“Correct in time so you don’t regret it later” is an apt phrase that all parents should keep in mind when we raise our children. There are many ways to correct, and in this case, we refer to respectful parenting where love is always the basis of everything. Correcting children is an act of love, as long as it is done from the heart and never from the ego or resentment.

In previous decades, parents who are now grandparents often said when raising their children: “I prefer that you cry today, than I have to cry tomorrow” . When you are a parent, this statement is better understood… And it is that when children are corrected, no matter how old they are, they are likely to end up crying. Either by correcting their behavior, by preventing them from committing it or by complying with rules that are necessary for and for their development.

Correcting our children is not easy, and on many occasions it is not pleasant. Children are reluctant and even an emotional war can break out at home. But it needs to happen so that in this way, children learn that we are their figures of authority, respect and that everything we do is for their good and not for our whim.

If you respect and love your children, you must correct them

There are permissive parents who think that when they allow their children to do what they want without rules or limits, they will feel more loved. Nothing is further from reality, moreover, parents who do not know how to set rules for their children will only be raising insecure children, emotionally unstable and possible tyrannical children.

On the other hand, parents who do know the importance of correcting their children may sometimes feel at the crossroads of correcting a behavior or letting it go. That is, they should reflect on whether that specific behavior is not important enough to correct it.

Children, faced with a refusal from parents, can have a very negative reaction, such as crying, tantrum or great anger. This is normal since they still do not have good emotional management control and you are their guide in all aspects. In this sense, that is why it is so important to correct children always from calm, love, respect and patience.

When your child cries because you have corrected him, it is normal for you to feel pain, but this should not make you back down and allow certain behaviors just for not listening to him angry. Putting rules and limits on parenting does not mean ending his freedom, it is simply giving him options so that he chooses the best path with his own criteria.

Use “no” when necessary

To educate children and be able to correct them, it is necessary to use the word “no” more times than we imagine. For children to have the will to do something within their education, you have to give refusals.

The frustration they experience is not always negative, moreover , it is necessary since it is a way of learning that you cannot always have what you want. If they are old enough to understand that refusal, it will be necessary to explain to them the cause of the refusal and the consequences of their actions.

But the refusal must not be given punitively or with anger, always from respect and love towards our children. It is essential that they understand why we have had to correct them and, if this happens, why they are crying. It is important that as parents, we remember that correcting children is not stealing their freedom, but that they are able to enjoy it as long as they know how to respect the established limits.

We must make our children understand that if we did not feel such deep love for them and we did not want the best for them, we would not correct them. But it is necessary to learn lessons in life and our job is to guide them so that they know, in the future, to be independent people and responsible for themselves and others. If you really love your children, it is important to correct them whenever it is appropriate but from the deep respect and affection towards them to take care of your emotional bond.