Charge little braves! Currently there are small modern Viking communities that follow the traditions and choose names for their new members. Viking names give a lot of personality and originality if you decide to opt for one of them. Let’s see the following options that we have selected for you.

Generally, the ancient Viking communities called their sons and daughters after phenomena that happened in nature and were related in a certain way to the gods of Norse mythology and some Norse names. They were named according to the events that were present on the day of birth. That is why many names that are currently used have to do with or are related in some way to deities, with wonderful battles and in some cases with magical legends from other times. Choose the best baby names for girls.

There is a wide variety that can be a great option for your newborn. Bravery, honor and reciprocity are great Viking ideals that give rise to most of these names. Keep reading this post to find out its great meaning.

Viking names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” little elf “.


It means “ the power of beauty ”.

And go to

This name means “snow”.


This name means ” strong as a goddess “.


It means “ who comes from the sun ”.


Its meaning is “beauty”.


Viking name meaning ” colossal fortress “.


It means ” the immortal “.


Its meaning is ” great warrior “.


The meaning is ” always ready to fight “.

Viking names for boys and their meaning


It means “ eagle vision ”.


Its meaning is ” divine spear “.


This name means “ the one who is useful to his community ”.


Its meaning is “ the possessor of a great army ”.


It means “ the best archer ”.


Its meaning is ” strong as a boar “.


The meaning is ” the bravest of all “.


Its meaning is ” the best father “.


Also Olaf. Its meaning is ” who carries the inheritance of the ancestors “.


Also Ubi. Its meaning is ” wolf of the mountains “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Alvit Introverted, curious and very friendly. They are very brave and are usually interested in large projects that require a lot of time and dedication and in which they always come out victorious. Charitable and like to be with friends.
Astrid Dominant, cheerful and very intelligent. They have a lot of tenacity. Altruistic, responsible and do not usually act deliberately, but always have a plan prepared for each occasion.
And go to They have high creative capacity and great imagination. Discreet, calm and convey a certain air of mystery, which is why they are usually taken as intriguing and not very idle. They have great qualities for crafts and for the arts in general.
Freya People with great tenacity who often confuse others with their apparent coldness, but in reality they are sensitive and have romantic thoughts. They always have a big smile to deliver.
Hello Radiant, full of energy and very lively. They tend to be attracted to metaphysical and pragmatic questions. Studious, peaceful and with great cultural baggage. They do not usually express their fears when they are threatened in a situation.
Ingrid Of great size and they make themselves felt with their presence, they are rather overshadowed and withdrawn people. They don’t mince words, they stand out among others for expressing their opinions, although they are aware that not everyone will like them.
magni Independent women, with an idealistic mentality and usually have utopian thoughts. They question everything and always stand out for wanting to defend their ideals and principles. Generous and honest from an early age.
Olga Skeptical, they do not like to deceive others and be deceived, all kinds of tricks really annoy them. His name is easily remembered, intelligent, diligent and very bold.
valid They have a strong and energetic personality. They tend to focus on their personal goals while neglecting family and friends. They can sometimes pass for indifferent, or even cold and ungrateful. They are detached from material goods.
Vigdis They like to see different perspectives before coming to a conclusion. They have excellent control of themselves. Great strategists and know how to listen to close friends, whom they consider confidants.
Arne Great observers and take time to catch the small details, nothing escapes them. It is very discreet, stealthy and knows how to move without attracting attention, they do not like their plans to be discovered. Restless, bold and very thorough in their chores.
Asger They tend to hide their feelings with ironic comments and in some cases these may be out of place. They can’t stand failure or stand still when they could help with something. They lean on their brainpower for victory.
Haakon Reckless and, to the same extent, very cooperative and supportive. They do not usually take no for an answer and have very good intentions in each of their actions. They have interests in some spiritual matters.
harald Sometimes they tend to feel like the navel of the world and want to address those around them. Although they have good ideas, they must be careful not to underestimate others, otherwise they will not get the followers they need for success.
Ivan Observant, calm and always make pertinent comments. They know how to appear when they are needed and withdraw from the stage when it is not the time for their prominence. Brave, bold and with a great sense of responsibility.
jorvik Perfectionists, haughty and of good judgment. Friendly people who have a lot of fun in a group, although they also excel when they act alone. They have tenacity in their spirit and do not know what it is to be afraid.
Kjotve Reckless, crude and very direct when speaking. They don’t like to waste time on what they consider trivia or vague artifice. They are recognized for their great energy to face obstacles. Courageous, intrepid and very sentimental.
Nokkve The most important thing for them is the well-being of their family. They care about the education and moral foundations of their home. They have a great sense of solidarity and transmit the value of honor to their offspring. Brave, fearless and protective
Olaf In some cases they may act deliberately without giving much thought to the consequences of their actions. They are extremely affectionate and their inner strength lies in the love they project.
Ubbe Idealistic and are characterized by being people of faith. Lonely, withdrawn and somewhat anchorites. They are of great convictions and inveterate hunters of opportunities that they do not plan to let escape.