal

Your children should see gratitude in you, in this way they will grow up learning to be grateful. In addition, along with gratitude other positive characteristics appear in people: generosity, compassion… Help your children to express gratitude. They must learn that gratitude is wonderful and makes us better people and also, brings us closer to happiness much more quickly.

Critical thinking

To have critical thinking is important to help them improve their perspective. Teach your child to think for himself, to interact with other people with better social skills and without much use of technology.

When your child comes into the world, he does so as a blank book ready to be filled with stories. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child has growth words within his pages.