There are wonderful flower names for both boys and girls that you can consider to name your son or daughter. In both cases, the meanings that these possess a magical essence and attract great balance of the spirit. The mentality of those people who bear the names of flowers or plants are usually very attractive to others.

This list with meaning is for those people who love nature and all kinds of natural environments. Flowers are striking in all parts of the world and very well received by all people. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Are you thinking of a flower-inspired name for your little one? Next, we show you an incredible list of names that will impress you. If some names that we hear all the time seem very common to you and you are looking for original name options or unusual names, you can include this selection that is perfect for you.

Flower names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” small lily flower “.


Also Dahlia. It means “ the flower that covers the valleys and meadows ”.


Its meaning is ” the gardener “.


Also Jasmine or Yazmin. Its etymology is ” as beautiful as a jasmine “.


Its meaning is ” as beautiful as the night “.

Daisy flower

This name means ” bright pearl “.


The meaning of this name is “ as sweet as honey from a bee ”.


It means ” flower with large leaves “.


Its diminutive also used as a name is Rosita. It means ” beautiful as a rosebush “.


Also viola. Flower name whose meaning is ” its symbol is modesty “.

Flower names for boys and their meaning


Name alluding to the fleur de lis which means ” of great purity “.


Its meaning is ” star flower “.


This name means “ wild flower ”.


Its etymology is “ beautiful golden flower ”.


The meaning of this name is “ dandelion ”.


Its meaning is ” distinguished flower “.


It means ” gallant man” .


Also Lotus. Its meaning is “ of physical and spiritual purity ”.


This name means “ there is none more beautiful ”.


Its meaning is ” golden rod “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
lily Shy, but not insecure. They are not demonstrative, they have a serious and very intelligent personality. They stand out for having their ideals very clear and defending their principles, it is difficult for them to accept corrupt proposals.
Dahlia They have many abilities and stand out for their versatility. They are sincere, friendly and born leaders. Their friends usually recognize them as loyal, gentle people with a great firmness in their character.
Hydrangea Honorable and very good friends. They feel calm in open spaces full of nature that they usually contemplate. Really good at crafts and like to participate in groups that share the same interests.
Jasmine Sometimes they tend to worry too much about small details and in some cases they show some instability. They are not self-centered people, but they tend to feel very proud of each achievement.
Lilac They are serious, formal and somewhat insecure people when they want to express their feelings or thoughts. They stand out among other people for a great speed of action and adaptability to the environment. They usually like sports.
Daisy flower Messy and mischievous. They know how to please with their great personality.
Melissa They feel the need to get off the beaten path and find their own way to reach the goals they have set for themselves. They are responsible, sensible people with very good moral values.
Petunia Intrepid and not very cautious in her actions. They always have very good ideas that they do not hesitate to share in small groups because they are not interested in standing out. Entrepreneurs and with great talent for business matters where they stand out.
pink Romantic and delivered to love. They have great communication skills and great talent for the arts. When they don’t like something, they are not afraid to say it out loud.
purple Energetic, affectionate and attracted to fantasy that they do not hesitate to enliven with their imagination. They like to be different from others and stand out for their originality.
Alirium Serene and peaceful, they are not usually disturbed by daily worries. When they have the time, they dedicate themselves to personal projects until they feel satiated.
Aster They usually have an imposing personality and make themselves known wherever they go. They are great leaders and stand out with their harmonious presence. They have very good oral and communication skills, and they know how to make themselves understood very easily.
Thistle Submissive at first, since they do not know how to defend their judgment, however, it is only a matter of time before they learn to make themselves felt. Extremely intelligent, bold and very responsible in the workplace.
Chrysanthemum Very launched to the news that you can discover on your way. They are always interested in standing out and looking for new ways to reach their goals. Energetic, efficient, lively and with a great strength inside.
dandelions  His great attraction is his calm, kind and charismatic personality. They are always seen surrounded by friends and even little-known people are often attracted to their magnetism. They learn very quickly those subjects that interest them.
Lotus Exceptional, with a wide variety of skills with which they quickly stand out in any field. Comprehensive and reasonable with whom you can talk about any topic without any inconvenience.
Hyacinth Workers and with their feet very well placed on the ground. They usually give very good advice and people usually find in it a refuge to express their feelings and sorrows. Reliable, prudent and discreet.
Lotus People who are very faithful to themselves and to those who give them security. Men of principles and moral rectitude. Charismatic and possess a great magnetism by which people are often attracted.
Daffodil Egomaniacs and for this reason they can feel misunderstood by the world around them. Although they are sometimes possessive, over time they learn to give their best and impress with their great personality.
solidago Their mentality is inflexible and they are quite serious people. They do not like heavy jokes or waste time on trivialities. They like to stay focused on their own projects and their perseverance will eventually lead them to success.