February 14 is right around the corner. This endearing date, in which we celebrate love and friendship, reminds us how nice it is to have people who love us and who we can also love by our side.

And so that children understand the beauty of love and can pay tribute to it, we propose 11 original and fun games and activities to do as a family and thus commemorate this special day while having an entertaining time.

The three hearts in a row

The heart is the symbol of love and we are going to turn it into the protagonist of the classic game of ‘Tic Tac Toe’ that the little ones like so much.

To do this, we will ask our children to make six hearts on cardboard ; three of the same type and three of another. These hearts will be the tokens of the two players. The hearts of one and another player can be different in shape or color, and even have decorative touches (glitter, sequins, pinocchio paper balls…) to make them special.

If the cardboard hearts are big enough, we can play on the floor. For this we will only have to design a 3×3 board that we can draw with chalk or with the help of insulating tape. We can also draw it in pencil on a giant cardboard.

Love songs

We are going to write on different pieces of paper words related to love. For example: love, heart, kiss, hug, in love, ‘I love you’… Next, we will fold the papers and put them in a bag.

For each game round we will take out a paper with a written word, and in turns, the participants will sing the fragment of a song that they think of that contains that word . The player who goes blank or repeats the song that another participant has already sung will be eliminated.

For each game round we will take out a piece of paper with a different word. The objective is that little by little the players are eliminated until in the end there is a confrontation between two participants, from which the winner will emerge.

kissing battle

To play this game we will do it in pairs and at least two (four) players will be necessary. The game consists of painting our lips with red lipstick and stamping kisses on our partner’s body for as long as we agree (for example, 30 seconds timed). In a second round we will do the same, but it will be our partner who stamps the kisses on us.

At the end of the two rounds we will have to count the lipstick marks that we have left on our partner’s body and that they have left on us, and compare them with those of our opponents. The couple with the most kiss marks between them wins.

the linked story

Fun activity to do as a family that will put your creativity and ingenuity to the test. It consists of elaborating a story that has love as a common thread . The first participant will have to write a sentence in a notebook that will be the one that begins the story.

From that first sentence, the rest of the participants must continue the story by writing a sentence for each turn. In the case of children who do not know how to write, it will be the adult who does it for them. In the end you will have a beautiful and original story about love that you can even illustrate and color.

Pairs races

This is a perfect game for large families , since to play we are going to need at least two couples (although the more people play and the more couples they can form, the more fun it will be).

Our partner must have a similar height to ours, since the game will consist of holding an object (it can be a water balloon, a tennis ball, a ping-pong ball, an egg…) pressing it against our forehead and that of our partner . Once the object is well secured, we will have to travel a few meters without it falling and when we reach the goal, let it fall into a basin.

The hands must remain joined behind the back to avoid the temptation to take it, because the moment we touch it we will be eliminated and we will have to start the race again. If the object falls to the ground, we will also have to start over. The couple that has deposited the most objects in the basin at the end of the time that we have stipulated at the beginning (for example, five minutes) wins.

This game tests the trust in our partner , as well as our coordination and rapport with her.

memories of love

Memory is a very fun card game that tests our memory and visual acuity and our attention. In this proposal that we make to you, we will have to make our own Memory with a Valentine’s theme .

To do this, we will draw symbols related to love to illustrate our cards, such as hearts, kisses, cupids, hearts with arrows, rose petals… Once we have all our cards drawn (we can make as many as we want, depending on the difficulty that we want to give to the game) we must photocopy them (it is a game of pairs) and cut them with the same size.

To start playing we must mix the cards, place them face down on a table and, in turns, pick them up two by two. If they match, we will take a point and if they do not match, we will place them face down in the same place where they were. The player who manages to collect the most pairs wins.

the balloons of love

To start playing we will have to write on pieces of paper different activities that come to mind and that are related to love (one activity per piece of paper). You can write as many activities as you can think of (the more, the better); Some examples that we propose are:

  • Draw an arrowed heart
  • Give an eskimo kiss (with your nose) to the person of your choice
  • Give a bear hug to the person of your choice
  • Cover your eyes and guess who kisses you

Next, fold each of the pieces of paper, insert them into balloons and blow them up . You can hang the balloons in a garland and puncture them in turns with the help of a needle, or pop them by sitting on them. Once exploded, take the piece of paper that was inside and read the challenge that has touched you.

The roulette of love

This game is designed for children to reflect on love and its different manifestations, and to get to know each other better.

Draw a wheel and divide it into six parts by drawing lines from the center. Number all the portions with numbers from 1 to 6 and on each of them write a question or a reflection related to love. Here are some examples:

  • I like to be kissed when …
  • I like hugs from … (for example: hug on the fly, bear hug, side hug, tickle hug …)
  • The loves of my life are …
  • What is love for you?
  • Dedicate a look and a smile of love to the person you choose
  • What makes you fall in love with the person sitting right next to you? To play you will need a dice that you must throw in turns. Read the question that corresponds to the number that came out on the die.

‘Simon Says…’ (Valentine version)

Fun game of mimicry to bring out our most creative and artistic side. It resembles the classic game of ‘Simón dice’, but the theme must be related only to love and its different manifestations.

One of the players will be ‘Simón’ and everything he orders must be done by the rest. We leave you some examples that have occurred to us, although surely you can think of many more:

  • “Simón says… that you hug the partner next to you very gently”
  • “Simon says… to hug the partner next to you as if you were a bear”
  • “Simón says… that you give kisses to the partner next to you as if you were a little bird”
  • “Simon says… to hug yourself very tight”
  • “Simón says… that you simulate the typical movie proposal scene”
  • “Simon says… that you simulate with the partner next to you the famous spaghetti scene from the movie Lady and the Tramp”

The hug dance

Choose love songs to set the mood for this fun game whose theme is very similar to the game of chairs or the broom. One player will be the one who controls the music and the rest will have to dance. The number of players on the dance floor must be odd.

When the music plays all the participants will have to dance while they wander around the room, and when the music stops they will have to hug the person next to them . The person who stays off the hook and can’t find someone to hug, will add a point to their score. The game ends when one of the participants has accumulated three points on his scoreboard.

hanging kisses

Although it is not a deep-rooted tradition in our country, surely you all know what the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas consists of. It is a scene that we have seen in the cinema on numerous occasions and that today we propose to adapt to the feast of Valentine’s Day.