Do you like girl names with Y? Discover in this article a wide selection, with its origin and meaning.

Girl names with Y are not very common in countries like ours. But if you like this initial for your baby, you can find inspiration in languages ​​like Arabic, Aztec, Native American, Mayan, Quechua, Russian, Chinese or Japanese. In this article we propose 35 names for girls with Y, with their origin and meaning, to help you in this difficult decision.


1. Yadira . Of Latin origin. It means “one who has a great intuition”. Variants: Yadhira and Yalida.
2. Yaiza . Canary name of Arabic origin. It means “rainbow”.
3. Yamileth . Of Arab origin. It means beautiful”. Variants: Jamileh, Jamila and Yamila.
4.YanYan . Unisex name of Chinese origin. It means “elegant”, “handsome”.
5. Yanet . It is the American version of Janet, a name from the Hebrew Juana. It means “God is propitious”. Variants: Yaneth or Yanitzia.
6. Yanira . Of Greek origin. It means “the faithful one”.
7. Yannis. Unisex name of Hebrew origin. It means “gift from God”.
8. Yara . Tupi origin. It means “lady”.
9. Yarah . Brazilian name meaning “woman of the water.” Variants: Uiara, Yara and Yaritza.
10. Yarely . Of American origin. It means “the Lord is my light”. Variant: Yareli.
11. Yareni . Of Aztec origin. It means “ours”.
12. Yaretzi . Of Aztec origin. It means. It means “the one who will always be loved”. Variants: Yaretzy and Jaretzi.
13. Yaritza . Of Native American origin. It is the union of the voices Yana , which means “charming”, and Ritsa,“protective”. Variants: Yaritzi and Yaritzia.
14. Yasmine . Of Persian origin. It is a variant of Jasmine, which means “jasmine”. Variants: Yasmine or Yasmine.
15. Yatziri . Of Mayan origin. It means “flower of the dew or maiden of the moon”. Variant: Yatziry.
16. Ivy . Spanish name. Advocation of Our Lady of the Yedra.
17. Yeni . Another of the names of girls with Y of Chinese origin. It means “longed for”, “desired”. Variants: Yenie, Yenih, Yenny or Yen.
18. Yesenia . Of Arabic origin, like many of the names of girls with Y that exist. It refers to a type of flower. Variant: Yessenia.
19. Ylenia. Of Greek origin, it is a variant of Helena (Ilenia). It comes from Elene and means “she who is resplendent and attractive as the sun”.
20. Yoana . Of Hebrew origin. It is a variant of Juan, a name that comes from Yohanan or Yehohanan . Its meaning is “Yahweh is good” or “Yahweh is merciful”. Variants: Yoanna, Yana, Yanna, Yoanah and Yoannah.
21. Yoko . Of Japanese origin. It means “good, “positive”.
22. Yolanda . Of German origin. It is a variant of Violante, which in turn derives from the German Wioland . It means “the wealth of the country”, “the fruitful land” or “violet” (like the flower). Variants: Jolanda or Yoli.
23. Yolihuant . Of Aztec origin. It means “source of life”.
24. Yolotl . Of Mexican origin (nahuatl). It means “heart”.
25. Jordan . Of Hebrew origin, it is a variant of Jordan. It means “he who descends” (Referring to the Jordan River).
26.YoungMi . Of Korean origin. It means “prosperity”, “eternity” or “beauty”.
27. Yue : means “moon” in Chinese.
28.Yui . Of Japanese origin. It means “elegant fabric”.
29.Yuka . Of Japanese origin. It means “elegant”.
30. Yuleymy. The origin of this woman’s proper name is unknown, although it is believed to be the result of the union of several English voices. Another option is that it comes from the Latin yule , which means “jovial”.
31.Yumiko . Of Japanese origin. It means “the girl with the arrow”.
32. Yuna. Of Japanese origin. It means “power”. Variant: Yune.
33. Yurena . Canary name. She was thus called a goddess from the island of La Palma to whom mystical powers were attributed. She means “daughter of the devil”. Variant: Yurema.
34. Yurisa . Name of a woman of Japanese origin that begins with the letter Y. It means “lily”.
35.Yvonne _. Of French origin. It means “the archer”. It is the feminine form of Yvón, which in turn comes from Yve .