Letter to you mom, you are in heaven and I always have you in my thoughts

Mothers are unique in the world and as the popular saying goes: “There is only one mother and none like mine”. A bond is awakened with mothers that you do not have with any other being from the planet Before we were born, when she carried us in her womb, she already took care of us and loved us more than her own being. Then he took it upon himself to do everything he could to get us ahead and so that we didn’t lack anything he could give us within his means.

That’s why today we want to show you this letter for a mother. She will especially move you if you have your mother in your heart because you can no longer have her by your side… There are times when tragedy unfairly tears a mother from her children’s side. In any case, a mother will always be the best and the love that fills her heart is infinite.

For you mom

To you mom … That you do not know how many times you have woken up during the nights in your life to attend to me. It’s been a while since you left but I’m still grieving and I think about the day of your departure, a day marked on the calendar as the worst of my life. No one is prepared for a mother to leave, no matter the circumstances, it’s just never the time. I wanted you by my side forever, although I know that nature would not have allowed it.

Since your departure I feel like a piece of heart and that they will never return it to me. Every time I look at my children, I wish you could see everything I see. See how they grow, how they play, how they mature over the years.

There is not a day that I don’t think of you. I still hear your voice and when I look at the phone I just want to call you to listen to you again, tell me everything you love and feel like you’re on the other end of the phone. I just wanted to hug you, as hard as I could and never let you go.

Now that I am a mother I have realized everything:

  • Of the unconditional love you felt for me even before I was born.
  • Of the efforts and sacrifices you made for me, because being a mother It is the greatest responsibility you can have… and it lasts a lifetime.
  • That on your gray days you always tried to paint a rainbow so that it would not lose its smile…
  • Of your patience… which you had a lot of even though I didn’t realize it at the time.
  • Of your desire to live, well you just wanted health so you could be with us as long as possible, because not being able to always be by our side hurt you immensely. You did NOT want to leave us alone.
  • That you have always done the best you knew how or could to make it okay.

That’s why today mom, even though I don’t have you by my side, I hug you tight because I think of you every day and reflect on you, on me, on motherhood and above all the love that you have always given me. I think of the deep pain you felt when you lost your mother when I was a child, although at the time I did not fully understand. I knew you were sad but I always saw you as a strong woman…

letter of memory of deceased mother

Now, I know the deep pain you feel and I admire you even more than I did before because you continued to fight for your family with all the strength in the world.

Whenever I was by your side I felt safe, secure, I knew I was home. Now that I can’t be by your side, I feel the same way when I think of you because your love keeps reaching me no matter how where you are. Your love for me is so strong that I will never stop feeling it, although sometimes my soul hurts for wanting to see you and hug you and not being able to.

Although I feel that you follow me side, for the way I raise my children, for the kisses and hugs I give them… I see myself reflected in you and that makes me feel like the proudest mother in the world, because I had the best mother and thanks to that I am who I am today. Your smile is reflected in mine and I am sure that in many things, I look like you.

I will continue doing things that make me feel near you like eating your favorite dish, buying the flowers you liked, going for a walk where you liked to go, watching those movies we used to watch together… And I’ll tell my children every day how wonderful you were and how happy you made me while I was able to have you by my side.

I love you mom, kisses to heaven…