Beautiful northern lights, valiant Viking deeds full of warriors and mythological creatures that coexisted with human beings are elements that may come to mind when you hear the word “Nordic”. Today we present you Nordic names related to these visions of life and they are linked, in a certain way, to the phenomena of nature and the human courage that came to commit great feats. You may also be interested in other articles that we have published such as biblical names, Celtic names, Egyptian names or long names.

According to the traditions of the Nordic Scandinavian area, everything has a deep meaning and a reason for being, as is the case with the Völuspá, which explains the origin and end of everything that exists. Likewise, the influence of the deities and divine forces in the names has been very important through the years. The etymology of the Nordic names is intense and with a strong spiritual charge that we invite you to discover. These names give great personality and are original, in any case, for anyone who wears them. Choose the best baby names for girls.

In Nordic families, it is said, it was tradition to get together to choose the name of the newborn baby and contemplate its personality characteristics as well as its projections into the future. First, the choice of the given name was made with suffixes that indicated the relationship with their parents. Endings in -sson for boys and -dottir for girls as the case may be. Then the name was completed with the surname. Read on to find out impressive Nordic names with meaning that we have in this selection.

Nordic names for girls and their meaning


The meaning of this name is “ divine grace ”.


Its meaning is “ sword that has been brandished ”.

He in

The etymology of this name corresponds to ” the resplendent one “.


It means “ she is the princess ”.


Eira too . Its meaning is “snow”.


The meaning of this name is ” the blessed one “.


A variant of this name is Kaysa. Its meaning is “ serene woman ”.


Its meaning is ” the immaculate “.


This name means “ radiant fire ”.


It means “ knower of the mysteries of life ”.

Nordic names for boys and their meaning


It means “ fly as high as the eagle ”.


This name means “ he who acts in the name of peace ”.


Its meaning is “eloquent man”.


The etymology of this name is ” the very beloved “.


Also Jens. It means ” the dear son “.


The meaning of this name is “ the farmer ”.


The etymology of this name corresponds to “ son of the laurels ”.


This name means ” son of Olaf, the glorious “.


Its meaning is ” young servant “.


Norse name derived from the god Thor. Its meaning is “thunder”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Annika Cheerful, friendly and with an energy that they know how to maintain throughout the day. Impulsive and also rational depending on the circumstances, however, they tend to follow hunches in their tasks.
Brenda They are women of principles and they hold them high as if they were a banner. They are sometimes gullible and tend to trust others very quickly. They are intelligent and like to learn all kinds of activities that seem new to them.
He in They are people who have the initiative and love to participate. They always have very good ideas to contribute and avoid making criticism that is not constructive.
Erika Energetic and at the same time peaceful. In front of large social groups they can seem shy or calm, this is because they need to gain confidence to dazzle with their warmth. They are considered good friends.
eyra Contrary to popular belief, they are not cold or unfriendly women. They are emotional people, who like to express what they feel and are consistent with what they think. They like to demonstrate, express their opinion and make their ideals clear.
Helga They are usually people with a strong temperament and tend to have authoritarian behavior. They are sensitive, and sometimes they do not know how to express their feelings, which generates feelings of confusion and coldness in others.
Kaira Positive, with an attitude that is always vital and ready for life, is what characterizes them. Don’t worry, they don’t usually get angry or upset over issues they know they can’t control.
Karen Secret and reserved. They tend to have interests in metaphysical, philosophical or spiritual topics and spend many hours analyzing and debating them. Friendship is essential for them.
Firewood Their personality is untimely and they tend to ask about everything around them. They are fighters and tireless, when they have an idea in mind they don’t stop until they see it fulfilled on the plane of reality. They are brave and affectionate.
Valkyrie Mystical and vital. They stand out with their unique and different personality. They make themselves known in all the spaces they reach. They have a different view of life than others. They are understanding, very charismatic and conciliatory.
Aren Perceptive, analytical and with high listening skills. They are very clear about their goals and are often impulsive when making a decision. They stand out for being great leaders and guiding people in search of common goals for all.
Ax Charitable and are aware that all people feel comfortable by their side. They waste energy and passion for living. They are not afraid of challenges, instead they take them as an opportunity to be better.
Björn They stand out for their critical, loquacious and vehement thinking. They are also intrepid, courageous people with an innate interest in living life to the fullest. They like spaces where they can find people who share their interests.
Daven Sometimes they can become capricious and seek that the activities are carried out according to their opinion, which they understand as valid and the most appropriate. They like to pamper and be pampered. They are intelligent, brave and little sensible.
Jessen Insightful, very cheerful and stand out for their imagination. Endowed with great artistic qualities in which they stand out from an early age. They have the ability to see nature in its raw form and turn it into a great work.
Jorgen Bold, strong and with a lot of momentum. They have the courage and discipline necessary to see their life goals achieved in a very short time. They do not like to be surrounded by people who are insensitive or ignorant.
lars Contradictory, impressionable and sometimes they can become a bit exploited. They are people with an untraditional humor, becoming dark. They are also intelligent and energetic.
Olson They are responsible, daring and brave. From an early age they assume burdens that do not correspond to them due to their great sense of duty to the world and honor. They like large social groups, but also solo spaces.
sven Restless and helpful. They are always aware of being useful to society and helping their family. They want to stand out for their prompt response and creative ability to solve problems of any kind.
Thorsten Energetic and strong to enhance any task. At the same time they are sensitive and know how to listen to others. They are interested in being praised and they like fame.