Korean names for both South and North Korea are mostly written in Hanja , a composition of Chinese pictograms with Korean pronunciation, and Hangeul, the Korean script proper that has 14 different consonants and 10 vowels. These language characters make Korean names generally compound.

In Latinized script, Korean names are written separated by a hyphen; or also using capital letters to express that separatism, but writing the entire name as a single word. Let’s take a look at some of the most common Korean names to give you a better idea.

These names are distinguished from Chinese names, especially since the latter are closer to being short names. Koreans are long names with a very nice meaning and that reflect a very broad cultural background. We have also published other posts about Mexican names, original names or flower names, in case you are interested in taking a look. We recommend them to you. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Korean names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” flower of goodness “.


It means “ heroine of charity ”.


The meaning of this name is “ honorable beauty ”.


The etymology of this name is the number one and means ” the first “.


Its meaning is ” beautiful blue sky “.


This name means ” the time that passes “.


The meaning of this name is ” courageous woman “.


This name means ” the very beautiful “.


Its meaning is ” it is part of the community “.


The etymology of this name means ” pure light “.

Korean names for boys and their meaning


Also Choe, Choy or Chey. Its meaning is ” the one who comes from the mountains “.


Its meaning is “bright”.


The meaning of this name is “ very virtuous ”.


The meaning of this name is “ full wisdom ” or “ intelligent boy ”.


It means “ strong personality ”.


Its meaning is “ gifted with great talents ”.


Also MinJun. This name means “ the very talented ”.


It means ” tough as a stone “.

Seong Jin

Its meaning is ” star that stands out “.


This name means ” heroic character “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Eun-hee Prudent and benevolent in every act. They know how to set limits with great charisma and kindness, without falling ill. They are not the first to start a conversation, but they greet those who invite them with a smile.
Eun-yeong Sociable, talkative and very communicative. They like to be the center of attention in groups and tend to achieve it very easily. They have many capabilities, but they don’t feel comfortable being flattered too much.
Gyeong-hui At first glance they are timid, but they possess great cunning and a charge close to concupiscence. They are sensitive and enthusiastic, they do not like hypocrisy and have the ability to detect it. Smart, bold and interesting.
Hana Simple and humble. They are not usually attributed egotistical attitudes, on the contrary, they doubt their abilities a lot and constantly need to be reminded of the power of the force that they carry within them.
Ha-neul Detached and enigmatic, they have a strong will. They have a natural ease to adapt to changes and in each difficulty they see an opportunity to be better. They are active, enterprising and no task is too small for them.
Hyo-ri They are competitive and show a false hardness, which hides behind an irrepressible tenderness and self-love. She likes to distance herself from social activities from time to time, but not to the point of being excluded.
Jiyu They are usually opportunistic women who do not waste time and know how to please others. They trust appearances very quickly and show a noble emotionality that they usually express with extensive affective demonstrations.
Mi-suk Strict, serious and do not like to waste time on trifles. They have a knack for business affairs and businesses in which they excel from an early age. They are born leaders.
min They are tenacious, agile and very brave to face the obstacles they find along the way. They are practical, reasonable and sometimes aggressive women. They only understand the theory when they see it applied in reality.
Myeong-suk They do not tolerate lies and falsehoods. They usually show their strength when some injustice happens around them and they do not hesitate for a moment to act. They have unusual hobbies and are often collectors.
Choy Calm, very trustworthy and they have a real sense of friendship. They can sometimes act immature, capricious, and easily annoyed about anything.
Hwan Authentic and like to stand out from the rest. They can be really persuasive when they want to, sometimes spending time improving their technique. They appreciate their freedom and do not allow anyone to limit them.
Jeong Attentive and very intelligent. They are of passionate feelings that generally do not know how to express them, becoming intense or, on the contrary, somewhat contemptuous. They must learn from their mistakes to succeed.
hee Of great responsibility that inspires confidence and respect. They are usually very mature for their age and assume positions that do not correspond to them. Overprotective and harsh with the people he loves.
hee-hu Energetic and sociable. They are characterized by their tenacity of character and their originality. Since they arrive they make themselves felt with their presence and good attitude. Laughing, but you shouldn’t play with them because they know how to take revenge.
Jun Dedicated, resourceful and impatient. Their enthusiasm makes them have a great desire to learn and stand out from the rest. Over time they will learn to be more patient and this change will lead to the success they seek.
Min-jo on Great friends. Tender and sometimes can be influenced. When they concentrate on an activity, they entertain themselves and do it with pleasure.
Seok They have little self-confidence and that makes them shelter behind a facade of distance. Very opportune that they usually appear when they are needed and collaborate with outside causes. They need affection to be able to let go.
Seong Jin They like to go slow to ensure victory. They have a high sense of solidarity, they are attracted to associations, and they look for social gatherings where they can share their ideas and affirm their life principles.
Yeong Leaders and like to feel that they have everything under control. They have a tendency to stubbornness, they do not like to make mistakes. They are very intelligent, sociable and sensitive when given the possibility.