When choosing a name for a baby there are many factors to consider. Within an election, tastes and preferences always influence, and also the criteria of the people involved when making the decision. It is possible that in a family there are sometimes controversies and the name that the newborn will bear is not finally defined. The grandfather and grandmother want to give their opinion, the aunts and uncles have some ideas, and those who are in charge themselves have not been able to come up with an ideal name. Don’t worry if you are in a similar situation. We present a list of Argentine names with meaning for you to get out of this kind of trouble. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Argentine names are attractive for their sonority and are generally known for being modern. Despite the fact that these names derive from other languages, such as Latin or Greek, the majority that have become popular in this country are adapted variations of Italian names and German names, especially in the city of Buenos Aires. Argentine names became popular over the years and today hundreds of boys and girls carry them.

If you are looking for names for your baby, you cannot miss this selection of Argentine names. Here you will find excellent options, and most importantly, each name has a description of its etymology so you know what each one means. Do not rush to make this decision, read each one so you can find the inspiration you are looking for. You can also learn Roman names, Celtic names or Russian names, if you are interested.

Argentine names for girls and their meaning


The meaning of this name is “ holy woman ”.


This name means ” the one who is beautiful like a flower “.


Its meaning is ” beautiful star “.


It means ” pure and immaculate “.


The meaning of this name is “ little blind girl ”.


This name means “ she who acts with grace ”.


Its meaning is ” with the beauty of a flower “.


Its meaning is “ exalted by God ”.


It means ” the one who defends what is hers “.


The meaning of this name is ” the one that comes from the olive branch ” or ” the one that protects peace “.

Argentine names for boys and their meaning


This name means ” son of my pain “.


The meaning of this name is ” strong armor “.


It means “educated man”.


Its meaning is ” he who prefers peace “.


The etymology of this name is “ the guardian ”.


Its meaning is ” intrepid as a lion “.


This name means ” luminous man “.


Its meaning is ” the one who is consecrated to Mars “.


It means ” the gift of God “.


It means “ the one who is strong and brave ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Augustine Honorable, with many attributes that they know how to use to their advantage in every situation. Haughty, generous and always have time to spend with their closest friends. They are attracted to art.
antonella Friendly, sociable and with a charisma that makes them stand out from the rest. They say what they think as it comes to mind, they can become impertinent or haughty when they are not interested in being tactful.
Belen Cheerful and sometimes have a wry smile. She is very insightful, kind and respectful. They do not lack courage to assume responsibilities, although they often need to be encouraged to have self-confidence.
Katherine Intuitive, generous and very creative. They tend to get defensive when they have a bad feeling. They often have the ingenuity to develop innovative ideals and the courage to bring them to life.
Cecilia Short and distant from little-known people, but once they gain confidence, they can become really trustworthy and kind people. They have many virtues, and they like music and artistic expressions.
dolphin His personality is original and eccentric. They are endowed with great energy and can become authoritarian. They like everything to go perfectly under well-established plans in advance. They don’t like to be contradicted.
florence His personality is not ordinary. Cheerful, lively and very energetic for each and every one of their projects. They do not judge based on first impressions, they need to know a person thoroughly to give them their unconditional friendship.
Josefa Loving, sincere, strong and strict character, but not in an authoritarian sense in relation to others but rather with themselves. They expect a lot from their abilities and get upset if they don’t see the results they expect soon.
Martina They tend to be concerned with material goods and money, but not in an aggressive way, instead, in a creative and enterprising way. They are mischievous, intelligent and analytical. At the same time they can be sweet and very kind.
olivia They are determined, impatient and can sometimes be susceptible to feelings of anger if they fail to mature in their emotions. People who maintain a wide network of friends.
Benjamin Altruistic, respectful and their attitude is always honorable. They do not like lies or feelings of revenge. Whenever they can, they look for a way to do things their way without spending additional time on nonsense.
Bruno They have a complex personality. Sometimes they withdraw into themselves and tend to analyze everything that happens around them. On other occasions they are also seen as sociable and full of energy, ready to fight for what is theirs.
Diego They are optimistic and very talented in many ways. In fact, they can be renegade and grumble at times, but they usually get over it quickly. They have a very elegant way of speaking. Sensitive, loving and capricious in their actions.
Frederick They have a great dynamism of spirit. They tend to admire those people from whom they can learn positive aspects for their personal development. They are constantly working to see their dreams come true as soon as possible.
Joaquin Their personality is flexible, possessing great wisdom and the ability to adapt to changes. However, they are people who remain faithful to their principles and protect their ideals. They are interested in equitable environments.
Leonard As children they can have a gloomy character with a tendency to impose themselves, but over time they will learn to use their energy to project their goals and achieve great goals. Respectful and great parents.
Luciano Meticulous, passionate and very risky in their decisions in which they almost always come out triumphant. They are interested in shining and standing out from the rest, they can even be taken as an example to follow.
Martin They let themselves be guided by their instincts and follow their interests to the last consequences. This behavior can make them work hard, but it can also give them the satisfaction of seeing their interests fulfilled.
Matthias Quiet, good manners and who care about others. Sometimes they can be self-centered and act deliberately, without following a meticulous plan and well-defined objectives. They have the soul of a poet and are very loquacious.
valentine Fearful in their actions and very bold in expressing their opinion. They have a tender and easygoing side that plays alongside their strongest virtues. They have talent for sports, due to their competitive nature, also for debates and contests.