If you are looking for a name for your baby and you know that it will start with the letter S, in this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find many ideas. Choosing a name for your baby is very exciting! It is the name that he will carry throughout his life. Names with the letter S there are multiple options and for all tastes, although not all of them are very common, you have classic options and more innovative options. In this baby names article, you will find girl name with S , such as Sara, Sandra or Silvia, along with their meaning and origin.

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Sabacia comes from the Greek form Sabázios, a Phrygian god who was symbolized with horns and with the emblem of the serpent. This nickname happened in the historical evolution to designate Dionysus or Bacchus and Jupiter.


Sabatina is the feminine derivation of the Latin sabbatum, that is, “Saturday”, the holiday inherited from the Hebrew shabáth, which means “to rest”. Sabatino was the name given to children born on this day of the week. 212 Baby Girl Names Starting with She With Meaning.


Sabina is the Roman nickname derived from an ethnic name. Sabinus was the ancient Italic people of the Sabines, who helped the Romans form the city of Rome. The etymological origin of the name is unknown to us, since there is no parallelism with any Indo-European root. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


“Princess.” She is of Anglo-Saxon origin.She is disinterested, intuitive, orderly and attentive to others. She is humorous and talkative. She likes nature and she knows how to appreciate the little things in life. Holiday: January 29.



Name of Latin origin that means “offering to the gods”. Insistent. It is expressed in the independence of action and in the originality of concepts. He loves distinguished manners, quality clothes, everything that has value.


Sapphire comes from the low Latin Sapphirus, which means “sapphire”. It is a loan from a Semitic language. According to Sanskrit, sapphire is defined as “the one loved by the planet Saturn”. Sapphire is the name of the famous gemstone.


Tabernacle is another of the feminine mystical names, it comes from the Latin sacrarium, “place where objects considered sacred are kept”.


Sakae is a feminine name of Japanese origin that means ‘prosperity’.


Salma means “the woman who is calm and safe” or “the woman who is calm and peaceful”. It is a name that comes from the Arabic language used in ancient times. This name inspires…


Salome appears at first glance to be the feminine form of Solomon, but scholars choose to derive it from the Hebrew shalem, meaning “complete, perfect.” Salome is “the perfectly finished one”, “the magnificent one”, “the one who unites moral and physical beauty”.


Health is one of the mystical names of feminine gender. It is one of the Dedications to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Health. It comes from the Latin salus, “health, preservation”. The mythological goddess Salus was the one who ensured conservation (close relationship between youth and health).


Salustiana comes from the Latin Sallustianus, patronymic of Sallustius or Salustius. It does not have a specific etymological definition, it corresponds to the Roman name of Sallust. Saint Sallustian was a martyr of Sardinian origin from the 4th century.


Salvador is the nickname of Jesus Christ, so it is closely related to Christian concepts.


Salvina is the derivation of the Latin Salvus or Salvo, which means “the intact, the well preserved”, “the whole, the intact”. It can be related to “youth and eternal beauty” in a metaphorical way, but its meaning is mainly mystical.


The meaning of Samantha is the same as that of Samantha, since it is a variant of the original name. In this way, the name Samantha means “the one who knows how to listen” or “the one destined to listen”.


If you have never heard the name Samara, you may now fall in love with it, as it is a name full of meaning and with some of the most interesting origins. Samara is a biblical name that means “the protected of…


The meaning of Samira varies depending on its origin, therefore, we can say that Samira can mean: “Friend of the night or pleasant company” (Arabic origin). “Cold breeze” (Hindu origin). “God…


Sancha is the name of Sanctus; “the one that belongs to Sanctus”. Santo or sanctus is the past participle of sancio, “to make something sacred or inviolable”, that is, “to sanctify”; “hallowed”.


Sandra is the acronym for Alessandra and means “the protector”. In other words, Sandra is also attributed the meaning “the one who pushes enemies away”.


