You are expecting a baby at home. What great news! This is a time of joy for many families and with good reason. A newborn not only means a change of routine but also a new person who will be part of the family tree and will accompany them for many years to come.

As far as human knowledge has been able to clarify, it is known that a name has a lot to do with the personality of a girl or a boy. Choosing a name during pregnancy and before birth brings not only appropriation of identity and autonomy, but also develops the neural connection every time the baby hears his name from the tummy and appropriates it. If you want to strengthen this connection between the baby and his name, here we present a wonderful collection of Catalan names that can be useful if you find yourself making the decision of which one to wear. Choose the best baby names for girls.

This is a post dedicated to Catalan names with meaning, which contains a description of the etymology and the influence that each one has on the personality. These names are mostly versified from German names and Spanish names, as well as others that respond to a Portuguese anthroponym. Let’s see the meaning we have made for you in this compendium. It may also be that you are interested in other posts about Canarian names, Romanian names or medieval names, do not miss them.

Catalan names for girls and their meaning


Name of Latin origin but in the very popular Catalan language it means ” the freshness of youth “.


Its meaning is “ lamb of God ”.


Its meaning is ” protector “.


The meaning of this name is “ wise woman ”.


It means ” the eloquent “.


Leyre too . The meaning of this name is “ legionary woman ”.


The meaning of this name is “ the motherly ”.


The etymology of this name is ” sawn mountain “.


This name means “little”.


Sarah too . Name of Hebrew origin but popular in Catalonia whose meaning is ” princess “.

Catalan names for boys and their meaning


This name means ” the one who comes from the sea “.


Its meaning is ” strong as an oak “.


Its meaning is ” mighty as eagles “.


The meaning of this Catalan name is “ strong bear ”.


This name means ” the one who stammers “.


The meaning of this name is “ God is merciful ”.


The etymology of this name is ” the one who maintains a firm position “.


This name means “ he who is consecrated to Mars ”.


The etymology of this name is “ strong as the one that comes from Mars ”.


It means ” the one who brings victory “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
April They are calm, honest and very receptive girls. They deeply despise mediocrity and weak judgment. They have strong and very well defined ideals.
Agnes Courageous, enterprising and with an overwhelming personality. They make themselves felt as soon as they enter any place and at every step. They are also usually affectionate and very affectionate with close people for whom they feel appreciation.
Alexia Energetic and lively people, who act on instinct and respond quickly. You don’t see them hesitating when an important decision has to be made. They like to shine and impress with their wit and the many skills they possess.
Gala Although they appear haughty and devouring, they are rather demanding, rigorous and strict with what they propose. They don’t like to waste time and they can’t stand failure. They have a very low tolerance level for frustration.
Laia They like to participate in all kinds of competitions in which they can stand out for their innumerable skills that they have to develop. They know how to take advantage of the opportunities that life puts in front of them and project themselves into the future.
Read They possess many skills in various aspects. They are not docile or calm, they have a charming personality that radiates a lot of charisma. His company is always pleasant and pleasant.
Maia Sweet and good-natured, they also maintain a certain strength of character when required. Although really they prefer not to reach the point of imposing themselves. They like tranquility and seek balance of spirit.
Montserrat Organizers, instructors and group directors, they tend to know very well the abilities and characteristics of other people so that they can give their best. They tend to strengthen teamwork.
Paula Peaceful, calm and with a patient personality that brings them many benefits in their lives. Intelligent and insightful, they tend to analyze everything that happens around them in order to take advantage of it. They don’t like hypocrisy.
Sarah With a temperate character, they know when to act and take care not to be reckless. Reserved with their possessions and this sometimes makes it difficult for them to share.
Adria Willful, applied and like to impress with their charisma. They have a good attitude to take on life and do not allow obstacles to easily discourage them. Sentimental and loving.
Aritz Refined, educated and well-behaved. They are not people who are susceptible to changes nor do they like the unpredictable. They feel more comfortable in traditional settings where they can act according to their principles.
arnau They are interested in intellectual fields. Proud and rebellious like themselves. They need someone to provide them with security and balance so that they can fully develop, however, they also like to have their own space.
Bernat Impatient and eager to see soon the realization of their dreams. They always hold a high expectation and expect a lot from others. They speak vehemently and have good arguments to make.
blah Voluntary, creative and capable of expression. They tend to stand out from the rest for their good ideas and initiatives, but they have a hard time making a decision knowing that the responsibility may fall on their shoulders.
Jan Sensitive, respectful and tender who like to maintain harmony everywhere they go. However, sometimes they have a hard time managing their emotions and expressing them diplomatically.
Liam They have a practical intelligence that is not slow to make you feel it. They are interested in aesthetics and beauty, so they take very good care of their appearance and will never be seen with a careless appearance.
Framework Intelligent, enterprising and with an unmatched charisma. They can be a bit narcissistic and even great seducers, this is because they know very well their abilities and ability to communicate and influence others.
Marti They always rise to the occasion and act in good faith. Sometimes they tend to impose their point of view and give controversial opinions that are not always pleasing, but this matters little to them.
Nico Calm, friendly and at the same time curious to learn. They do not usually get into trouble or start a conflict, quite the opposite. They stand out for being conciliators and dialogue is their best tool to stand out from the rest.