Do babies have to use a pillow?

The quick answer to the question at the top of this article is: no. You may think that they should because you wear one to sleep, but the reality is that it is not necessary. Babies do not have to use it because their physical constitution is different from that of adults. Babies need to be protected and cared for by adults until they learn to do things for themselves, and the same goes for using pillows.

SIDS danger

The pillow is dangerous for babies because it can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). ). They cannot turn their heads away if the pillow is placed in a way that could suffocate them, so they could suffocate to death. So that the crib does not hit the crib, the ideal is to put crib protectors or bumpers attached to the bars of the crib, but not pillows.

The movements of babies are weak and very scarce , so they don’t have enough strength to turn their head or themselves to pick things up or change the position of the pillow if it’s bothering them. This could cause them to run out of air, and as we just told you, they could suffocate without being able to do anything to avoid it.

When the baby is bigger and is already able to move on its own, This danger decreases because you would already be able to turn the pillow or change its position if you had trouble moving at any time. Although it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so even if he can move, it’s better to keep him without a pillow for a while.

When you put your baby to sleep, nothing should be in the crib , it has to be empty to prevent your life from being unnecessarily in danger.

Baby pillow

When will you be able to eat zar to use the pillow?

Just as you use the pillow, you may be wondering when your baby will be able to use a pillow safely, right? Therefore, we are going to give you the necessary instructions to know how long you have to wait. If you notice that your baby is able to put his head on the pillow without danger of suffocation because he is able to move and move it away if it bothers him, then you can allow him if he wants.

But, in reality , the best age to allow children to have a pillow is from 3 years old, always taking into account their development. You must be sure that your child is able to remove the pillow whenever they need to, that they have enough capacity to do so without any impediment.

Which pillow is better?

When you decide to buy a pillow for your baby, it is important that you look at how it is. Ideally, it should be made of sponge because it does not accumulate dust and when it is dirty it can be washed with Ease of reuse safely. It is also important that you put a cover on it and wash it frequently to avoid allergies.

The use of the pillow from 3 years if you son has the capacity to remove it if it bothers him is a good option. Why is it exactly? Because your child’s body is growing and changing, so its structure will need head support to sleep and to avoid muscle and neck pain, as would happen to you.

With all this that we have just told you, you now know why your baby should not have a pillow and above all, from what age it is better to have one. This will protect you!