The celebrations in Galicia and some nearby communities can become something from another world. There are thousands of reasons to raise glasses, toast and celebrate as a family. You can celebrate the arrival of a new year, but this time the joy is to welcome a new baby at home. What a great news! Every day hundreds of babies are born around the world and there are hundreds of thousands of name ideas, but today we want to show you beautiful Galician names that can be an excellent option for you. Choose the best baby names for girls.

We know that choosing a name for a newborn baby is not as easy a task as it seems. There are many options and you just want to be able to choose well knowing that that name will carry it throughout your life. The most important thing about choosing a name is that you do it without haste and if you feel that you have found one, do not hesitate too much. This can be a clear sign that you have found the name you were looking for.

Galician names are attractive and with a fascinating meaning. If you are interested, we also have a post about Catalan names, English names, German names and many more so that you can contemplate the diversity of options. We wish you the best of energies and congratulate you on the good news. Keep reading to know the names we have selected.

Galician names for girls and their meaning


The meaning of this Galician name is ” subtle lady “.


Its meaning is ” pure soul “.


The etymology of this name is “ pure woman ”.


It means ” she who shines “.


The meaning of this name is “ the one that flows like a river ”.


Its meaning is “ noble woman ”.


Xianna too . It means “ noble warrior ”.


Its meaning is “ she is understanding ”.


This name means ” the one that indicates the advent “.


Its meaning is ” the one that comes from Celts “.

Galician names for boys and their meaning


The meaning of this name is “ the wise one ”.


Its meaning is ” animal lover “.


Its meaning is “ the messenger ”.


The meaning of this name is “ from the mountains ”.


It means ” the one who stutters “.


Its meaning is ” certain man “.


This name means “ the protagonist ”.


It means ” good shepherd “.


The meaning of this name is ” the reserved one “.


Its etymology is “peasant”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Aldara Patient, reserved and prudent. They are friendly and elegant. A little clueless and do not usually give their friendship to anyone, it must take a long time for there to be reciprocity.
Catuxa Tender, analytical and very intelligent girls. Honest and know how to enjoy the small details of life. When they get excited they do it with great ease and their personality does not allow them to hide it. They like to observe and appreciate nature.
Icia They have an introverted temperament and sometimes act nervous. They tend to withdraw from the world and concentrate for hours on what they are really passionate about. They are kind, generous, and willing to get things done.
Lua Attractive personality, brave and show attitudes of caring leaders. They have many qualities to excel in everything they set out to do, they learn very quickly and there is nothing that seems like an obstacle due to their determination.
naya Serene and devious, although sometimes they have outbursts of energy that lead them to commit unexpected acts. Bold and very lucky. They take each step with confidence and conviction.
Uxia They have great ability to socialize and make friends everywhere. Despite this, they do not know how to ask for help. They tend to strengthen their autonomy by being aware of their abilities and seeking to carry out projects on their own, even if it is more difficult.
Xiana They are intellectuals, great strategists and have a great cultural background. They are observers and are always aware of what is happening around them, this activity leads them to notice certain information that may be useful in the future.
Ximena They are intellectuals, great strategists and have a great cultural background. They are observers and are always aware of what is happening around them, this activity leads them to notice certain information that may be useful in the future.
Julia Energetic, bold, smiling and make you unforgettable with their overflowing vitality. They are constantly thinking about the feasibility of projects that they are passionate about and in which they usually put all their creative capacity.
Zeltia Honest, frank and very direct when expressing their opinions. Demonstrative with their affections and full of good intentions. They feel a certain attraction for risk and spontaneous adventures.
Aldan They have a great sense of responsibility and are attached to their family, which they usually take care of from a young age. Charming and seductive, but they don’t know how to use it, they appear rather shy.
Anton They like to be surrounded by nature and have an unparalleled gift for communicating with living beings. Observers, methodical, analyze human behavior and have a determining force of persuasion.
Width They are interested in music. Intelligent, diligent and put a lot of care into every activity they do. They have a force that makes them have a commitment to comply with the obligations, more so if they are imposed by themselves.
artay Intelligent, lonely and very focused on their achievements. They tend to separate themselves from social groups and show little of their feelings. Whoever wants them as a friendship or something else, must pass countless filters.
Brais Restless, they like to talk about themselves and their abilities. They appear more confident and brave than they possess. They are presented as animated and intrepid boys who will go to the last consequences to see their wishes fulfilled.
Breixo Great confidants and know how to keep a secret. They are interested in metaphysical questions and do not need to give rational answers to facts of experience that the mind cannot explain. They tend to trust quickly and make good friends.
Iago Energetic and often stand out quickly from others with their presence and comments. Very participatory and like to be the first person to carry out any activity. They are creative and tend to originality.
roy They have a lot of empathy and the ability to understand the positions of other people. When they find some difficulty in some matter that they do not understand, they dedicate themselves to considering it and comparing all its variants until they manage to clear all their doubts.
Xi’an They prefer solitude to unwanted company. They like spaces to meditate and reflect on a large number of questions that keep them captivated. They are very intelligent, understanding and very tolerant.
xorxe Sensible and consistent in their actions. They do not like to waste time and in every occasion they see an opportunity to succeed. Workers and usually develop an intuition to avoid disappointments and some deception.