If you have entered here it is because you are probably looking for Egyptian names with meaning and we are very happy that you have clicked on the link that has directed you to this post. We congratulate you on this initiative and then we are going to present the description of each name according to its etymology so that you can delve a little deeper into this world of anthroponymic onomastics in one of the countries with the oldest history in the world.

Egyptian names are closely related to the mythology of these lands and have become common over the years. Some of them are traditionally inherited from the times of the dynasties and are associated with aspects that were and are important for this culture, such as pyramids, coffins and birth and death customs, without leaving behind the deities of the time. It is known that the representatives of the divinities and the gods have an impact on the social sphere and from there it has passed to the etymological representation with clear evidence in anthroponymy. Choose the best baby names for girls.

In short, these names are an excellent choice of names for boys and girls that are usually chosen by some families who are looking for a powerful and transcendent meaning in each appointment. There are also other options that may be of interest to you such as Nordic names, Korean names or Mexican names if you are looking to expand your range of possibilities. For the moment we present here one by one the Egyptian names that we have selected. Keep reading so you can meet them.

Egyptian names for girls and their meaning


Also Amunet. It refers to a deity of Egyptian culture and its etymology is ” goddess of mystery “.


Its meaning is “ who protects the tombs ”.


This name means ” House of Horus “.


Also Heqet. Its meaning is ” symbol of life “.


It means “ God is merciful ”.


Its meaning is ” beautiful friend “.


This name means “ lady of the house ”.


The meaning of this name is “ respected woman ”.


Its meaning is ” the goddess of dew “.


Its etymological meaning is ” water that goes to the mill “.

Egyptian names for boys and their meaning


Also Amon. Its meaning is ” the hidden one “.


It means “ the one who brings the distant one ”.


Its meaning is ” the protector “.


The meaning of this name is ” the strong “.


This name means “ from the sun ”.


The meaning of this name is “ the flow of the stream ”.


Its meaning is ” attractive man “.


Its etymology is the “ god of the sun ”.


It means “ one who has brought the distant goddess ”.


Also Ursham. Its meaning is ” great traveler “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
amonet Curious, receptive and very analytical. They like to go unnoticed, they will rarely be seen in the center of a group. Passionate, ironic and very loquacious.
Anubis They are interested in metaphysical and esoteric topics. Their strength lies in their originality of character and their ability to make friends wherever they go. They do not usually worry too much about what they will say and this behavior attracts others.
Hathor They are somewhat uncompromising, intelligent and very shrewd. They know how to choose their friends very well and they don’t really approach anyone. They are selective and tend to analyze each one of the situations to pronounce themselves with good arguments.
Heket They have many skills and do not like to feel that they are at a disadvantage, which is why their strength and courage lead them to stand out in large companies. They have an excessive tenacity that makes them stand out from the rest.
Jakayla Dynamic, haughty and enterprising. They tend to be interested in deep topics and transcendental conversations. Their mentality is receptive, intuitive and for that reason they manage to relate effectively with others.
Nefertari They are characterized by being supportive, loving and with a high level of empathy. They are people with great dedication and a highly developed sense of solidarity, which is why they find lasting friendships. They are great confidants and excellent hostesses.
Nephthys They have a strong, dreamy and determined character. They care about the impression they make on others and seek to be an example to follow. They like order and totally disagree with mediocrity and vulgarity.
sharifa They have a strong and determined look that, without being their main objective, intimidates other people. With their magnetic and courageous personality they make a mark on the world finding followers everywhere they go.
Tefnut Individualistic, devious and tend to enjoy their solitude. Self-critical, demanding with themselves and like to examine themselves to improve every day. They soon identify with a certain ideal.
Zaya Dynamic, eloquent and insightful. They tend to be reasonable in their speech and approach to life. They are accommodating and the vast majority of their plans are aimed at the happiness and harmony of their family.
ammon Very intelligent, bold and intellectual. They have style, fashion sense and impress with their presence. They maintain a tendency to aim high and are very clear about their goals in life, which they pursue tirelessly.
Anhur Their personality is radiant and they often act unexpectedly. Cheerful, sincere and they like the unexpected. They do not usually go along the expected paths, quite the opposite. They seek to innovate and dazzle other people with their capabilities.
Asim They are characterized by being brave, dedicated people with great skill for strategies. They think of others and are known to be great friends. They like to take on challenges and embark on those adventures that may seem impossible to others.
Aswad Perceptive and not always tend to be tolerant people as they claim to be. In reality, they are attached to their ideals and find it difficult to understand or accept opinions that do not correspond to their own, however, they do not stop being kind.
Atten Brave, insightful and generous with all his friends. Sincere and do not like to be disappointed in others. The main thing for them is respect for the diversity of opinions and they are attracted to issues such as emancipation.
beck Participatory and great leaders. They like to work as a team and maintain a constant dynamic. Rarely will they be seen standing still or at the same point, since this makes them feel a kind of stagnation in their creative capacity.
beautiful They are very close to their family and always watch over theirs. They tend to be narcissistic and egotistical, worrying about their personal appearance sometimes in an exaggerated way. They are interested in impressing with their attitude and expect the same from others.
Montu Excellent father of a family and they like to set an example with their actions. They are respectful people and full of values ​​which they assume as the fundamental axis of their life. They tend to be interested in the aesthetic arts and some sports.
Onuris Reserved, they are characterized by being patient people with a tolerance for frustration. They like adventure. Brave, risk takers and don’t like anyone telling them what to do.
Urshu Risky, strong and brave. They do not usually take no for an answer and have a self-taught learning style. They do not like to be taken for ignorant and for this reason they seek to educate themselves on the topics that they are most passionate about.