From Waid to Uzziel. In this article we show you 42 boy names with U. along with their origin and meaning. Which one do you prefer?

The U is one of the letters with which fewer names begin. Even so, if you like boys’ names with U, we have a lot of proposals for you, along with their origin and meaning.

You will be able to choose between 42 boy names with U. Some are traditional names. Others you may never have heard of.

Many come from Basque, Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Greek or Quechua.


1. Waid. It’s the Irish way for Walter.

2. Ubaldo . Of Germanic origin. He comes from the union of the German voices hug- , and – bald . It means “of daring thoughts”.

3.Ubay . Canary origin. Its meaning is unknown.

4. Uberto . Of Italian origin. It means “bright”. Variant: Umberto.

5. Ucamari . Of Quechua origin. It means “having the strength of a bear”.

6. Uchicha . Of Japanese origin. It means “paper”.

7. Uday . Of Hindu origin. It means “increase”.

8. Ugaitz . The first of many names of Basque origin that you will see in this list. It means “torrential river”.

9. Ugjom . Of Norwegian origin. It means “bearer of war”. Variant: Uigbiorn.

10. Ugo . It is the Italian variant of Hugo.

11. Uitzitzilin . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “hummingbird”.

12.Ukumari . Of Quechua origin. It means “the one who has the strength of the bear”.

13. Ulderic . Of Germanic origin. It comes from the German words odal , which means “possession”, and ric , “rich”.

14. Ulysses . Of Greek origin. It comes from odyssesthay , which means “wrathful.” If the Latin etymology is taken, it comes from Ulysseus , “the hero of the Odyssey”. Variant: Ulixes.

15. Ull . Of Norwegian origin, it was the name of Thor’s adoptive son. This is how the “god of skiing”, “god of the bow”, “god of hunting” and “god of shield” are called.

16.Ulmer . Of Norwegian origin. It means “famous wolf”.

17. Ulpian . Of Latin origin. Derives from Vulpiano . It means “clever as a fox”.

18. Ulrick . Of Danish origin. It means “ruler of all”. Variants: Ulrich, Udo, Ullric, Urick, Ulric, Ulrik, Ulrich.

19. Umi . Of Native American origin. It means “life”.

20. Umut . Of Turkish origin. It means “hope”. Variant: Umit.

21. Unai . Of Basque origin. It means “cowboy”, “cowherd”.

22. Unax . Of Basque origin, it is the Navarran variant for Unai.

23. Unay . This boy’s name with U is of Quechua origin. It means “earlier, remote, primeval”.

24. Join . Of Turkish origin. It means “famous”.

25. A nepher . Of Egyptian origin. It means “God of the dead”.

26. Urquhart . Of Scottish origin. It means “from the source on the hill”.

27. Uranus . Of Greek origin. It means “he who comes from heaven”.

28. Urban . Of Latin origin. It comes from urbanus , “related to the city, citizen”. Variant: Urban.

29. Urko . Of Basque origin. It is believed that it comes from the word urki , which means “birch” in Basque.

30. Uri . Of Hebrew origin. It means “my light”.

31. Uriah . It is one of the names of boys with U of biblical origin. It comes from the union of two Hebrew words: orî , which means “my light” and yah , the abbreviation for Yahweh. It means “my light is Yahweh”.

32. Urica . Of German origin. It means “ruler”.

33. Uriel . Of Hebrew origin. He comes from ori-el : “God is my light”. Variant: Uri.

34. Urko . Of Basque origin. It is the name of a mountain.

35. Ursicio . Of Latin origin. It comes from the noun ursus , which means “bear.” Variants: Urso, Ursicino, Urs.

36. Ursul . Also of Latin origin, like many of the boys’ names with U. It comes from ursa , which means “bear.”

37. Urtzi. Of Basque origin. It means “heaven”.

38.Usher . Of English origin. It means “mouth of the river”.

39. Usui . Of Japanese origin. It means “mortar”.

40. Uxo . Of Greek origin. It means the same as Eugenio, “well born, born of noble caste.”

41.Uxmal . Of Mayan origin, it was the name of an ancient city of that empire. It is believed that it may come from Oxmal,  which means “built three times”.

42. Uzziel . Of Hebrew origin. It means “God is my mighty force”. Variants: Uzie, Uzziah, Uzziel.