Pay attention to the list of girl names with A that we have prepared, so that you do not miss any of these ideas in your search!

A is the letter of the alphabet with which most names begin, approximately 15%. This percentage encompasses different origins, as well as different sexes. In this case, we are going to focus on girl names with A . The list of names that we have prepared can be very useful to you, since the task of finding the right name is not always easy.


If you still haven’t decided on your baby’s name and feel like you need more ideas, you’re in the right place. We have compiled a list of girl names with A, including their origin and meaning. Thus, in addition to whether a name is attractive to you (or not) because of its sound, you can pay attention to other aspects.

1. April: (Latin origin) In its beginnings, this name served only for girls who were born in this month of the year. Personalize youth, linked to spring.

2.  Ada: (Hebrew origin) The next of the girls’ names with A, comes from the noun  adah,  which means adornment. Therefore, this name is usually interpreted as the beautiful or the adorned.

3.  Adriana: (Latin origin) Adriana was the name used to speak of the original people of Hadria, a city located in the ancient Piceno area, an important port on the Adriatic Sea. They were the ancestors of Emperor Hadrian who came from this city.

4. Aila: (Scottish origin) Means  from the stony place. It can also have Hebrew origin, in this case, its meaning is  oak or field of oaks. 

5.  Alba: (Latin origin) Alba means  dawn,  that is, the passage of the night, from darkness to light. For this reason, this name symbolizes the awakening of life, knowledge and enlightenment.

6.  Alexa: (Greek origin) Abbreviated form of the name Alexandra, means  defender of humanity. 

7. Alma: (Latin origin) Means  kind, sweet. This name became popular during the Crimean War, after the Battle of Alma in 1854. Also, when Roman poets said  alma mater,  they meant the homeland.

8. Amanda: (Latin origin) Its meaning is  kind. This name derives from Amandine, a Belgian religious and missionary in China.

9. Amber: (Arab origin) Amber is a semi-precious stone that is obtained by extracting fossilized resin from trees. In addition, it defines the color of this stone.

10. Angela: (Latin/Greek origin) Messenger. Its Greek meaning is  to carry a message, announce or  pronounce. It is presented as a perfect spirit, of abstract and complete beauty. 

11.  Antea: (Greek origin) Its meaning is  flower.

12. Ariadne: (Greek origin) This name is made up of two parts, the first is  ari which means  very,  and the second part is the Cretan derivation adna , whose meaning is  holy, pure, chaste, white, clean. Within Greek mythology, Ariadne is the daughter of Minos and the unhappy lover of Theseus. Aphrodite takes it upon herself to comfort her and marry her to the god of wine, Bacchus.

13. Aroa: (Germanic origin) It comes from  ara,  which means of good will.

14. Aurora: (Latin origin) This name designates the personification of the goddess of Alba (dawn). It is used to anticipate the brightness and beauty of this time of day, the dawn. It can also be  the one that shines like gold  or  the morning.

15. Azucena: (Arabic origin) Azucena is related to purity and whiteness.

16. Blue: (Persian origin) The color of the sky.

You already have more ideas for girls’ names with A! It is possible that at this moment your options have been reduced and things are clearer, or on the contrary, they have increased!