Girl names with the letter B are original and with personality. Choosing the name of the girl you are expecting is not always an easy task, for this reason, in this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find many ideas. If you would like to give your daughter a name that begins with the letter B, in this baby names article, you will find girl name with the B, such as Benita, Bryanna, Bona or Blas, along with their origin and meaning.

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Barbara in a feminine proper name that means “the one who comes from abroad” or “the one who is from outside”. In ancient Greece, it was called “Bar Bar”, because of the babble that, according to the inhabitants…


The Greek term means “princely, royal”, it is the adjective form of king. Possibly this name is an evolution of Minoan origin. Her feminine form, of great beauty, Basila represents the noble caste, the aristocracy.


The meaning of the name Beatriz is “happy woman” or “one who makes happy”. This meaning is related to beatitude, a quality that brings happiness in the Christian religion. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.



The meaning of Becky is “the slipknot”, terminology that derives from rabak, “knot” or “tie”. This name can also be related to fidelity and the marriage bond, due to its biblical origin.


It is a name born from the Advocation of the Virgin Mary in the Basque Country; means “place of the dominant hill”. It comes from the translation of qualities of the sanctuary of the Virgin itself, located in a geographical area with these characteristics: a hill that dominates Bilbao, Abando and Deusto.


The meaning of the name Bethlehem is “house of bread”.


It comes from berin, “bear”, and lind, “shield”. “the shield of the bear” would be interpreted metaphorically as “the defense of the warrior”. In this context Belinda is an evolved and more modern form of Berlinda.


The name is a variant of Benedicta, “the one who says well of someone”, “the blessed one”. Over time it has acquired the religious meaning of “invoking God’s favor to protect the person”. One of its most curious variants is Baruch.


Its origin has a series of special characteristics: it comes from berin, “bear” (a term used as a synonym of “bruna” due to the dark color of its hair, it was not the real name of the animal since for magical reasons it was unpronounceable) and hard, “bold, powerful, strong”.


The name Berta means “the one who is brilliant”.


Betsy, whose origins lie in the Hebrew name Elisheba, means “oath of God.” However, many people have also attributed the meaning that is extracted from the name when passing through the Latin culture: “the one that…


The female name Bianca literally means “pure, white, bright”. In this way, adapting the meaning to the name, metaphorically Bianca would mean “pure and brilliant woman”. However, other theories suggest that…


Björn is the Norwegian and Swedish form of the Latin Orso, meaning “bear”. This animal has traditionally been a symbol of strength, dominance of territory, physical power, protection and shelter.


The meaning of the name Blanca is, as its name indicates, “white, pure and bright”. This is because the color white is associated with purity. Another meaning associated with it is “a woman who shines with her own light”.


From the Latin blasius, “stutterer”. He is a very conservative person. He likes to pretend that he is educated, refined and sensitive and that he manifests a clear contempt for worldly things, but in reality he is not.


It comes from the name of Bona Dea, “the kind and good goddess”. This goddess was fervently worshiped by Roman women as the goddess of fertility.


The name Brenda means “strong as a sword”.


“The lofty one”. Dominant and authoritarian, she has, however, the uncanny ability to make others believe that they are the ones in control of the situation. Her life is usually very eventful and dynamic and, due to her impulsive nature, she makes quick decisions that she later regrets.


Bruna has several associated meanings. But the most widespread is that of “the one with reddish skin” or “brown”. This is because it derives from the Germanic root brun or brünne. But also,…


Bryanna literally translates as “strong”, so the meaning of Bryanna is none other than “strong woman”.


“Good omen”. Name of medieval origin. Buenaventura tends to be a very optimistic person who really likes dealing with people, although from time to time she needs solitude and tranquility around her.