We congratulate you because you are looking for meaningful names for boys and girls. That means that there is probably a new little person who is coming into your life and nothing better than waiting for him with open arms. Making him feel the warmth of a home and that he has a family waiting for him is a beautiful way of giving him love. Also looking for a nice name is part of showing the affection you have for him. There are studies that indicate that from the womb, babies perceive sounds and when they are born they react to those that are familiar to them. If you choose a name in advance, you can call him from the moment he is in his tummy and strengthen his cognitive development.

This post is dedicated to Colombian names with meaning. Here you will be able to read different options that we bring you so that you can choose that name that you are looking for, and that since pregnancy your baby can have a connection with his name. Choose the best baby names for girls.

These names, for the most part, if not all of them, have the characteristic of being compound names. In this country, two first names are usually used to call people and there are combinations of names that have become very popular over the years, undoubtedly becoming a trend. According to different zones there are compound names that are more frequent than others, for example Andrés Felipe is a name that predominates in the southern zone and the name Juan Esteban or Juan Pablo is common in the central zone of the territory itself. Let’s see what we have chosen for you.

Colombian names for girls and their meaning


This name means “ protector of humanity ”.


Very common Latin name in Colombia, whose meaning is ” beautiful laurel “.


Also Leidy. Name from English whose meaning is ” honorable lady “.

Luisa Fernanda

Its meaning is ” famous warrior who goes after peace “.

Marine Light

This name means “ the one that shines in the oceans ” or “ illuminating the ports ”.


It means ” the follower of the Virgin Mary “.

Maria Jose

This name means ” God makes himself present “.


The meaning of this name is “ God is my judge ”.


The etymology of this name is ” woman of peace “.


It means ” the vigorous one “.

Colombian names for boys and their meaning

Andres Felipe

This name means “ courageous man who loves horses ”.


Bayon too Of Celtic origin, this name means ” country man “.


Of Latin origin, the meaning of this name is ” the destined one “.


Its meaning is “ the victorious ”.

John Joseph

The meaning of this name is “ Yahweh will provide ”.

Juan Pablo

Its meaning is ” child full of grace “.


Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is a Colombian name that means ” full of grace “.


Its meaning is ” mill city “.


Its meaning is ” the victory of the people “.


It means ” he who is listened to by God “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Alexandra Meticulous, reserved and very perfectionist. They like to measure time, which is why they excel in administrative and organizational activities. They usually have communication and artistic skills.
Laura Noble and with an eccentric personality. They tend to stand out in groups for their communication skills and people skills. Funny and with good initiatives.
Leidi Kind, considerate and hardworking. Sometimes they like to go different paths than expected. They have a unique sense of humor and like to get up to mischief and pranks.
Luisa Fernanda Insightful, dedicated to their future and responsible. Sometimes they are pretentious, but they know very well the limit of their abilities, which they strengthen at every moment in order to surpass themselves.
Marine Light Sensitive, with a kind mentality. They are not jealous of what they have, on the contrary, they like to share and enjoy with other people.
Mariana Although they are a bit shy, they tend to stand out for their intelligence and remarkable leadership when they feel confident to show their skills. They tend to care about what they will say and as they learn to ignore it, they will go a long way.
Maria Jose They have an overwhelming and fun personality. They are cheerful, friendly and very good people. They usually take great care in their activities, everything they do, they do well and do not allow themselves to be easily demotivated.
Daniela Bold and tender. They are women who have very clear goals from an early age. Their main interest, after their personal ones, is to seek the well-being of each member of their family, whom they love deeply.
Salome Emotional, dreamy and very intellectual. They have high aspirations that generally come to see them realized in a short time, thanks to the tenacity of character they possess. They like to have friends with them.
Valeria Your mood can be fluctuating at times. They are combining between an enormous energy and intelligence that they use to see their objectives fulfilled and a sweetness in their character. They are people who do not grieve easily and are determined to live as they want.
Andres Felipe Authentic, they like to fend for themselves and have all the capabilities to do so. Enthusiastic, good parents and very affectionate with their family. They are very intelligent and tend towards intellectuality.
Byron They are risky, courageous men who are not afraid of the unknown. Their greatest virtue is the respect and honesty with which they carry out each of their actions. They have a firm and tenacious posture.
Cease They are people with many talents and often with artistic gifts. They are usually characterized by having a wide and generous smile that they offer to all people. They are great diners and they like to work.
Esteban They stand out for being studious boys, who like mathematics and natural sciences. They tend to be sociable, but their number of friends is rather small. Idealistic, conciliatory and with great communication skills.
John Joseph Intelligent, curious and very enterprising. Altruistic, they do not like environments full of noise or conflict, so they tend to isolate themselves if they feel that their surroundings could affect their tranquility.
Juan Pablo They have a charming, sensitive and tender personality. They know how to stand out in what they like the most, which is usually music and sports. They know how to listen to others and like to have complex conversations.
Marlon Authoritarians, they have a closed mindset and a unique way of doing things. They like to receive love, but they are not very good at showing their emotions.
Milton Suggestable and impressionable. They are motivated by anything new and love to jump on an adventure. They see life as a kind of game in which you have to make the most of every moment of it.
Nicholas His vision of life is broad and idealistic. They are receptive to their surroundings and like to maintain a wide circle of friends that they can count on for their adventures. They do not like loneliness, they prefer to be accompanied almost all their time.
Samuel Attentive, considerate and very polite. They tend to get frustrated quickly when not everything goes their way. They can become possessive and ask for a lot of affection, but they can also be great friends.