The great moment has come for a new little person to enter the family, but you have not thought well what name you are going to give him. It is not a reason to panic or worry, choosing a name well is something that can take some time. The important thing is to find a nice name that matches a great personality.

There are English names, Basque names, Greek names, and even Biblical names that may be an option for you. Do you still have dilemmas and can’t choose a suitable name? Time for you to consider French names . How many French names do you know that have great meaning? Sure there are many names that come to mind. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Cherchez vous des prénoms pour votre baby? Read on to see gorgeous names that will light your mind. This selection of beautiful French names with meaning will help you get out of doubt.

French names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” the well loved one ” or ” the daughter of gods “.


This name means “ soft-spoken ” or “ like a caress ”.


It means “who emerges victorious”.


It means “brave as a bear” or “the brave one”.


Its meaning is ” the one who is born free “.


This name means ” the one who attracts wealth “.


It has the meaning “lucero”, ” beautiful star ” or ” who shines like the sun “.


It means “ the flower of prosperity ”.


Its meaning is ” the one who represents the tribe ” or ” who watches over the family “.


It means ” the arm of justice ” or simply ” the fair one “.

French names for boys and their meaning


This name means “ courage guides him ” or “ the brave one ”.


Its meaning is ” the revered one “.


The meaning of this name is “ kindness reigns in your heart ”.


Its meaning is ” he who is crowned “.


It means ” who carries the spear with courage ” or ” firm as a standard “.


Its meaning is “ who is chosen to bring peace ”.


The meaning of this name is “ bold man ”.


This name means ” God forgives “.


Its meaning is ” beautiful hair “.


It means ” little stone on the road “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Aimee Intriguing and enigmatic. They have a great cultural background and are very tender. They quickly trust other people, which leads them to have friendships everywhere. They like natural spaces.
amelie With idealistic aspirations, they spend a lot of time imagining alternatives and possibilities and therefore stand out with creativity and ingenuity at all times. They usually have an ear for music and dance.
Berenice They are intelligent and great strategists. They like to have moments of privacy and self-esteem, they do not like to be disturbed or bothered with gossip or topics that they consider trivial. You tend to be athletic and good at managing your work time.
Bernadette They have great leadership skills, although it is not noticeable at first glance, sometimes they tend to seem reserved or cautious. This is because they do not trust right off the bat, but rather evaluate each person before making a decision.
Camille Calm and peaceful. They are usually self-taught and original. Detached from material goods, but they never spend efforts because of those who love them.
Edith Noble and always achieve everything they set out to do due to their great perseverance. They know how to listen to others and do not consider it pertinent to go around with lies or threats.
Eloise Authentic and friendly. They like autonomy and the freedom that comes with it. Sometimes they are a bit innocent and tend to trust very quickly. They have enormous talents for art in which they always excel.
florence They have tremendous talents for logical reasoning and solving puzzles. They fear loneliness and that is why they are always surrounded by good friends with whom they share the same ideals. They tend to be excellent conciliators and very honest.
Genevieve Kind in each of their actions. Risky and they are the ones who usually take the initiative. They also have quiet seasons where they like to meditate on what they consider important.
Justine Adorable and tender, they have many friends who respect them for who they are. They are always noticed in the crowd and stand out for their skills. They do not like to feel vulnerable and are very cunning.
Andre They have great leadership skills and are listened to by all ages, they usually give good advice and encourage reflection. Their decisions are not premeditated, but they are usually correct. They have a great will.
augustus Imposing and strong personality. They are sensitive to flattery and tend to be somewhat narcissistic, taking the opinions of others very seriously. When they explore their sensitive side, they become people worthy of admiration and trust.
Emil They have great strength and will to carry out everything they set out to do. Intelligent, affectionate and give great importance to the family. Undaunted and maintain a constant energy that is contagious.
Etienne Sincere and usually express what they think and feel. They never allow themselves to be guided by gossip as they have a good capacity for discernment. Opportunistic and know how to please others. Charismatic and their personality is comforting.
Gerard They know how to listen to their neighbor and take them into account when making decisions. They have a great capacity for tolerance, although they always make it very clear when there is something they do not agree on.
frederic Charming and always have good advice to give. Hyperactive and always find something to do, they don’t usually get bored easily. They tend to excel in group activities and are a good leader.
Ferdinand They stand out for being a trustworthy person. They are usually faithful companions and great friends. His actions are mediated by rational and anticipated choices.
Jean They are characterized by being great thinkers and intellectuals. Determined and looking for someone to share their points of view with, especially to strengthen their conclusions about different aspects of life. Sociable and very friendly.
Jules They have a gentle personality that transmits serenity and honesty. They are endowed with great moral qualities. They make accurate decisions and give importance to the nature of things. Unpredictable and somewhat individualistic.
pierre They like to shine and stand out in what they know how to do. They learn very quickly and like to educate themselves to be better at everything they set out to do. Sometimes extremists and with little patience, so sometimes they tend to remain lonely.