We have prepared a list of children’s names with H. There are 40 of them, many of which come from Indo-European languages.

In Spain there are not many names of boys with H , but if we extend the search beyond our borders, the list increases a lot. As you can see in this list that we have prepared for you, many of them come from Indo-European languages.

Therefore, the most common origin of boy names with H is Latin, Anglo-Saxon or Germanic. Japan, China, Vietnam and Mesoamerica also bring together most of the boy’s names that begin with that letter.


1. Hadi . Of Arab origin. It means “turn to the right”.
2. Hadrian . From the Latin for “dark”.
3. Hadulfo . Of German origin. It means “fight the wolf”.
4.Hajime . Of Japanese origin, like many of the names of boys with H that exist. It means “first son”.
5.Haley . Of Irish origin. It means “ingenious”.
6. Hannibal . Of Phoenician origin. It means “thank God”.
7. Harold / Harold . Of Scandinavian origin. It means “ruler”.
8.Haruka . Of Japanese origin. It means “quiet”.
9.Hasan . Of Arab origin. It means “handsome”.
10.Haastu . It comes from Quechua. It means “bird of the Andes”.
11. Hebe . Of Greek origin, it means “youth”.
12. Hector . Greek boy name. It comes from hektoreon , which means “to educate”, “well-educated person”.
13. Heliodorus . Of Greek origin. It is the combination of helios , which means “sun”, and dóron , whose meaning is “gift”, “gift”. Therefore, its meaning is “he who has been graced with the gift of the Sun.”
14.Henning _. Name of boy of Scandinavian origin derived from Hans, in turn diminutive of Johannes, which comes from the Hebrew Johanan . It means “grace”, “gift from God”. One of its variants is Yohanán.
15.Henry . Of German origin. It means “strong house”.
16. Hercules . It comes from the Latin. It means “glorious gift”.
17. Herenius . Of Latin origin, it refers to Hera , a Greek divinity wife of Zeus.
18. Heribert . Of German origin. It comes from hari-bert , which means “distinguished army”.
19. Twining. Of German origin, it is the name of an ancient Germanic tribe.
20. Hermenegild . Of Germanic origin. It is formed by Ermin (demigod who gave name to the tribe of the ermiones) and hild , which means “warrior”. Its meaning is “great warrior” or “strong warrior”.
21. Hermes . He was the son of Zeus. It comes, therefore, from Greek mythology. It has several meanings, including “the interpreter of the gods” or “protection”.
22. Herminio . Of German origin, it comes from erman . It means “great”, “immense”.
23. Hernan. Of German origin, it is the abbreviated form of Hernando, a Castilian variant of Fernando. It means “one who seeks peace”.
24. Ferdinand . Spanish boy name. It means “bold”.
25. Hernani . Spanish name of Latin origin that alludes to the character in Verdi’s opera.
26. Herod . Name of Greek origin that derives from the word “hero”.
27. Hidalgo . Spanish boy’s name, whose meaning is “of nobility”.
28. Hyginus . Of Greek origin. It means “in good health”, “vigorous”.
29. Hilary . Of Latin origin. It comes from hilaris, which means “cheerful”, “laughing”.
30. Hippocrates . Of Greek origin. It means “mighty cavalry”.
31. Hippolytus . Of Greek origin. He comes from hippós-lytós , which means “he who frees the horses.”
32. Hiroaki . Of Japanese origin. It means “abundant light”.
33. Hodaka . Another of the many names of boys with H that come from Japanese. It means “upstairs”.
34. Homer . Of Greek origin. It comes from omeros , which means “hostage”, “pledge”, “bail”.
35. Honest . Spanish boys name. “Honest”.
36. Honored . Of Spanish origin, it means “honorable”.
37. Honorius . Of Latin origin. It comes from honorius , which means “honorable”.
38. Horace . It comes from Latin and means “guardian of the hours”.
39. Hortensium . Of Latin origin. It means “gardener”.
40. Hubert . Of German origin. It means something like “luminous intelligence”.
41. Umberto . Boy’s name that begins with the letter H of German origin. It comes from hun-berth : “bear bear”. Other meanings are “brilliant”, “illustrious” or “brilliant mind”.
42. Hugo . Of German origin. It comes from hugh . It means “intelligent”, “lucid”.