The origins of the names of boys with N are quite widespread, as you will see throughout this article that we have prepared for you.

Of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Latin origin… The origins of the names of children with N are quite widespread.

As you can see in the following list that we have prepared to help you choose the name of your baby.


 Nabor . Of Hebrew origin, like many of the names of boys with N that you will see in this selection. It means “the light of the prophet”.
2. Nebuchadnezzar . of Chaldean origin. It means “God protect my kingdom”.
3. Nadir . Of Arab origin. It is a proper name for boys derived from nadura , which means “rare”, “precious”.
4. Nahuel . Of Araucanian origin. It means “jaguar”.
5. Naïm . Of Arab origin. It means “of great beauty”.
6. Napoleon . Of Greek origin. It means “Lion of the valley”.
7. Daffodil . Of Greek origin. It means “beautiful”.
8.Natal . Of Latin origin. It means “born at Christmas”.
9. Natalie . Of Latin origin. It is a variant of Natal, which in turn comes from natalis . It means “(related to) birth”.
10. Nathanael . It is the Greek variant of the name of Hebrew origin Netan. It means “gift of God”. Variant: Nathaniel, Nathan.
11. Naum . Of Hebrew origin. It means “comforter”.
12. Nazarene . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the one who isolates himself for having taken a vow of chastity”.
13. Nazario . Of Hebrew origin. It means “dedicated to God”. If its Latin etymology is taken into account, it would mean “From Nazareth”.
14.neal . Irish boy’s name meaning “champion”. It is probably one of the proper names that begin with the letter N that has the most variants. Some of them are: Neal, Neale, Neall, Nealle, Nealon, Nealy, Nealye, Neel, Neele, Neell, Neelle, Neile, Neill, Neille, Nel, Nels, Nial, Niale, Niall, Nialle, Niele, Niell, Nielle , Niels, Niilo, Nil, Nile, Niles, Nill, Nille, Nils, Nilo, Njal, Nyal, Nyale, Nyall, Nyalle, Nyeal or Nyeale 

15. Neander . Of Greek origin. It means “young”, “manly”. 

16. Naphtali . Of Hebrew origin. It means “whom God helps in his struggle”. 

17. Nehuem . Of Araucanian origin. It means “strong”. 

18. Nelson . Of Celtic origin. It means “the son of Neil”.

19. Nemesis . Of Greek origin. It means “divine revenge”.
20. Neptune . Of Greek origin. It means “God of the sea” or “son of the waters”.
21. Nereus . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who commands the sea”.
22. Nerio . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who travels by sea”.
23. Nero . Of Latin origin. It means “strong”, “fearless”.
24. Nestor . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who is fondly remembered”.
25. Neyén . Of Araucanian origin. It means “breath”, “soft breath of an animal”.
26. Nicandro. Of Greek origin. It means “victor over men”.
27. Nicanor . Of Latin origin. It means “victorious conqueror”.
28. Nicasius . Of Greek origin. It means “the winner”.
29. Nicephorus . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who bears the victory”.
30. Niceto . Of Greek origin. It means “the victorious one”.
31. Nick . Diminutive of Nicolás or other names of Greek origin that begin with nico- . It means “victory”.
32. Nicodemus . Greek male name meaning “victorious people”.
33. Nicholas. Of Greek origin. It means “conqueror”, “victorious”.
34. Nicomedes . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who prepares the victories”.
35. Nile . Of Egyptian origin, it comes to mean something like “life that emanates from God”.
36. Child . Chaldean boy’s name. It means “owner of palaces”.
37. Noah . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the one who has received consolation”.
38. Claus. Of Latin origin. It is the French variant for the proper name Natalio, “Christmas”.
39.Nolasco . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the one who departs and leaves promises”.
40. Norbert. Of German origin. It means “glow that comes from the north”.
41. Norman . Of German origin. It comes from nord-man n, which means “north man”.
42. Normed . Of German origin. It is a variant of Norman.
43.Nostradamus . Of French origin, this boy’s name comes from Nostre Dame , which means “our lady.”
44. Numa . Another of the names of children with N of Greek origin. It means “the one who gives rules”.
45. Nuncio . Of Latin origin. It means “message bearer”.