Looking for boy names with Y? In Spanish they are not very frequent, but we have searched in other languages ​​and we have found a few.

Boy names with Y are not very common in Spanish. Therefore, if you decide that your child’s name begins with that letter, you will know that there will not be many children in his environment who are named after him. Where the names of children with Y are quite common is in languages ​​​​such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aztec, Quechua, Russian, Mayan or Native American.


1. Iaco . Of Mapuche origin. It means “leather bag”.

2. Jadid . Of Hebrew origin, like many of the children’s names with Y that you will see in this list. It means “friend, beloved”.

3. Yadiel . Of Hebrew origin, it is the name of an angel.

4. Yadier . Of Hebrew origin. It means “friend, partner”.

5. Yael . Of Hebrew origin. It means: “mountain goat”. Variants: Jael, Yahel, Yaela, Yaele, Yaell, Yaella, Yaelle.

6. Iago . Spanish name that comes from Jacobo, which in turn comes from the Latin Jacobus , “the one who dominates”. Variant: Santiago.

7. Yahto . Boy’s name with Y of Native American origin. It means “blue”.

8. Yair . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the one chosen by the gods”. Variants: Yahir, Jair.

9. Yakin . Of Turkish origin. It means “near”.

10. Yamir . Of Hindu origin. It means “moon”.

11. Yana . Of Native American origin. It means “bear”.

12. Yanai . of Aramaic origin. It means “he answers”.

13. Yandel . Of South American origin, it does not have a clear meaning.

14. Yannick . Of French origin, it is a variant of Juan. It means, therefore, “Yahweh is good”.

15. Yaotzin . Of Mayan origin. It means “God of Hell”.

16. Yardley . Of English origin. It means “of the fenced prairie”.

17. Jared . Of Hebrew origin. It means “descendant”. Variants: Yaret, Yarid, Yarit.

18. Yaremka . Of Russian origin. It means “appointed by God”.

19. Yareth . Of Aztec origin. It means “living in the air”.

20. Yasin . Of Hindu origin, it means “protector of fame”. There is a similar word in Arabic that means “rich”.

21. Yasser. Of Hebrew origin. It means “God will take care of us and protect us”. Some argue that it is a variant of Yasir, an Arabic name that means “something that is good to do.” Variant: Yaser.

22. Yassin . Of Arabic origin, it is one of the names of Muhammad.

23. Yaxkin . Of Mayan origin. It means “new sun”.

24. Jazareth . Of Hebrew origin. It means “guider of light” or “the love of my life” (in Jewish). Variant: Yazareth.

25. Yazid . Another of the names of boys with Y of Arabic origin. It means “he who grows bigger”.

26. Jerai . Canary origin. It means “big”. Variant: Yeray.

27. Yerik . Of Russian origin. It means “appointed by God”.

28. Yitzhak . Of Israeli origin, he is a variant of the Hebrew name Isaac. It means “he on whom God smiles”. Variants: Itzak, Izaak, Yitzchak.

29. Yoali . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “night”. Variant: Yoali.

30. Yoel . It is the Basque form for Joel, a Hebrew name that means “Jehovah is Lord”.

31. Yokin . It is the Basque form for Joaquín. It comes from the Hebrew Yehoakim, which means “the Lord will judge”.

32. Yoltic . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “the one who lives”.

33. Yoram . Of Hebrew origin. It means “God is great”.

34.Yoshi . Unisex name of Japanese origin. It means “goodness, fortune”.

35. Yrre . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “anger”.

36. Yuan . Of Chinese origin. It means “round” (like the coin).

37. Yuli . It comes from Julio, a name of Latin origin that means “God”.

38.Yuma . Of Aztec origin. It means “son of the boss”.

39.Yumalay . Of Native American origin. It means “free as fury”. Variant: Yumalai.

40. Yumil . Of Mayan origin. It means “owner”.

41.Yunuen . Of Mayan origin. It means “prince of the water”.

42. Yurem . Of Arab origin. It means “enlightened by God”.

43. Yuri. It’s George in Russian. Of Greek origin, it means “farmer”, “the one who works the land”. Variant: Yury.

44. Youssef . Of Arabic origin, it is a variant of Yusuf, in turn Arabic form of José. It means “the Lord will increase”. Variants: Yosef, Yusif, Yusuff, Yusel.

45. Yuuya . Of Japanese origin. It means “hundred nights”.