If you argue a lot with your mother, it's because you're just like her.

When we are little, our mother is our world. It is that being that knows everything, that she is by our side no matter what happens, that protects us, feeds us and makes a good team with another being that also watches over us. As we get older we begin to see flaws in people and in our parents as well.

Starting to see these imperfections, in a way makes us feel disappointed, but we also realize that people are human and therefore, the wonderful thing about us is to have defects and accept them. Even if parents are not perfect, they will remain number 1 in our hearts forever, whatever they do.

Arguments with your mother

But what being the number 1 does not mean that you have certain differences with them. If you’ve ever noticed that you don’t have patience with your mother or that everything she does annoys you, it’s not her problem…you’re the problem. Normally we project onto others what we haven’t resolved in ourselves. ourselves.

You may not want to admit it but the more you argue with your mother, the more she realizes that you look like her. The relationship between mothers and children is complicated, emotions sometimes seem like a Russian roulette, sometimes they are up and other times down. It is possible that you have had arguments with your mother or your father that have made you say stupid things that you have later regretted.

Whenever you have said cruel things to your mother in the heat of the moment, right away you have regretted a lot because of the deep love you have for her. You don’t want her to suffer, you just can’t help arguing with her sometimes or avoid having too deep conversations.

A mother always wants the best for her children

A mother, a good mother, will always want the best for her children. There is an innate overprotection to raise children so that they do not have to go through the same misfortunes that they went through, or at least, so that they learn things in a way that helps them grow more both personally and professional.

Discussions mother and son

Since adolescence you may have had a hard time listening to your mother’s advice, but, Have you noticed that he ALWAYS ends up being right? You don’t know why or how… but it’s like that. Although as a mother, you will know that you have to leave your children to solve their own problems, you will also know that it is your duty to be by their side now and always, no matter how old they are.

But as a daughter, you may have realized that if you fight with your mother, you argue a lot or you don’t always know how to agree, it’s because you are more alike than you seem, at least internally. She feels the same as you, she thinks the same as you, she cares about the same things as you. She is not perfect, but from her imperfection comes the purest and most honest love that exists in the world: love for you.

Therefore, when you argue with your mother, She thinks that what moves her are feelings of pure love, only that perhaps, both of you lack some communication skills to be able to speak with more assertiveness and empathy. In this way, the discussions would stay aside, and you could talk without fear, with security and knowing that where one is, it will always be the home of the other.