For this article we have reviewed the names of children with E and we have selected 40 of them, with their origin and meaning.

We continue to use the alphabet to help you find the name for your baby. Today we have reviewed the names of children with E and we have selected 40 of them, with their origin and meaning.

In Spain, many are of Basque origin. But most come from Hebrew, Celtic or Anglo-Saxon countries.

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1. Ebrulf . Boy’s name of Latin origin. It comes from Eberulfus, a Latinized form of the German Eber-wulf , itself composed of eber- , “wild boar”, and -wulf , “wolf”. It means something like “warrior”.
2. Echo . Latinized Greek boy’s name. It comes from the word echo , which means “noise”, “sound”, “rumor”, “echo”.
3.Edgar . Of English origin. It comes from Eadgar, “protector of the community”.
4. Edmund . Of German origin. It comes from hrod-mund , which means “protector of victory”.
5. Edward. Of German origin. It comes from the Germanic hrod , “glorious”, and ward , “guardian”. It means, therefore, something like “glorious guardian”.
6.Edwin . It is the English form of Edvino. It means “happy friend” or “friend of happiness”.
7. Ephraim . Of biblical origin, this boy’s name with an E means “God has given me fruit in the land of my affliction.”
8. Ephrem . Of Hebrew origin, it is a boy’s name derived from ephrarahim , which means “very fruitful”.
9. Eladio . Of Greek origin. It means “of Hellas”.
10. Eleazar . Of Greek origin. It means “God has helped”.
11. Eleutherium . Of Greek origin. It means “liberator”, “noble”, “generous”.
12. Elijah . Of Hebrew origin. It is a boy’s name derived from Elia and later Latinized. It comes from eliy yah or eliy yahu , meaning “God is lord” or “Yahweh is my God.”
13. Elicio . Of Latin origin, like many of the names of boys with E that exist. It means “the one who attracts the rays of the sky”. It is the nickname of Jupiter in the Roman language.
14. Eloy . Of Latin origin. It comes from eligius , “chosen”.
15. Emmanuel. It is the Greco-Latin form of the name of Hebrew origin Manuel, which means “God is with us”.
16. Emeritus . Of Latin origin. It means “deserved, earned, finished”.
17. Emiliano . Of Latin origin, it is a boy’s name derived from AEmilus , whose meaning is “emulus”, “rival”, “adversary”.
18. Emile . Of Greek origin. It comes from aimilios , whose meaning is “kind”, “flattering”, “cunning”.
19. Enek . One of the names of boys with E of Basque origin. It comes from en ko , “place situated on a mountain slope”.
20. Henry . Of German origin. Comes fromhaimerich or hiemrick , meaning “powerful house”, “owner of the house” or “chief of the fortress”.
21. Enzo . It is the Italianization of Heinz, a variant of the German name Heinrich (Enrique in Spanish). Heinrich comes from haim , “dwelling”, “house”, “homeland”, and rich , “chief”, “leader”. He means “master of the house” or “lord of the house”.
22. Aeolus . Of Greek origin. It comes from the adjective aiolos , which has several meanings: “moving”, “fast”, “shining”, “multicolored”.
23. Erasmus . Of Greek origin. It comes from erasmios , “kind, gracious.”
24. Erik. Of German origin. It comes from ewaric : “eternal”, “rich”, “mighty”.
25. Ermenegild . Of Germanic origin, like many of the boy names with E that exist. He is made up of Ermin (demigod after whom the tribe of ermiones was named) and hild , “warrior”. It means “great warrior” or “strong warrior”.
26. Ermine . Of Greek origin. The root ermen- means “great”, “immense”.
27. Ernest . Of German origin. It comes from ernust , which means “tenacious”, “willful”, “fighter”.
28. Erostratus . Of Greek origin, it is composed of eros, “love”, “desire” and stratós , which means “army”.
29. Stephen . Of Greek origin. It comes from stephanos : “crown”, “garland”.
30. Eteocles . Of Greek origin. It is composed of étéos , “true” and kleos , “fame, rumour, glory”.
31. Euclid . Of Greek origin. It comes from eu-kleidos , “the one of good reputation”.
32. Eudacius . Of Greek origin derived from eydokia , which means “good will”.
33. Eugene . Of Greek origin. It comes from eu-genos , “well-born.”
3. 4.Eulalio . Of Greek origin. It comes from eu-lalos , “well-spoken”, “eloquent”.
35. Eulogy . Of Greek origin. Composed of eu , “good”, “good” and lego , which means “to speak”, “to tell”.
36. Eusebius . Of Greek origin, it comes from eu-sébas . It means “good” and “pity”.
37. Euthymius . Of Greek origin. Derived from euthimos, which means  “of good heart”, “of good spirits”.
38. Eutyches . Another of the many boy names with E of Greek origin. It means “lucky”, “happy”.
39. Hezekiah. Of Hebrew origin. It means “my strength is Yahweh” or “Yahweh strengthens”.
40. Ezekiel . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from hezeq-iel , whose meaning is “strength of God”.