Do you like boy names with W? In Spanish there are hardly any initials with that letter, but in this article you will find a list of names from other countries.

William, Walter, Warren, Woody… We are used to hearing all those children’s names with W thanks to movies and television. All of them are Anglo-Saxon names, since English is one of the languages ​​in which that letter is frequent as the initial of proper names.

In Spanish there are hardly any names for children with W, but if you like that letter for your baby, you can find beautiful names of Slavic, German, Quechua, Arabic or African origin, as well as English.


1. Wadi . Of Arab origin. It means “peace, calm”. Variant: Wadee.

2. Waldemaro . Of Germanic origin. It comes from the union of the German words wald- , which means “government” and -mir , “famous”.

3. Waleric . Of German origin. It is a variant of Walarico. It comes from the union of the German words wal , which means “battlefield” and -ric , “powerful”.

4. Waleron . Of Polish origin. It means “brave, strong”. Variant: Walerian.

5. Walid . Of Arab origin. It comes from the word walada , “to be born”. It means “newborn”.

6.Wallace . Of Welsh origin. It comes from the word waleis , which literally means “Welsh”.

7. Wally . Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is a variant of Vallace, which means “foreigner”. This is what the natives of Wales were called. It can also be used as a diminutive of Walter, whose meaning is “the commanding army”.

8.Walter . Of Germanic origin. It comes from the union of the German terms walt  (or wald ), which means “command, government, power”, and hari , “army”. It means “the commanding army”, “the seat of power”. Variant: Haroldo, Valtteri, Walt, Valter, Wally, Gualberto, Walther.

9.Wanderley . Of Brazilian origin, it comes from the German surname Van der Ley.

10. Wang . Of Asian origin. It means “king”.

11. Wapi . Of Native American origin. It means “lucky”.

12. Wari . Of Quechua origin. It means “wild, indomitable, fast, tireless”.

13.Warren . Of English origin, it is also a surname.

14. Washington . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “place near water”.

15. Wawal . Of Quechua origin. It means “myrtle”.

16.Wayaw . Of Quechua origin. It means “royal willow”.

17. Wayne . Of Quechua origin. It has several meanings: “young, young man”, “friend”, “strong” and “tireless worker”.

18. Wayra . Of Quechua origin. It means “fast as the wind”.

19. Wellington . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “of the wealthy state”.

20. Wenceslaus . One of the few boy names with W of Latin origin that we will see in this list. It is the graphic variant of Wenceslas. It means “the most glorious man”.

21. Wesley . Of English origin. It means “west prairie”. Variants: Wes, Wesly, Wessley, Westleigh.

22.Whelan . Of Irish origin. It means “joy”.

23. Wicus . Of Polish origin. It is the equivalent of our Vicente. It means “the winner”.

24.Wilbur . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “beloved bastion” or “bright”. Variants: Wilber, Wilbert, Wilbert, Wilburn, Wilburt.

25.Wilder . Of English origin. It means “hunter”. Variants: Wild, Wilde.

26. Wilfred . Of English origin. It is a variant of Wilfred. It means “the one who wants peace”. Variants: Walfred, Walfried.

27. Wilfrid . Of Germanic origin. It comes from the union of the German words wil , which means “wish” and frid , “peace”.

28.Wilmer . Another of the names of children with W of Germanic origin that exist. It means “strong desire”. Variants: Wilmar, Vilmar.

29. William . Of German origin. It means “he who wears a helmet, protection”. Of all the W boy names, it probably has the most variants: Bill, Bille, Billie, Billy, Guglielmo, Guillaume, Guillermo, Liam, Vilhelm, Villem, Wilek, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilhelmus, Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilkinson , Will, Willem, Willhelmus, Willi, Williams, Williamson, Willie, Willis, Willkie, Wills, Willson, Willy, Wilmer, Wilmot, Wilmott, Wilson and Wim.

30. Wimor . Of Polish origin. He is the equivalent of Victor. It means “the winner”.

31.Wincent . Of Polish origin, he is the equivalent of Vicente. It means “the winner”.

32.Winston . Of English origin, it comes from a surname derived from an English place name. It comes from Old English Wynnstan , meaning “stone of joy.”

33.Wissian . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “guide”.

34. Wit . Of Polish origin. It means “life”.

35. Wolfgang . Of German origin, it comes from the union of the words wulf, “wolf” and gang , “walk”. It means, therefore, “wolf steps”. Variant: Wolfgang.

36.Woody . Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is short for Woodrow, which is also a surname.

37. Wu . Of Chinese origin. It has several meanings: “wizard”, “line” or “army team”.

38. Wulf . Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means “wolf”.

39. Wulfhere . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It was the name of a king.

40. Wyatt . Of English origin. It means “strength in war”.