Are you looking for English names with meaning? In this section we have made a compilation of names of English origin that may interest you. These are names that are known in all parts of the world but the meaning remains the same. Let’s see them.

There are both modern English names and others that are a little older, but that retain a certain style over the years, and for this reason they have become fashionable again. The meaning of the English names that we present to you below are striking, copious and sincerely very beautiful.

You have searched for French names, Japanese names, short names and still none have caught your attention. Maybe it’s time for you to review this selection of English names and find the perfect name for your baby. Choose the best baby names for girls.

English names for girls and their meaning


It means ” the one who is reborn from the ashes ” or ” who reaches beyond the prairie “.


It means “ there is no one like her ”.


Its etymology is ” that which is exalted “.


English name of Amerindian origin that means ” the ally “.


This name means “ who has good will ”.


Also Jana or Yana. This variant in English means ” the courage that drives “.


English variant meaning “ she who will be praised ”.


This name, introduced into English, and whose meaning is ” woman who shows her strength “.


English hypocoristic meaning ” the merciful ” or ” the very pious “.


It means “ great beauty in her eyes ”.

English names for boys and their meaning


English version of the name coming from the Roman Augustus . It means “ he who is great and magnificent ”.


Its meaning is ” the one who comes across the hillside ” or ” the traveler “.


This name means “ the one who is ready to fight a great battle ”.


Name of English origin that means ” child of the ocean “.


It is considered a variant of Henry in its oldest form. This name means “ a great leader ”.


According to some considerations it is the diminutive of the English name James . It means “one who remains stable”.


It means ” son of Mars “.


Name of English origin whose meaning is ” who brings victory ” or ” who is always victorious “.


English name meaning ” dexterous with a spear ” or ” is given to fame .”


Its meaning is ” cold warrior “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Ashley Cheerful but a little reserved. They like to share, they are sensitive to art and they are interested in entrepreneurship.
Audrey Their mysterious and somewhat mystical personality makes them stand out from the rest. Of great originality, his communication is expressive and spontaneous. They have a great capacity to adapt socially without ceasing to be themselves and sometimes they are flirtatious.
Bridget They tend to stand out from the rest for their cheerful and friendly personality. Romantic and good friends, although sometimes they feel lonely despite having people who support them and are willing to support them. They like to laugh a lot.
dakota Intuitive and at the same time with a high awareness of responsibility. They are usually friendly, they like good manners and they are somewhat attached to their principles. Great entrepreneurs and are often successful in business.
Grace Focused, observant and skilled in reading comprehension, since they love to read. Sometimes they can show old-fashioned and conservative thoughts, they have a hard time making friends and they tend to pretend.
Hannah They are spontaneous, cheerful and bold. They don’t like being around bullies so they tend to avoid situations or face them once and for all. They tend to hate lies.
judy They have a good sense of humor, great reasoning and cunning to get along in the world. They are not afraid of changes and adversities. They are passionate about scientific topics and technological discoveries.
Kelly They tend to be dominant and express what they think. They are not afraid of what they will say and they like to be praised with seductive words. They are intelligent and family will always be their priority.
Nancy They are usually an honest and courageous person. They can always be trusted. Expressive with their close friends and perfectionists at work or in daily activities.
Wendy They have the strength to achieve their goals, they are not easily frightened. They are usually sincere and express disagreements. Adventurous and with great charisma. They are also known to be honorable and someone who can be trusted.
Austin Social skills and it is very easy for them to make friends anywhere. They have a lot of convincing power from which they manage to take advantage in some situations.
Sump Although they are tender, they can sometimes show great character and an internal drive that prevents them from listening to other people. They are direct and sincere, and they do not like to waste time on what they consider unworthy.
Chad Courageous, intrepid and outgoing. Enthusiastic, but they do not know how to express their feelings, they tend to cry secretly and keep their sorrows to themselves. They require attention and demand a lot of affection.
Dean They are usually sensitive and balanced people. They like deep conversations and are not lovers of superficiality. They abhor hypocrisy and prefer to surround themselves with sincere people, even if they are few.
Harry They tend to act with great maturity and understand social roles. Angry and sometimes close in their own thinking. They are not afraid of changes or threats.
Jimmy They tend to get nervous easily, but they know how to manage their emotions very well, so their nervousness goes unnoticed. Smart and kind.
Mark Sometimes they are aggressive and not very empathetic and they need to work on those two aspects. They are willing to learn and try as many times as necessary. They are great lovers of domestic and wild animals.
Nick Their risk-taking mentality makes them make important decisions without much thought, but their good intuition always leads them on the right path. Calm and agile.
Roger They are characterized by having a strong personality, without the need to be conceited. They have a lot of potential and do everything they set out to do in detail, but sometimes they are lazy and have a hard time finishing what they start.
Walter They tend to have a calculating personality, somewhat monotonous, they do not like mistakes and excuses. Despite appearing introverted and rough around the edges, they are big-hearted and often open up to those they trust. They have physical and endurance skills.