Do you like girl names with X? If you are looking for names for your baby, in this article you will find a list with 45 proposals, with their origin and meaning.

Do you like girl names with X ? You have come to the right place.

In this article we will make a list of some of the most beautiful and original names for girls with X that exist. Many are of Mayan, Nahuatl, Aztec or Chinese origin.


1. Xadani . Of Zapotec origin. It means “under the hill”.
2. Shail . Of Aztec origin. It means “flower”.
3. Xally . The first of many girl names with X of Nahuatl origin that appear in this list. It means “sand”. Variant: Xali.
4. Shaman . Of Mayan origin. It means “star”.
5. Xana. Of Greek origin. Means: “blond” or “yellow”. Variants: Xanna, Xanthe, Xanth and Xanthi. In turn, this name is also used as a variant of the Galician name Xoana (Juana). And in the Principality of Asturias it is also frequent, because in the Asturian-Leonese tradition, the xanas are mythological characters, spirits of Nature in the form of women who live in caves and near rivers and waterfalls.
6. Xanat . Of Aztec origin. It means “vanilla flower”.
7. Xandra . Diminutive of Alessandra.
8. Xanthe . Of Greek origin. It comes from xanthos , which means “beautiful hair” or “yellow”. Variants: Xanthia
9. Xarebni. Of Mayan origin. It means “princess of the forest”.
10. Xaria . Of American origin. It means “gift of love”. It is a variant of Zaria.
11. Xcaret . It can be of Aztec or Mayan origin. In the first case it means “the one who listens”, in the second, “small cove”.
12. Xemi . Name of a woman of Guatemalan origin. It means “protector of plants and flowers”.
13. Xenia . Of Greek origin. It comes from xénos , which means “guest” or “foreigner”. It means “she who gives hospitality”. Variants: Oxana (Russian), Xena, Xinia, Xeenia, Xia, Xiomara, Zaina, Zeena, Zena, Zenia, Zaina, Zina, and Zyna.
14. Xenobia. Of Greek origin. It means “the one who lives together”.
15. Xhosa . Of African origin. It means “sweet”.
16. Xia . Chinese female name. It means “glow of sunset or sunrise”.
17. Xiadani . Of Zapotec origin. It means “the flower that arrived”. Variants: Shiadany and Xiadany.
18. Xi’an . Of Chinese origin. It means “the one who lives in seclusion”.
19. Xiana . Galician name for Juliana, which means “belonging to Julio’s family”.
20. Xiang . Of Chinese origin. It means “aromatic”.
21.Xiao Chen . Of Chinese origin. It means “dawn”.
22. Xiaoqing . Of Chinese origin. It means “little blue”.
23. Xihuitl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “comet”.
24. Xiloxoch . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “calliandra”.
25. Ximena . Variant Spanish name of Jimena. It comes from Simeona, a name that has its origin in Hebrew and that comes from the verb of shamah , which means “to hear”. It means “the one who listens”.
26. XinQian . Of Chinese origin. It means “happy” or “beautiful”.
27. Xinag . Of Chinese origin. It means “fragrance”.
28. Xinaxtle . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “seed”.
29.Xing . Of Chinese origin. It means “star”.
30. Xiomara . Of Arab origin. It means “the most beautiful star”. It is a variant of Siomara.
31. Xitlalic . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “star”. Variant: Xitlaly.
32. Xiu . Of Chinese origin. It means “elegant” or “beautiful”.
33. Xiuhtonal . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “precious light”.
34. Xoana . Of Hebrew origin. It means “God is propitious”.
35. Xochicoatl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “flowery snake”.
36. Xochipitzahuatl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “little flower”.
37.Xochiquetzal . Of Aztec origin. It means “Goddess of flowers”.
38. Xochitl . Of Aztec origin. It means “flower”. Variants: Xotchil and Xochilt.
39. Xochiyotl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “heart of the flower”.
40. Xoco . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “little sister”.
41. Xocoyotl . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “youngest daughter”.
42. Xola . Unisex name of African origin. It means “remain in peace”. Variant: Xhosa.
43. Xuan . Of Vietnamese origin. It means “spring”.
44. Xue. Of Chinese origin, like many of the girl names with X that you are seeing in this list. It means “snow”.
45. Xuxa . Portuguese female name, variant of Susana. It comes from the union of the Hebrew words shus (white lily, lily) and hannah (grace). It means “she who is chaste and pure”.