If you don’t know what to call your baby and you want a name whose origins are unusual, our list of boy names with O interests you.

As we know that choosing the name for the next member of the family is not always an easy task, we continue with our proposals, in this case, with  children’s names with O .

In our list you will find names with different origin: African, Scandinavian, Germanic, Arabic and Greek.

Within this selection, you will find them with different sounds, more classic, more daring, more simple…

We give you a list so that you narrow down all the ideas you already have, or so that, on the contrary, you expand your possibilities and have new interesting proposals to put on the table.


Boy names with O are notably reduced compared to names with other vowels, existing around 2%.

On the other hand, it is interesting to know that the most common origins of boy names with O are Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Irish, Nahuatl or Kenyan.

african origin

1.  Obama: Its meaning is crooked  or  slightly bent.
2.  Okon: This boy’s name comes from southeastern Nigeria and its meaning is  born at night. 

Scandinavian origin

3.  Odin: Within Norse mythology, Odin is the main god and although his role is somewhat complex, we can say that he is the god of wisdom and war. Its meaning can be  inspiration, fury or mind .
4. Olaf: Its meaning is what remains of the ancestors . Historically, in Norway, its use is linked to the classical nobility.
5. Oleg: It comes from the word health. Her female form is Helga, a Scandinavian variant of Olga.
6. Oliverio: Its first origin is related to the word alfihari, that is, army of elves. MLater it was related to olive groves, that is,  olive trees. 

germanic origin

7. Oberon: It means  man with a beard,  and also, in Celtic mythology, he is the king of the fairies.
8.  Odilon: He is the diminutive of Odo, it means  rich and  happy .
9.  Oliver: This name is assimilated from the Danish and is related to the name Oliver.
10. Oscar: This name is formed by the union of  -os,  one of the gods, and  gar,  spear. Therefore, its literal translation would be  the spear of the gods.
11.  Otto: It is the abbreviated form of some Germanic names whose first part is  od,  derived from auda,  whose meaning is  wealth  or  property. Thus, Otto would be  the lord of property  or  owner of wealth,  both in the material and spiritual sense.
12.  Osvaldo: Our last proposal for boy names with O of Germanic origin is Osvaldo, whose meaning is divine power.

Arabic origin

13. Omar: This is one of the most widespread Arabic names and comes from the verb amara, which means to build, build, lift.
14. Osama: Means feline predator.

greek origin

15. Odysseus: Also known as Ulysses, one of the heroes of Greek mythology. Protagonist of Homer’s Odyssey.
16. Onesimus: Useful.
17. Orestes: This name derives from the Greek word orestasis  whose meaning is  from the mountains.
18. Orpheus: It means  the darkness of the night. Orpheus is known from Greek mythology, as he was a musician and a poet, and he made a journey to the underworld to bring back his wife who had died.
19. Orion: This term gives name to one of the constellations. Its meaning is not known for sure, but it may be related tohorion,  Greek word whose meaning is limit.
So far our selection of suggestions for names of children with O, classified by different origins. If you have been bitten by the bug, and you think they have a special sound that can go well with the name you want for your child, do not hesitate to decide on one of our proposals, or keep investigating!