In this article we will review some of the names of girls with O that exist and we will share their origin and meaning.

Are you looking for a name for your baby? If it is a girl, this article may help you in your choice. Along the following lines we will list a series of names of girls with O , along with their origin and meaning.

The truth is that in Spain there are not many names for girls with O, but if we take into account those of English, Irish, German or Scandinavian origin, the list is quite extensive.


1. Obelia . The first of several names of girls with O of Greek origin that you will see in this list. It means “needle”.
2. Obdulia . Spanish name of Latin origin. It comes from the Latinization of the Arabic name Abdullah , which means “servant of God”.
3. Octavia . Of Latin origin. It means “eighth”.
4. Ode . Of German origin, it means “owner and lady”.
5. Odelia . Of Greek origin. It means “melodic”.
6. Ophelia . Of Greek origin. It comes from ophéleia , which means “help”, “help”.
7. Okalani. Of Hawaiian origin. It means “heaven”.
8. Olalla / Olaya . It is a Spanish name for a girl that comes from the Greek. It is a variant of the name Eulalia, whose meaning is “the one who speaks well”.
9. Olga . Of German origin. It means “sacred”. It can also come from the Russian oleg , which means “uncertain”.
10. Oliana . Polynesian girl name. It means “oleander”.
11. Olympia . Of Greek origin. It comes from ol’ympio , which refers to Mount Olympus, abode of the gods.
12. Olinda . Of German origin. It means “protector of property”.
13. Oliveria . Of Latin origin, it means “affectionate”.
14.Olivia . Of Latin origin, it refers to the olive tree as a symbol of peace. It means, therefore, “the one who protects peace”. Variant: Olive.
15. Oblivion . Frequent girl’s name in communities such as the Principality of Asturias, where Our Lady of Oblivion is venerated.
16. Oma . Of Hebrew origin, it means “grandmother”.
17.Omaja . In this case we are dealing with an Indian name whose meaning is “spiritual unity”.
18.Omega . Of Greek origin. Like the letter of the same name, it means “end”.
19. Onawa. Of Indian origin. It means “wake up”.
20. Oneth . Of Greek origin, it is the feminine form of Onesimus. It means, therefore, “the one who helps”.
21. Opal . Of Hindu origin. Means “precious stone”, in reference to the stone of the same name
22. Optaciana . It is the feminine form of Optaciano, name of Latin origin. Like this, it means “desired”, “dear”.
23. Oralia . Of French origin. It is a variant of Aurelia.
24. Orazia . It is an Italian name that means “guardian of time”.
25. Milking. Spanish girl name. It is the feminine form of Ordoño, a name borne by some kings of Asturias and León. From Ordoño comes the surname Ordóñez.
26. Oria . Of Latin origin. It means “like gold”.
27. Oriana . Of Latin origin. It comes from aureus/aurea , which means “golden”.
28. Orientation . Of Latin origin. It means “the rising sun”. Variant: Orencia.
29. Orlando . Of German origin. It comes from ort-land , which means “sword of the country”. It is the feminine form of Orlando.
30. Ornella . Of Latin origin. comes from ornello, which in turn is the diminutive of orno. It means “flowering ash”.
31. Orosia . It is the feminine form of Orosio, a name of Latin origin.
32. Orchid . Spanish name that refers to the flower of the same name.
33. Osmunda . Of German origin. It means “divine protector”. It is the feminine form of Osmundo.
34. Ostatxu . Basque name of Hebrew origin. It refers to the city of Bethlehem and means “house of bread”.
35. Osvine . Feminine form of Osvino, a name of German origin meaning “friend of the gods”.
36. Oswalda . Another of the many names of girls with O of German origin. Comes fromost-wald , which means “bright town”. It is the feminine form of Oswaldo.
37. Otilia . Of German origin. It is a variant of Oda.
38. Otmara . Female name beginning with O from German. It means “illustrious wealth”.
39. Ovid . Of German origin. It comes from the Latin ovis (sheep). It means “who cares for the sheep”. It is the feminine form of Ovid.
40.Ozara . Of Hebrew origin. It means “treasure”.