Still undecided on a name for your baby? In this article you will find 45 proposals for names of children with L.

Still undecided on a name for your baby?

In this article you will find 45 proposals for names of children with L.

There are Spanish, English, Scottish, Russian, Polish… Which one do you prefer?


1. Ladislaus . Of Slavic origin. He means “glorious lord.”
2. Lahual . Of Mapuche origin. It means “larch”, which is the name of a tree of the Pinaceae family.
3.Lamar . Of Latin origin. It means “of the sea”.
4. Lambert . Of German origin. It means “illustrious in his town”. He is the first of many boy names with L of German origin that you will see in this list.
5. Lancelot . Of Latin origin. It means “earth”.
6.Lander . Of Basque origin. It means “pilgrim”.
7. Landeric . Of Teutonic origin. It means “powerful in the region”.
8. Lando. Of German origin. It means “of the earth”.
9. Landolfo . Of German origin. It means “defender of the earth”.
10. Laurean . Of Latin origin. It means “crowned with laurels”.
11. Laurentius . Of Latin origin. “Native of Lazio”.
12. Laurentino . Of Latin origin, it is a variant of Laurencio.
13. Laura . Of Latin origin. It means “laurel”, “triumph”, “victory”.
14. Lautaro . Of Araucanian or Mapuche origin. It is formed by the voices lev , which means “fast” and tharu, translated as “traro” (very common bird of prey in Chile). It means “entrepreneur”, “fast”.
15. Lazarus . Of Latin origin. It means “God is my help”.
16. Loyal . Spanish name whose meaning is “loyal”, “faithful”.
17. Leander . Of Greek origin. It means “the lion man”.
18. Learco . Of Greek origin. It means “calm man”, “serene”.
19. Lelio . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who is loquacious”.
20. Lemuel . Of Hebrew origin. It means “consecrated to God”, “follower of God”.
21. Lenin. Name of Russian origin. The etymology is not very clear, but it may refer to a Siberian river called Lena.
22. Leo . Of German origin, it is the abbreviation for Leonardo.
23. Leocadius . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who shines with his whiteness”.
24. Lion . Of Latin origin. It comes from leo/leonis , which means “lion”. Variants: Leoncio, Leonel, Lionel, Leonelo, Leonidas, Leonides.
25. Leonardo . German boy name. It means “strong and bold like the lion”. Variant: Leopold.
26. Levi . Of Hebrew origin. It means “bond between his own”.
27. Freedman. It comes from the Latin proper name Libertus/ta, which means “slave who has received freedom”.
28. Lincoln . Of Latin origin. It is a city in the east of England.
29. Lysander . Of Greek origin. It means “deliverer of men”.
30. Wolf . It is the Spanish variation of the Latin name Lupo.
31.Lope . Basque male name meaning “coarse and thick man in his manners”.
32. Lawrence . Of Latin origin. It means “native of Lazio”.
33. Lothair . It comes from the Germanic proper name Hlothari , which means “army with fame and glory”.
34. Luke . It is the Italian variant of the name of Greek origin Lucas.
35. Luke . Today it is one of the most popular names for boys with L among newborns in our country. It is of Greek origin and is believed to be a contraction of Lucanus, in turn a name for Lucanus , which means “morning”, “morning”.
36. Lucian . Of Latin origin. It is the patronymic of Lucio.
37. Lucifer . It comes from the Latin adjective lucifer/era, which means “luminous”, “bright”, “having light”.
38. Pike . Of Latin origin. It means “light”.
39. Lucretius. One more in the long list of names of boys with L that come from Latin. This specifically comes from lucretia , whose meaning is “of the family of the Lucrecios”.
40. Ludovico . Of German origin. He is a variant of Luis.
41. Lug . Celtic boy name. It means “bright”.
42. Louis . Boy’s name of German origin that means “illustrious warrior”.
43. Lupo . Proper name of Latin origin meaning “wolf”.
44. Lusor . Of Latin origin, it comes from the proper name Lusor, “player”. It is also used as a variant of Luxorio.
45. Luther. Of German origin. It is a variant of the Germanic proper name Hlothari , which means “army with fame and glory”.