You are going to have a baby? !! Congratulations!! If you are looking for beautiful and original names, you will find them in this series of articles on boy names with each of the letters of the alphabet. Do you want your child’s name to start with a specific letter? Do you like the letter B? There are many names that begin with B, for this reason, we have collected names with B for men in a list . We have included old and modern names, both short and long names. In addition, we explain its meaning so that you only have to take care of choosing the name that you like the most. In this Baby Names article, you will find a list of boy names that start with B.

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This name is one of the variants of Bábilas. It comes from the Akkadian form bab-ilu, “the mouth of God”, where the confusion of languages ​​originated, the beginning of cultures. Its meaning may also be due to the Hebrew balal, “to confuse”.


It comes from the Latin Bacchus and the Greek Bakjos and is the nickname of Dionysus. Its symbology is mythological and represents the young and beautiful Hellenic God of wine. It is a foreign voice of unknown origin incorporated into Greek and means “bacchante”.


“Bold”. Baldo is an Italian abbreviation for Baldassare, Ubaldo, Tibaldo, Tobaldo, or Baldovino. Sensible, thoughtful and spiritual, he lives according to very high ethical principles. He demands a lot of himself and is sometimes very rigid in his customs and routines.


“Protected by the god Baal.” Highly perceptive, he instantly guesses the intentions of his interlocutor. He gives a lot to his friend and expects the same from them. He loves culture and gastronomy, good living, although sometimes he is a bit fussy.


Name of Aramaic origin. He is tenacious and determined, has a lot of patience and great investigative skills.

UNIQUE Boy Names That Start With B


The male name Baruch means “the blessed one” or “the pure, holy, blessed by God”. This name represents purity in its broadest sense.


The Greek term means “princely, royal”, it is the adjective form of king. Possibly this name is an evolution of Minoan origin. His feminine form, of great beauty, Basila represents the noble caste, the aristocracy.


The meaning of the name Baptist is “he who baptizes”, “he who can baptize” or “he who immerses”.


“Blessed, blessed.” Of Latin origin, solidarity is the basic rule of their conduct. Permanently concerned about what surrounds him, he makes service and dedication to others his fundamental task.


It is “the one who obliges and demands”. It has been mistakenly used as a feminine name. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon verb boedan, “impose, compel”, which would be baidjan in Goth.


It is the contraction of Adalberto or Alberto in Russian. It comes from Adal “noble lineage”, from Berht “brightness, radiance” and Badu “combat, fight”.


By its origin it is the “belonging to Bellus”, that is, the graceful, beautiful, beautiful. It has a close relationship with the concept of good, kind by sharing the same Latin root.


The name Beltrán means “illustrious raven” as a symbol of the God Odin.


“Blessed”. They are usually straight people with a great sense of justice. Very responsible in the workplace, they never evade their obligations and their desire to improve is enormous. They are loving and value family very much.


The male name Benicio is of Latin origin and literally means “riding friend”.


The name is a variant of Benedicto, “he who says well of someone”, “the blessed one”. Over time it has acquired the religious meaning of “invoking God’s favor to protect the person”. One of its most curious variants is Baruch.


The name Benjamin means “son” and “right”, that is, “son of the right hand”, also understood as the favorite son, since the right symbolizes strength or virtue.


Person of great value and courage who does not hesitate to take responsibility when others elude it. He is honest and sincere and values ​​fidelity very much.


Name of Aramaic origin. He is a person aware of his limitations, but also of his talents, and is always willing to fight to achieve his goals. He is kind, but he becomes a dangerous enemy to whom he betrays his friendship synonym or harms his loved ones.


Its origin has a series of special characteristics: it comes from berin, “bear” (term used as a synonym of “bruno” due to the dark color of the hair, it was not the real name of the animal since for magical reasons it was unpronounceable) and hard, “bold, mighty, strong.”


“glow”. He is a person with great magnetism and leadership skills. He assumes the reins of situations, many times without even intending to, and has great ease with words and great communication skills.


The name Biel is the short name of Gabriel. It comes from Hebrew and means ‘servant of the Lord’. This biblical name is related to the Annunciation, since it was the name of one of the three archangels recognized by the Catholic Church.


Björn is the Norwegian and Swedish form of the Latin Orso, meaning “bear”. This animal has traditionally been a symbol of strength, dominance of territory, physical power, protection and shelter.



It is one of the names related to the Roman surnames of Blasio (gens Cornelia) and Bloesus (gens Sempronia and Iuna). It means “stutterer”, “which confuses the letters”.


Firmness, tenacity and willpower are the fundamental traits of his character. He is not easily frightened by difficulties, although he sometimes chooses the easiest way to solve things.


It is one of the names that have an exclusive Catholic meaning, it means “own of God”. Metaphorically we could say that it represents “the divine”, the infinite, the immortal and omnipotent. The people who wear it have an enveloping personality.


Creative, passionate and with great magnetism, his most visible defect is that he has a weakness for the good life. A lover of leisure and frivolous entertainment, over the years he runs the risk of becoming selfish.


It is a name whose origin is found in Old English, it means “the one with the immense meadow”, the one that belongs to the extensive prairie. By the metaphorical interpretation of it, the man who bears this name is long-sighted, aware of the context, the one who dominates an overwhelming situation.


The meaning of the name Brandon is “he of the swift sword”, “the quick one”, “accurate” and “skillful and dexterous”.


It is the alteration of Brandila, diminutive of a name whose root was brant, “fire”, metaphorically it would be “sword”, as in the case of names like Brenda. It is the burning, the radiance, the dazzling and instantaneous, the brightness of the edge of the sword.


The masculine name Breixo is Galician and is of Celtic origin. It means ‘very true’.


The masculine name Brian has a Celtic origin and means ‘high’, ‘noble’. It is a traditional Irish name and its most famous historical figure is the King of Ireland, Brian Boru (641-1014). One of its variants is Bryan.


As we have said, different etymologies coincide in the name Bruno. Although it is true that the translation from the Germanic language would be “the one with dark, reddish or burnt skin”, Bruno comes from the word…


“Good omen”. Name of medieval origin. Buenaventura tends to be a very optimistic person who likes dealing with people, although from time to time he needs solitude and tranquility around him.


The name Byron, of Celtic origin, literally means “country man” or, according to some experts, “person with characteristics of a bear”, although over time we have identified its meaning as “man who comes from the field”. This…