There are many religious names that you can consider as naming options for your baby. If you have arrived here, you are probably looking for biblical names and their meaning for boys and girls.

These are generally religious names that reflect a whole accumulation of beliefs and history of several generations. Some of these names derive from Hebrew, Latin, Egyptian and in some cases variants of Greek. In many cases, names of biblical origin are often mixed to pay homage to the deity. You must bear in mind that the names mark the person and in many cases are determinants of a personality or mentality.

Classic names like Mary, Joseph and Jesus are not the only religious names to choose from. We show you a compilation of biblical names and their meaning so that you can attend to their etymology and know their origin. Keep reading this post. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Biblical names for boys and their meaning


It means ” high that reaches ” ” illuminated from the mountain ” or ” great from the mountain “.


It means ” made of the earth ” ” red blood ” or ” the first “.


Its meaning is ” son of the right hand ” or ” the youngest “.


Also Elijah or Eli. His name means ” my god is Yahweh “.


Also Stevan or Stefano. His name means ” the crowned one ” or ” the victorious one “.


It means ” the righteous “.


His name means ” the very beloved ” or ” the one who has been chosen “.


Its meaning is ” who gives strength ” or ” the strength of God “.


His name means ” the one who calls to salvation “.


This name means ” he who is listened to “.

Biblical names for girls and their meaning


The meaning of her name is ” the pious ” or ” the one who brings compassion to the people “.


Also Delilah. It means ” the one who has the key “.


Also Esther. Its meaning is ” the one that shines like a star “.


Variant of Isabela, Isa or Isabelle. It means “ brings abundance ” or “ given to consecration ”.


It means “ the beginning of everything ” or “ the origin ”.


Also Myriam and Mirian. Its meaning is ” excellent “.


His name means “ the sheep of God ”.


Other variants are Sara or Sarah. It means ” the princess “.


Also Susan or Suzanne. It means “ lily ” or “ lotus flower ”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Aaron Great leaders or guides and often have perspective in difficult situations. They have courage and find followers. Their intellect is rational in structure, but they are also loving.
Adam They take on the challenges. Calm and honesty triumphs in them. Their mentality leads them to great triumphs, they know no limits. Protectors and defenders. They always have a good tip for every moment.
Benjamin Patient and have clarity before the facts. Reliable and attractive personality. They tend to be compressive with other people’s situations and seek to help others. Of great intellect and capacity for scientific thought.
Elijah Creative and passionate about art. Responsible with their work and committed. They take on challenges and have big goals. Sociable and like to have few friends but who are sincere.
Esteban They have facility for different areas of study due to their great capacity for analysis. Smart and honest. They do not support injustice and act quickly. Rather solitary personality.
Daniel They seek the welfare of their family and friends. They understand conflictive situations and usually put an end to them. Generous and very sociable. Honest and understanding. They tend to be honest with what they say and think, which is why they easily stand out from the rest.
David They always have excellent advice to offer and are timely with their contributions. Of great intellect and are very sincere. They are very close to their family and people find great support in them.
Gabriel Fair and sensible. They are good and like to travel and meet new people. Charismatic and intelligent and they always like each other. They realize they are kind and try not to hurt feelings.
Josue They have clear ideas and act accordingly. Risk takers, but don’t make decisions in haste. Humble and have loyalty in their hearts. Their bravery makes them stand out and they often show the way.
Samuel They are usually characterized by their patience, love and serenity. Persevering in all their projects, they stand out for their intelligence and cunning. Their capacity for understanding and dynamism lead them to be successful in everything they set out to do.
Ana They usually act with wisdom and prudence. They are distinguished by their originality and creativity with which they always impress. Considered good friends and great confidants. They hate betrayal.
Delilah Calm and peaceful. They are romantic and delivered. Fair and rational. They act candid and often feel comfortable when surrounded by nature. Close to your family and friends.
Esther Cheerful and very committed personality. Clever and highly educated. They love deeply and often have lasting friendships. Helpful and enjoy the small details of life. Ambitious too.
Isabel With a determined and brave personality, although they also transmit sweetness and warmth. They know how to manage time and money. They are not easily fooled and they like adventures.
Genesis Haughty personality and very hardworking. They are characterized by being straight in their principles and very affectionate with close people. They like to be perfectionists and have control of situations, which generally leads to success.
Miriam They have the strength to face situations without fear from a very young age. Disciplined and talented. They abhor envy and selfish acts. Restless and curious with what is established.
Raquel They like to help others and be loyal. Determined and independent people. Also tender, but only with trusted people. Their mentality makes them not like to be the center of attention, but they are usually recognized.
Saray They are people who like the social environment but it is not their strong point. They have the ability to organize and plan, eliminating obstacles. They like to feel supported to act.
Suzanne Cheerful, faithful and friendly. They tend to be a bit shy and have great principles. They are not afraid of changes and face them with courage. They tend to be pioneers in the face of change and are somewhat perfectionist.