The names of children with K are the most abundant in the world. In this article you will discover 50 of the most beautiful for your baby.

If you think of words that begin with the letter K, there probably aren’t many that come to mind. But if you try to search for them in other languages? The same goes for boy names with K . In Spanish there is hardly any, except for some of Basque origin, such as Koldo or Kepa.

That is why you will probably be surprised to know that it is the letter K that 6% of the names of boys begin with. That makes it the most repeated initial.

Most of the names of boys with K come from Anglo-Saxon countries. There are also many of Arabic, Hawaiian, Egyptian, Quechua or Japanese origin. Do you want to meet them to see if you find inspiration to give your baby a name?


1. Kabir . In Muslim it means “man of God”.
2.Kaili . Of Hawaiian origin. “A deity.”
3. Kaled . Of Arab origin. It means “immortal”.
4. Kalpa . Name of child of Quechua origin. It means “strongly”.
5. Kamil . Of Arab origin. It means “perfect”.
6.Kane . Of Japanese origin, its meaning is “money”.
7.Kori . Another of the names of children with K of Japanese origin. It means “to add strength to a man”.
8.Kapono . Of Hawaiian origin. It means “fair”.
9. Karim. Arabic boy name. It means “the generous”. Variants: Kareem, Karam, Kerim or Karem.
10. Karel . Of Germanic origin. It is a variant of Carl, Charles and Karl. It means “brave man”. Variant: Karen.
11. Carl. Of English origin. It means “strong man”.
12. Karlo . Of Germanic origin, it means “he who is strong”.
13. Carol . Of Russian origin. It means “strong”.
14. Casper . Of Polish origin. It means guardian of the treasure.
15. Kay . Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is a variant of Caius.
16. Kayro . Of Greek origin. It means “opportune moment”.
17. Keandre . Of Irish origin. It means “old”.
18.Kelman . Basque male name whose meaning is “humanitarian”.
19. Kelvin . Of Gaelic origin. It means “of the narrow river”.
20. Ken . Of Scottish origin. It’s short for Kenneth, which means “handsome.”
21. Kenan . Of Hebrew origin. It means “acquire”.
22.Kendrew . Of Scottish origin, it is a form of Andrew. It means “manly”, “brave”.
23.Kendrick . Of Scottish origin. It means “royal ruler”. Variant: Kendric.
24.Kenn . Of Gaelic origin. It means “crystal clear waters”.
25.Kenny . English name meaning “who leads.”
26.Kenneth . Of Gaelic origin. It means “handsome”, “beautiful”, “attractive”.
27. Kentaro . Of Japanese origin. It means “big boy” or “shark”.
28.Keoni . Name of Hawaiian origin. It is a form of John.
29. Kepa . Of Basque origin. It means “stone”.
30. Kerbasi . Name of Basque origin. It means “warrior”.
31. Kerman . Of French origin, it means “man who fights”.
32. Kerry. Of Irish origin, it is a unisex name that means “descendants of Ciar”. This is the name of a county in Ireland.
33. Kerry . Name of English origin. It is a variant of Kerrie.
34.Kervin . Of Irish origin, it is a variant of Kerwin. It means “the little dark-colored one”.
35.Kester . Of Latin origin. It means “from the field of the Roman army”.
36. Kevan . Of Irish origin. It means “handsome boy”.
37.Kevin . Of Gaelic origin. It means “sweet-natured”.
38.Khalil . Of Arab origin. It means “friend”.
39. Killian. Of Irish origin, like many of the children’s names with K that you will see in this list. It means “combat”.
40. Kingu . Of Assyrian origin. It means “warrior god”.
41.Kirk . Of Saxon origin, it means “church”.
42. Kyrios . Of Greek origin. It means “the sovereign”.
43.Kiro . Of Greek origin, it means “lord”.
44. Klaus . Danish boy’s name. It is a form of Nicholas (victory of the people). Variant: Klaas.
45. Koldo . Basque boy’s name of German origin. It is the evolution of Koldobika, in turn from the Latin Clodovicus . It means “victorious warrior”.
46. Kukulcan . Name of Mayan origin. She is the embodiment of the God of life.
47. Kunaq / Kunak . Of Quechua origin. It means “counselor”.
48.Kuno . Of Germanic origin. Derived from Kuoni , meaning “brave.” It can also come from kunni , whose meaning is “tribe, clan”.
49. Kurt . Of German origin. It means “brave”.
50.Kyle . Name of Irish origin that means “handsome”.