Sara, name of Hebrew origin, literally means “princess”, although there are many people who defend that it can also be literally translated as “she who is sacred”. In any case, Sara is a very popular name even…


The female name Sarai, in Hebrew “שָׂרַי” or “Śāray”, can be translated as sovereign, princess and lady, however, it could be translated as “the noble woman”.


The name Saskia means “protector of humanity”.


The female name Satarah is of Arabic origin and means ‘princess of the hill of rocks’. Some of the variants of her are Sataria and Satarra.


Sarturnina is “the one belonging to Saturn”, an Italic deity that corresponds to the Greek Krónos and represents the mythical king of Lazio. Saturn has become the god of crops due to popular etymology and the resemblance to satus, “sowing”.


Saula is the feminine form of the voice Shaul, one of the most beautiful Hebrew names, both for its form and for its meaning. From the Hebrew shaul is “the desired one”, “the one that is requested”, “the chosen one”, “the expected one”.


The female name Scarlett clearly means “scarlet-red” or “deep red in color.” It is a color widely used since the beginning of history to describe warmth and passion, as well as the color of blood.


Sebastiana comes from the Greek form sebastós, “the worthy of respect”, “the venerable”, “the majestic”. In ancient times Sebastos was, like Augustus, the title given to the emperor and to members of his family or lineage.


Zipporah is one of the Hebrew names that does not have a strictly religious meaning, from the word zipporah, “bird”. In a metaphorical way, it has been tried to see Sefora as the one that takes flight, the one that aspires to new objectives and situations.


Segismunda is a name of Germanic origin formed by the union of two different words: from sigus, “victory, triumph, success”, and from mund, “hand”, “protection” (divine). “it is the divine protection of triumph”, “or the one who protects with victory”.


The name Selena means “the woman of light”.


Selene has been the name identified in Greek culture with the moon. It comes from the term sélas, “light, radiance, shine”. She is the illustrious, brilliant, resplendent woman.


Selma is the apheresis or contraction of Anselma, it would literally be “As or God” and “Helmo”. Metaphorically we could say that she represents protection, “he who has a God as a helmet”, “he who has an Ace as protection”.


Semiramis is one of the few given names that has come down to us directly from Assyrian culture. The most appropriate translation of her is “friend of the doves”, symbolically she is the one who loves peace, freedom and beauty.


Sempronia is the name of a well-known Roman gens. An attempt has been made to make a parallelism with the Latin “semper”: “always”, “eternal”, but it does not seem very successful. The general interpretation is that it comes from an ancient Etruscan voice.


This beautiful girl’s name comes from the term “saraf”, whose meaning is snake. But not just any snake, but a snake whose mission was to protect others. In the bible it was called saraf…


Serena is the “quiet, calm, clear, serene” person. Used in Rome in relation to the sky and the atmosphere “serene sky”. Curiously, the primitive value of Sereno is “dry”, since it always referred to the sky, calling it “a calm and dry state”.


Servia has a clear Latin interpretation, it is “the one that is preserved within the womb of the dead mother”. This was the name given to those born in complicated births that ended with the life of the mother.


Severa is “the strict, the rigid, the constant, the one that does not bend”. It comes from an Indo-European voice and its primitive meaning is “the inflexible one”. Whoever bears this name acquires the connotations of a strict person, who does not stray from his convictions, who does not give in to the strange or alien.


Sharon’s name in Hebrew literally means plain. However, the meaning of the name Sharon differs somewhat when used as a name away from its religious or historical meaning, and could be translated as “woman…


Sheila has several meanings. However, the most widespread is “the one who lives in the heights” which was given by the ancient Celtic peoples. Although also, according to its etymology it can mean…


The female name Shirley means ‘bright clearance’ and comes from Old English. He is a dreamy person, very imaginative and idealistic.


Sibyl stands out for its sonority and lyrical rhythm, it comes from the Greek Síbilla and means “the prophetess, the sibyl”. From its previous origin, the attic, a more concrete meaning is extrapolated; “the divine counselor”.


Sibylline is “relative or pertaining to Sibyl”. Sibyl means “the prophetess”. From its previous origin, the attic, a more concrete meaning is extrapolated; “the divine counselor”. In mythology Sibyl is precisely the name of a prophetic spirit.


