Since ancient times, there is a human tradition of identifying each of us with a name. It is not only a tradition but also corresponds to a human social need to recognize ourselves and thus be able to distinguish people from others by name. So we can say that a name is not only a matter of identity, but also gives personality and originality to each person. Each specific name has a special connection with each person, this can be a spiritual or hereditary connection, allowing them to unite with their ancestors. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Celtic names have a beautiful meaning that many people manage to have an accelerated and deep connection with in a very short time. Carrying a name with pride is synonymous with good self-esteem, personal growth and is equal to being at peace with oneself. The etymology of Celtic names comes from ancient times and has lasted through the years. We also present you with compilations of Hebrew names, Roman names or medieval names that might interest you. If you have time, come take a look.

Without further words, these are the Celtic names with meaning that we have compiled in a list in which we detail each one of them. For many people, choosing a name is not usually an easy task, that is why we offer you several ideas so that you can make that decision calmly.

Celtic names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” the one who loves the land “.


Name inspired by a Celtic goddess, its meaning is ” woman of fire “.


Also Epona. She is the Celtic goddess of horses. The meaning of his name is “ free as the wind ”.


This name means “hazelnut”.


Its meaning is “small delicacy”.


The meaning of this name is “light light”.


It means “greatness”.


Its meaning is “guardian of the sea “.


Celtic name meaning ” she who is eminent “.

Celtic names for boys and their meaning


Its meaning is “elf”.


Its meaning is ” strong guardian “.


It means ” the follower “.


Also Belinus, Belanus or Belenos. The meaning of this name is “ the light that renews ”.


Also Bricci, Briccio or Brizio. Its meaning is “ the benign force ”.


It means ” battle leader “.


Its meaning is “charitable God”.


It means “ God will reward us ”.


Its meaning is ” God of the night “.


The meaning of this name is “the hunter”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Angra They are prudent, eloquent and sagacious girls. They have very good initiative and know how to maintain the necessary momentum to finish each of their projects. They like to be surrounded by natural environments and where they find a comforting silence.
Brigid Arrogant, energetic, full of impetus to achieve their goals. When they feel threatened they tend to react quickly, abruptly and unexpectedly to the point of appearing cold and rigid.
epona Peaceful, who transmit calm with their way of acting and their way of communicating. They are very vital and quite agile.
Hazel Intellectual, intelligent and they understand very quickly what is happening around them. They have a great sense of humor and are always seen smiling and willing to cooperate. They like teamwork, they know how to organize and they are usually great leaders.
julita They have a great accumulation of innate talents that with little practice they can develop to perfection. Dedicated, willful and do not like to waste time on anything that is not beneficial to building their successful future.
leonora Friendly, generous and very attentive to others. They quickly take hints and often speak ironically. When they don’t quite like someone, it usually shows right away. They are expressive and no comments are saved.
meira They do not like to be the center of attention, but they always end up in everyone’s eyes for being elegant, delicate and a good example to follow. Affable, dedicated to the tasks that concern them in their work. Confident and not easily distracted.
Meredith Active, dynamic, enterprising, who find it difficult to stay in one place. They are always seen doing some kind of activity and they do it very well. They can be individualistic at times, especially when focused on their feelings.
Moira Determined, analytical and with a lot of willpower. They can be unstoppable, when something gets into their heads, there is no stopping them. Loving and affectionate.
Alvin Smart people who use their abilities to move masses and create followers. They have tendencies to want to be the center of attention and follow fame. Not for less they stop being good friends, an aspect that characterizes them from an early age.
Arthur They are strong-willed, determined and stand out from the rest for their bravery. They tend to make serene decisions and calculate all the factors that intervene very well before issuing any type of personal judgment.
Bleat Unconditional and very reliable. They have communication skills and a great imagination. They can become reckless when they need to prove their value to the world and they do so without showing any fear or anguish.
Bethlehem Enthusiastic, bold, active and with firm principles. They always make themselves respected with their imposing attitude, but without the need to go to authoritarian extremes.
Bricio They like to be admired in public and have many abilities to be noticed. Being shy is not one of their characteristics. They tend to speak their minds and to be the first to participate in any activity.
Cedric Determined, strong and charitable. They have good empathy with people they barely know and know how to motivate them to give their best. They do not seek to be the center of attention, but they always stand out for their ideals, strategies and good initiatives.
Eusus Kind, gentle and very intelligent. They look for bold ways to solve problems and are not aloof from conflict. They like to be surrounded by plants and have an impressive ability to understand animals.
mael Insightful, calm and agile. They have a great sense of honor which they defend with each of their arguments and actions. They have a lot of will and determination to pass their ideals to the plane of reality and they do not rest until they achieve it.
Taranis Intellectual, calm and usually have a critical capacity for judgment. Their ability to analyze leads them to be people with a late response, which is why they are not very fast, although they are always accurate. They like to be alone, minding their own business.
Theron Intuitive, generous people with a high level of being attentive to what is happening around them. Relentless and do not support any symbol of failure or laziness.