What a great time to celebrate as a family! A baby cutie is on the way to brighten up the house. All the preparations are almost finished, but you still haven’t chosen a definitive name, you keep going around and looking for options to get it right. We know that choosing a name is not an easy task, that is why we have selected for you beautiful Spanish names with meaning so that you have a variety of choices. 212 Baby Girl Names Starting with She With Meaning.

Some Spanish names are versions of nearby towns and derivations of them, especially from well-known Greek names, Basque names, Catalan names and even some biblical names that are Hebrew. However, the widespread use over the years makes these names classics of Spain. These names usually have a great meaning that you cannot miss. Choose the best baby names for girls.

You are looking for names of Spanish origin for your son or daughter. Take it easy, you have time, even if it takes a little longer, it is better to search among the options for the best name that fits your baby’s personality and, of course, that has great meaning. Read the following list to get to know this great selection that, in Primary World, we have prepared and that you may like.

Spanish names for girls and their meaning


This name of Spanish origin means “ the one who protects ” or “ who provides protection to her family ”.


Spanish version of the name that means ” the one who goes quietly “.


Its meaning is ” the one that comes from God “.


Also Esther. This name means “ star of divine grace ”.


It means “ blessed with the will of peace ”.


Its meaning is “ who comes with the light ”.


Its meaning is ” the one who is the pillar of her family “.


It means “ from the woods ”.


The meaning of this name is “ lamb of God ”.


Of Andalusian origin, this name means ” the one with grace “.

Spanish names for boys and their meaning


Spanish name that derives from Latin and its meaning is ” crowned in laurels “.


Its meaning is ” free man “.


Spanish name derived from Hebrew meaning ” the wise one “.


The meaning of this name is “ the farmer ”.


Spanish version of the Germanic name meaning ” of great intelligence “.


Name from Navarra that means ” welcome home “.


Name in Spanish that means ” dexter of battle “.


Its meaning is ” God is with us “.


Spanish version of the name that means “ born with many gifts ”.


Although its origin is Latin, it is versified in Spanish and its meaning is ” the glorious “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Protection Passionate about everything they do and have very good abilities to get along with the little ones, they usually dedicate themselves to professions such as a teacher or pediatrician.
White Self-confident, very intelligent and insightful. They usually have few abilities to express themselves, but great wisdom to know themselves and their abilities strengthen their position before the world.
Christina Cheerful and fun, although sometimes they can feel lonely. They like to live fast and therefore their mobility is constant, they never stay still. They like to feel accompanied and one of their biggest dreams is to start a family.
Esther They learn very quickly and stand out for their communication skills. They are usually people who give excellent advice because they have an open perspective on life. Brave and flirty.
Irene They do not usually care what they will say, so they act deliberately, without being inconsiderate. They like autonomy and freedom of being. His expression is usually rebellious, and sometimes borders on stubbornness.
Lucy Intransigent, with a great imagination and usually take refuge in daydreams. They have idealistic thoughts. She likes sports and is very competitive.
Pillar Creative and independent people, they do not work or live for others but for themselves and their personal ideals. They are somewhat complicated but very intellectual. Their tenderness allows them to maintain balance in their home.
Silvia Flexible and adaptable. Their energetic personality leads them to carry out several projects at the same time, standing out in all of them equally. Sometimes, that enthusiasm for learning several things at the same time makes them end up abandoning some of them.
Raquel They are judicious, disciplined and very constant in their daily work. They have things very clear and they have their feet very well placed on the ground. They constantly work to achieve their goals, they can be prone to depression.
Dew They don’t like being told what to do, they themselves have very well defined guidelines and purposes. They stand out more when they do things of their own free will. They are bold and tender at the same time.
Agustin A little capricious, but they always achieve their tasks with the tenacity that they carry in their spirit. They are usually people who complain before proposing any practical solution to what is happening.
Charles Very curious and interested in understanding everything that catches their attention, they spend hours looking for ways to decipher some questions and come to very accurate conclusions. They are somewhat shy but very intelligent.
Diego As children they have a certain tendency to introversion, but as it decreases, they develop social skills with which they stand out in groups. Friendly, generous with others and charming.
fabian Grateful for the little things in life, from which they derive great learning. Intelligent, bold and have the ability to handle anything that catches their attention.
Hugo They have a gift for mathematics and great abilities for calculation. They are usually people who measure everything accurately so that nothing is out of plan. They are also dedicated parents.
Javier Exuberant and eccentric, they make everything that happens around them look like a party. Nice and very charismatic with all the new people they meet. They are estranged from their family.
Luis Cautious and sometimes distrustful when surrounded by unknown or unfamiliar people. They are usually unemotional people, who do not know how to express their feelings and confuse others.
Manuel Introverted, but once they feel confident they become very sociable. Perfectionists and like to stand out in both musical and sports activities. They see everything as a great competition in which they are willing to win.
Matthew  Willful and very honest. They tend to stand out from the others quickly with the great abilities they possess.
Paul Sincere and friendly, although a little reserved. They need a great emotional environment to be able to reach their realization. Orderly and stable.