Sidonia is a gentile, meaning “from the Phoenician city of Sidon”. The given name can be translated as “the fisherman”, since this was considered the city of the fishermen due to its etymological parallelism with the Phoeniciancidonim; “fisherman”.


Siglinda is the union of the Germanic words sigus, “victory, triumph”, and lind, “shield” (“protection” in a metaphorical way). The closest interpretation is “the protection of victory”. This same meaning has Sigismund and Siegfried.


Sigrada is a name very little used today, it corresponds to the Germanic words sigus, “victory, triumph”, and rada, “advice”. She is “the counselor of victory”, that is, the one who predicts the actions to achieve victory, the illustrious and wise one who helps achieve glory.


Its etymology is not clear, but it takes all its meanings for silenus. Silenia belongs to the Silenos, a kind of wild divinity venerated by the ancient inhabitants of Roman Lazio (Silvano has the same symbolic meaning).


Silvana comes from the Roman tradition, Silvano was a country deity, protector of forests and fields, worshiped by the ancient inhabitants of Lazio. She is a name that appears in the saint list; Saint Silvanus was a 2nd century Roman martyr who died along with his six brothers and his mother.


The name Silvia means “the woman of the forest”.


The origin of Simeona is the Hebrew verb shamah, “to hear”. Relating it to the biblical tradition, it means “the God listens”, since he had attended to the pleas of Leah and Jacob and had given them a son, whom they called Simeon.


Simona is one of the variants of Simeon, its origin is the Hebrew verb shamah, “hear”. Relating it to the biblical tradition, it means “the God listens”, since he had attended to the pleas of Leah and Jacob and had given them a son, whom they called Simeon.


of Aramaic origin. Derived from “Shimeon” means “one who listens and obeys God”. In his masculine form Simeon.


Sira is “the one belonging to Syria”, “the Syrian”. It was very common in ancient times to appeal to people with foreign, social, physical names, that is, referring to their real characteristics. San Siro, was the first bishop and patron saint of Pavia.


Socorro as a feminine given name is one of the Advocations of the Virgin Mary: Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It is a very widespread name in Catalonia, where it is the popular name of a 13th-century saint; Maria de Carvello or Maria del Socors.


Sofia’s name means “wisdom”, in fact, it comes from the Greek of the word Sophia whose literal meaning is “wisdom”. From here, we can say that the feminine name of Sofia has the…


Sol is a name that comes from the Latin language, where “Solis” was written. This word was used to refer to those people who had a brightness and a particular personality, since it means “the woman…


The name Solange means “consecrated to God”.


The name Soledad means “the one who is unique”, “the one who is alone” or “the one who likes solitude”. Other of its associated meanings would be: isolated, lonely and alone. Although it seems that this…


Sonia means “wisdom”, just like the name Sofia, as it is her Russian hypocortistic. Women named Sonia are interpreted to be wise, bold and intelligent. It may have another meaning if it derives from the Hindi Sona,…


The Pleiades, a group of seven stars in the constellation of Taurus. In Greek mythology, daughter of Atlas. Of Arab origin. She is sensitive, honest, direct and generous. Sometimes he likes to reflect on life and is always in continuous learning, since he is interested in everything.


The name Suemy means “white lily”.


The name Sujey means “little star”.


Sulpice was in ancient times the name of a Roman gens. It comes from the voice sulpur, “sulfur”, borrowed from a Mediterranean language. Saint Sulpice was a Roman martyr from the 1st century BC. C., also a French bishop, of Bourges, from the 7th century.


Susana’s name has many meanings associated with it. In the Egyptian language she refers to two expressions that are “beautiful woman like a flower” or “the woman, lotus flower”. For both cases, this name describes the beauty…


Syra is one of the graphic variants of Sira. Syrus is “the one belonging to Syria”, “the Syrian”. It was very common in ancient times to appeal to people with foreign, social, physical names, that is, referring to their real characteristics.