This article will be dedicated to the names of children with J. In practically any language we find proper names of boys that begin with that letter.

We continue to go through the dictionary to help you find the perfect name for your baby. Today it’s time for the letter J, so this article will be dedicated to boy names with J. The truth is that its origins are very varied, because in practically any language we find proper names of men that begin with that letter.

They come from Greek, Latin, Hebrew, German… If there is something that stands out about boy names with J, it is that they are widely used to create compound names. How many Juan Carlos, Jose Antonio, Jose Luis, Jose Maria or Juan Pablo do you know?


1. Hyacinth . Of Greek origin. It comes from hay anthos , hyakinthos. It means “flower” (hyacinth).
2. Jacobin . Of Hebrew origin, it is the diminutive of Jacobo. It comes from Jaekob , which means “one who is a follower of Christ.”
3. James . Of Hebrew origin. It means “one who is a follower of Christ”.
4. Jadiel . Name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is “Jehovah has heard”.
5. Jaime . Hebrew boy name. It comes from Jacme , which means “God will reward.”
6. Jairus . Of Hebrew origin. It means “God wants to shine”.
7.Jan . Catalan diminutive of Joan. It means “compassion of Yahweh”.
8. Janus . Boy’s name derived from the Latin Ianua , which means “door”, “access”.
9. Jared . Of Hebrew origin. It means “ruler”.
10. Xavier . Of Basque origin. It comes from etxe-berri , which means “new house”.
11.Jayden . American name meaning “Jehovah has heard.” It is a unisex name.
12. Jaziel . Name of Hebrew origin that means “vision of God”.
13. Gennaro . Of Latin origin. “Consecrated to the god Janus”.
14. Jenny. Polish form of Jorge, meaning “farmer,” “farmer.”
15. Jeremiah . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from yirmeyah , which means “exaltation of God” or “elevated by the Lord.”
16. Jerome . Of Greek origin. It comes from hieronimus , which means “holy name.” It also translates as “sacred.”
17. Jerry . Name of English origin, diminutive of Jeremiah (Jeremiah). It means “exaltation of God”.
18. Jesus . Of Hebrew origin, it is the diminutive of Jehovah. It is the abbreviated form of the Hebrew name Yehoshuáh , Joshua. It means “Yahweh the savior” or “Yahweh saves”.
19. Jibade. Of Egyptian origin, its meaning is something like “related to royalty”.
20. Joaquin . Another of the many names of boys with J of Hebrew origin. It comes from Yehoakim , which means “the Lord will judge”.
21. Joao . Portuguese variant of the Hebrew name Juan. It means “God is full of grace”.
22.Joan . Catalan name of Latin origin. It comes from yehohanan or ioannes , which means “compassion of Yahweh”.
23. Job . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from ayûb , which means “persecuted”, “hated”. A variant is Jov.
24. Jonah. Of Hebrew origin. It means “dove”.
25. Jonathan / Jonathan . Of Hebrew origin. It means “gift of God”.
26. Jordan . Of Hebrew origin, it comes from the verb jared , which means “the one that goes down”, “the one that flows slowly” (in reference to the Jordan River).
27. George . Catalan version of Jorge which, in turn, comes from the combination of the Greek words ge (earth) and ergon (work). Hence its meaning of “farmer” or “farmer”.
28. George . Of Greek origin. It means “farmer”, “the one who works the land”.
29. Joseph. Spanish name of Hebrew origin. It means “God will increase” or “God increases” (in the sense of the blessing of increasing the family).
30.Joshua . Of Hebrew origin, it means “Jehovah is generous”.
31. Joshua . Of Hebrew origin. It comes from the word Yehoshuáh , which means “the Lord is salvation”.
32. John . It comes from the Hebrew word Yohanan or Yehohanan , which means “Yahweh is good” or “Yahweh is merciful.”
33. Judah . Of Hebrew origin. It means “praised”.
34. July . Of Latin origin. It comes from Julius, a derivation of the word (d)iu , which means, “God”. They do not have a clear etymology, so it can also mean “strong roots” or “wavy hair”. Some variants: Jules, Julius, Xulio or Giulio.
35. Julian . Of Latin origin, it is the patronymic name of Julio/a. Iulius is a derivation of the word ( d)iu , which means “God”.
36. Justinian . Of Latin origin. It means “straight”.
37. Justin . Of Latin origin. It comes from justinus , name of Justo.
38. Fair. Of Latin origin, like many of the names of children with J that we have seen in this list. It comes from iustus , which means “fair”, “equanimous”.