It is possible that when you were little the children’s stories that you had access to seemed to be somewhat “censored”, there were always happy endings, the prince defeated the “bad guys” to save her. In reality, the stories are designed for children to be entertained and enjoyed, but we rarely stopped to think about what was behind those stories or what they transmitted to children.

For example, when it was always the prince who saved the princess, weakness and dependence on the part of the woman towards the man was transmitted, something unreal today… when there are many women who forge their own lives and it is they who they face (alone) dragons that they must defeat.

In short, they are stories with stereotypes, unrealistic in the face of current life. It is necessary that the stories that are read to children are designed so that they have their own freedom in the future, that allow them to think critically and in this way, understand the different situations in which they can find themselves in life . .

For this reason, we want to show some stories so that children accept themselves as they are, but above all that there is no prince who always has to save the princess because she does not know how to do it alone.

5 children’s stories to break taboos

Do not miss all these stories because they are essential for you to have them in your library from today:

1. Women

This more than a story is an album that is illustrated and tells the story of 18 great women who have been history in our society. Many of them were hidden by men but all of them were strong and intelligent women: painters, scientists, poets… women who fought to carve their own path and prove their worth. They are references for our sons and daughters.

2. Princesses also fart

We are used to princesses being perfect in everything and, of course, not farting. This story is wonderful because it shows how imperfection is normal and nothing happens. In this way both boys and girls will learn that the canons of beauty are not real and happy endings where everyone eats partridges, either.

3. Princess Li

In all princess stories there is always a prince with whom she dreams to marry and be happy forever. For this reason, this story seems wonderful to us. Li is a lesbian princess who lives with the king, who is her father. The king wants her to marry a prince but she confesses her love for another woman. It is a great story where respect for sexual and affective diversity is discussed. A fight for equality that should be promoted from childhood.

4. Giraffes can’t dance.

This story focuses on the animals of the jungle in Africa. Contests are held there to find out who are the best dancers. But giraffes can’t because they don’t know how to dance, but is this entirely true?

In the story, Chufa is the protagonist giraffe and wants to participate in the contest to prove that everyone is wrong and that giraffes can also dance. It is a great story where the fight for dreams is transmitted, not to give up before the first obstacles and that the negative opinion of others does not matter too much to us, and less when we are clear about what we want to achieve!

5. Pretty

We think this story is great because it conveys the importance of accepting ourselves as we are, without having to listen to criticism or the opinions of others, especially when they make us feel bad.

In the story a witch has a date with an ogre and everyone tells her what she should change to be better and to please the ogre. But she looks good and she doesn’t understand everything they say to her… this story teaches the importance that it doesn’t matter how we are physically, what matters is feeling good.