In this article we will show you 40 girl names with B, along with their origin and meaning. Most come from Indo-European languages.

You finally know the sex of your baby and it turns out it’s a girl! Now it’s time to choose a name. In this article we will show you 40 girl names with B , along with their origin and meaning. As you can see, many of the girl names with B come from Indo-European languages. Latin, Greek, Slavic and French are the most common origins, but there are also some from more exotic places.


1. Babette . Of French origin, she is a variant of Barbara, which means “foreigner”.

2. Bahiti . Of Egyptian origin. It means “fortune”.

3. Balbina . The first of many girl names with B of Latin origin that we will see in this list. It means “the one who stammers”.

4. Barbara . Name of a woman of Greek origin that means “foreigner”. Variant: Barbie (American).

5. Barzig . Of Armenian origin. It means “plan”.

6. Bastet . Of Egyptian origin. It means food.”

7. Beatrix . Of Latin origin. It means “she makes happy”. Diminutive: Bea. Variants: Betriz (Portuguese), Bellatrix, Beatrice, Beatriu, Beitris and Betrys.

8. Begoña . Of Basque origin, for the invocation of the virgin of the same name. It means “place of the dominant hill”.

9. Bellarmine . Of Italian origin, it comes from the expression bell arma , “good soul”. Variant: Bellarmine.

10. Bethlehem . Name of a woman of Hebrew origin, which literally means “house of bread”. It is the name of the Palestinian city ( Beit-el-Lahm ) where the son of God was born. Therefore, the most widespread meaning is that of “new life or birth”. A variant is Belem (in Portuguese).

11. Belinda . Of German origin, it comes from the combination of the words berin , which means “bear”, and lind , “shield”. Its literal meaning, therefore, would be “the shield of the bear” or in a metaphorical sense, “the defense of the warrior”. Variant: Berlinda.

12. Beautiful . Of Latin origin, it means “beauty”. It is the abbreviation of Isabella and Anabella, in turn variants of Isabel and Elisabet. Variant: Old.

13. Belma . Of Turkish origin. It also means “beautiful”.

14. Benedict . Of Latin origin. It means “blessed”.

15. Belinda . Of Latin origin. She means “graceful”.

16. Bera . Of Norwegian origin. It means “spiritual”.

17. Bernice . Of Greek origin. She comes from the Greek Pherenike , which means “bringer of victory”. Variants: Bernice, Berniece, Bernetta and Verenice.

18. Berjouhi . Of Armenian origin. She means “elegant woman”.

19. Bernardine . Of German origin. It means “strong bear”. Variants: Bernarda, Bernadette (French).

20. Bertha . Of German origin. It means “bright”. Variants: Berth, Bertha, Bertila, Bertrada and Bertsinda

21. Beth . Of Scottish origin, it is the diminutive of Bethia, a Hebrew name that means “life”.

22.Betty . Of Hebrew origin. It means “consecrated to God”.

23. Bathsheba . Of Hebrew origin. It means “daughter of an oath”. Variant: Betzabe.

24. Bianca . Of Italian origin, it means “white”. Variants: Bianka, Byanca, Vianca.

25. Bibian a. Of Latin origin. It means “vital”. Variants: Bibiane (French), Bibianna (Italian), Viviana, Vianca and Vianna.

26. Bing Ching . Of Chinese origin. It means “clear as ice”.

27. Bithia . Of English origin. It is a variant of Bethia, which means “daughter of Jehovah”.

28. Bjork/Björk . Of Icelandic origin, it means “birch”.

29. White . Of German origin. It means “pure, bright”. Variants: Blanche and Blanchard.

30. Bluinse . Of Irish origin. It means “white”.

31. Brenda . Of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “raven”. Variants: Brena and Brenan

32.Brianna . Of Celtic origin. It means “strong woman or of great strength”. Variants: Bryana and Breana.

33. Bride . Another of the many girl names with B of Irish origin. It means “protective”.

34.Bridget . Of Irish origin, it derives from Brighid, which means “exalted, exalted”. In Spanish it would be Bricia. Variants: Breda, Breeda.

35. Bridget . Of Celtic origin. It means “strength”.

36.Brigita . Of Irish origin. It is a variant of Bridget, a name derived from Brighid. It means “exalted, exalted, strength”. Variants: Bridget, Brigit, Brigitte, Briggitte.

37. Breeze . Of Latin origin, it is the abbreviated form of Briseida, a name derived from the Greek Briseis. It means “soft wind”. Variants: Briza, Brisia, Breezy, Briseida, Brisha, Brissa and Bryssa.

38. Brittany. Of English origin, it means “from the land of the Bretons”. Variants: Britney, Britany, Britanie, Brittani, Britani, Britani and Britt.

39. Brunnhilde . Of German origin. It means “dark maiden of battle”.

40.Butterfly . Of American origin. It literally means “butterfly”.