Once upon a time there was a beautiful garden in which all kinds of fruits grew. All the animals that lived in the garden were allowed to eat whatever fruits they wanted, as long as they observed one rule: they had to make a kind request to the tree by calling it by name. It was of the utmost importance to say “please” and not be greedy.

Whenever an animal ate from the tree, it had to make sure it left enough fruit for other animals to feed on. Likewise, the fruits that remained allowed the trees to produce seeds and propagate.

If an animal wished to eat figs, its request should sound like this: “O fig tree, oh fig tree, please give me some of your fruit”; or if they wanted to eat oranges, they had to say: “O orange tree, o orange tree, please give me some of your fruit“.

In a corner of the garden grew the most splendid tree of all. It was tall and beautiful, and the pink fruit on its leafy branches looked wonderfully tempting. No animal had tasted that fruit, because none could remember its name.

In a small house at the end of the garden lived an old woman who knew the names of all the fruit trees that grew in the garden. The animals often approached her and asked her the name of the wonderful fruit tree, but the tree was so far from the old lady’s house that no animal could remember the long and difficult name when they came to it.

However, the monkey was very clever and thought of a trick. You may not know it, but the monkey in this legend knows how to play the guitar. With his instrument under his arm he went to the little old lady’s house. When the old lady told him the name of the wonderful fruit tree, he made up a little tune and sang it over and over from the old lady’s little house to the place in the garden where the tree grew.

On the way, the animals asked him what new song he was singing, but the monkey did not answer a word. He kept walking forward, playing his melody over and over again on his guitar and softly singing the long, difficult name of the tree.

At last the monkey reached the corner of the garden where the wonderful fruit tree grew. I had never seen it so beautiful. Its pink fruit shone in the sunlight. The monkey made his kind request, saying his long and difficult name twice without forgetting the important “please”.

What a beautiful color and what a delicious smell its fruit had! The monkey had never been so close to something that smelled so delicious in all his life. So, he took a big bite. what a face he made! That beautiful sweet-smelling fruit was bitter and sour, and had a disgusting taste. The monkey threw her as far as he could.

The monkey never forgot the name of the tree and the little tune he had invented. He also didn’t forget how the fruit tasted. So much was his dislike that he never ate it again. But after this experience, his favorite joke was to invite the other animals to taste the fruit from the wonder tree, only to see the faces they made with the first bite.

And that’s how the monkey became a joker!