Today we bring you a selection of beautiful and eye-catching Chinese names that are popular, which have great meaning that you do not want to miss. You may also be interested in other articles such as Japanese names, Arabic names or African names. We invite you to review these posts and find in them the ideal name for your little one.

These names are distinguished by also being short names but endowed with an attractive meaning. According to the cultural tradition of China, in this country, as in some others, the last name is usually written first and then the given name is indicated. When you see some famous person from this region, it is most likely that this is the order of their name. Another feature is that names for both girls and boys are often unisex names that are shared regardless of gender. Choose the best baby names for girls.

There are many reasons to choose a Chinese name for your son or daughter. The name you choose can greatly determine the character of your personality and how it will develop in the future. We present a detailed list of Chinese names and their meaning so that you can make such an important choice.

Chinese names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” the one that attracts luck “.


This name means ” beautiful woman “.


Its meaning is ” full of innumerable talents “.


It means ” the one who flies high “.


Its meaning is ” brave woman ” or ” one that stands out “.


The etymology of this name is ” beautiful as the moon “.


Its meaning is ” beautiful coral “.


It means “ sweet peach ”.


Also Xi’an. It means ” glow of dawn “.


Its meaning is ” cultured and refined woman “.

Chinese names for boys and their meaning


This name means “ promised treasure ”.


Its etymology is ” the brilliant “.


Its meaning is “ healthy young man ”.


The meaning of this name is “ vast universe ”.


It means ” lovely boy “.


Its meaning is “thunder”.


Its etymology means “flourishing”.


It means ” the one who possesses great wisdom “.


The meaning of this name is “spiritual being”.


Its meaning is “water”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
huang Determined and of great temperament. They usually make decisions considering a wide range of possibilities, both the pros and cons will be taken into account. Dynamic, participative and sociable.
jia They have a great personality that makes itself felt in every new place they arrive. Their nature is instinctive and changeable, in some cases their excessive attitude can bring them instability. Elegant and good friends.
Jun They possess an incomparable genius for solving logical and mathematical problems. They are hypersensitive, who cannot raise their voice. They tend to take everything personally and are easily affected.
Fei Its appearance is captivating and sophisticated. Although they tend to conservatism, they tend to adapt easily. They are very good at making friendships that will last over the years. They stand out in artistic activities such as dance or sports.
Liang Very impatient, rushed in their decisions and do not like to wait. They usually do not like to work in a team, since they know their abilities and the others can be for them a kind of limitation or setback in their progress.
Mei They are people endowed with grace and good energies that they take with them everywhere. They like to be around people and are susceptible to mood swings. Sometimes they can have selfish or envious attitudes.
Shan They are enemies of routine and monotony, they like travel and everything that an adventure can mean. They have great leadership within them that they know how to accompany very well with their communication skills. Independent and strong.
CAT Friendly, tender and full of affection. They can pass for naive or innocent, but that’s just one facet they have to distract. They really are insightful and cunning people, who do not like to be taken for fools or ignorant.
xia They are devious, energetic and lively, however, they are far from as flexible as they seem. They are blunt, proud and demanding because they expect a lot from others, just as they give themselves to their interests.
Wen They are women of principles and values, concerned about education and good manners. Close to their family, they feel the need to support them in everything. They have a lot of tenacity to achieve their goals, they are unpredictable and protective.
Beam Friendly and well intentioned. They are somewhat carefree and playful. They come out of their responsibilities well due to the luck they have and their intelligence close to suspicion to understand the various situations.
Huang They are very intelligent and wise. They have many very good ideas that increase their creative capacity. They are inquisitive, bold, cheeky and nosy, but all these attitudes are driven by their innate desire to know the world.
jian They easily stand out for their appearance and for their physical prowess. They know very well how to coordinate and move their body, which makes them stand out in different activities. Friendly, kind and show their caring side and are willing to help others.
kun His personality is complex and extraordinary. They have multiple abilities, but are also somewhat grumpy and intolerant. Although they are also supportive without seeking any kind of retribution.
gao Tender and very responsible. They are interested in all kinds of activities where they can expand their perfectionism and dedication skills. Organized and they like punctuality. They tend to get exasperated in front of those who waste their time.
Read They think in the short term and do not usually project themselves into the future, which sometimes brings them inconvenience, but allows them to live life to the fullest. They are giggly, chatty and very reliable who are always willing to help.
Mao They learn very quickly from their peers, match them and surpass them with great ease. For them, every skill is perfected with time and dedication, so they spend many hours concentrating on what is most important to them in their lives.
ming Cunning who stand out for succeeding in the art of persuasion. Their oral expression is extensive and they have great power of persuasion close to manipulation. They have good ideas and constantly work on their interests.
shen They are calm people, respectful of others and the environment. They do not usually impose themselves on others, but their serious attitude often inspires people who end up being their followers. Wise, learned and prudent.
shui Bold, brave and skillful in many contexts. They always communicate their feelings transparently and express the words as they come to mind, although they must take care that they can hurt others if they do not learn to communicate.