Most Italian names are derived from Latin or are versified names from other languages ​​that have become very popular in the country of pasta and fine wine. Italian etymology is characterized by ancient meanings that refer above all to warfare, since most have to do with the Roman Empire, with the gods of Roman mythology and their versions of Greek mythology. That is why we can currently see beautiful modern names with classic meanings that remain at the forefront.

Other well- known Italian names are popular due to great historical figures who have made a difference, contemporary actors and actresses, as well as all kinds of artists who have come to prominence in recent times. These names are elegant, sonorous and give great personality. Without a doubt, they are an excellent option to call your baby. It is a moment of great joy for the family and we want to share it with you, helping you choose the ideal name. Choose the best baby names for girls.

You may be interested in other articles such as Spanish names, Argentine names or Mexican names, which we invite you to visit. However, on this occasion, we present you with a dedicated compilation of Italian names with meaning so that you can choose that name that you are looking for and that you may not have guessed right yet. Do not miss each meaning because they can surprise you.

Italian names for girls and their meaning


The meaning of this name is “ the defender of humanity ”.


Its meaning is ” the one who protects “.


Francesca too This name means ” the one who has been liberated “.


The meaning of this name is “ the gift of God ”.


Its meaning is ” precious jade stone “.


The meaning of this name is ” young woman “.

thank you

This name means ” woman full of gifts “.


The etymology of this name is ” beautiful flower “.


Its meaning is ” the one who tells the truth “.


It means ” the one who triumphs over evil “.

Italian names for boys and their meaning


Its meaning is “ the ambassador of peace ”.


This name means ” the enlightened one “.


The meaning of this name is ” god is great “.


It means “ he who has a crown of laurels ”.


The etymology of this name is ” he who shines “.


Its meaning is ” the winner “.


The meaning of this name is ” the one who is consecrated to Mars “.


Its meaning is ” the greatest “.


This name means ” the strongest “.


Its meaning is ” the strongest “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
alessandra They are girls eager to meet their personal goals. They stand out among other people for being creative and bold when an idea comes to mind. They can be a bit forgetful of social commitments.
Alessia They are fast learners, graceful and have coherence between what they think and the plans they have to achieve their goals. Their personality is nice, they love traveling, and discovering new environments and cultural aspects that attract their attention.
Francesca Sentimental and tend to be ambitious. The sense of freedom and autonomy are well accentuated in his personality.
Gia Cheerful, dedicated and maintain a constant drive that leads them to meet all their goals. They are usually interested in artistic and cultural movements in which they stand out very quickly on their way to fame.
Giada They are irreverent girls, who are quick to express their opinions, no matter how controversial they may be. They have a great drive to be noticed in every place they go, and with their intelligence and cunning they become unforgettable people.
Giulia Ambitious and you can see the courage they have inside. They have an energy that amazes all people, they are always active and in search of multiple activities in which they stand out with their talent.
thank you Fun, happy and have a different way of seeing the world. They like everything that is out of the ordinary and that which is a challenge for them. Sometimes they tend to move away from social environments, but with a strategic sense.
Rosella Sociable, tenacious and passionate. They live each moment as if it were the last and know how to joyfully enjoy the passage of time. They say that they learn from every circumstance, which provides them with an impressive strength.
true Sincere people who say everything that comes to mind without thinking twice, so they can sometimes be reckless. Sociable, cheerful, enthusiastic, and they do not like to carry grudges or feelings of revenge.
Victory They are intelligent and understand everything at first, it bothers them that their experience or the motor skills they are developing are not up to all the purposes they have in mind. They have a constant rhythm of activity.
Frederick Charismatic guys with a big smile. Demanding with themselves and with others, although they know how to demand diplomatically what they want and how they want it. They have some interest in beauty, arts and sports.
Florenzo Charming and communicative, they always have a few words of comfort on their lips and make others happy. Calm in their way of thinking, but they are also energetic and busy when what is at stake is their future.
Guiseppe Charitable and like to do good deeds. They are guys with an open mind and are willing to listen to new options. Sometimes they hide behind a facade of coldness and ingratitude to protect themselves from others.
Lawrence Romantic, seductive and good conversationalists. They have a vigorous attitude and are ready to help those who need it. From time to time they are nostalgic, they think of the past and revive it in their memory as a precious treasure.
Luca Although they are interested in material goods, they can also be an austere person, who does not need much to live well. They are kind people, very sociable and maintain an interest in artistic events.
Luigi Enigmatic, complex and their thinking is complicated, especially because they have a lot of energy inside them and they don’t know very well how to understand their feelings. They can be short-tempered at times and definitely prefer to be alone than in bad company.
Framework They do not like to be intruded on in their private lives and may even react with antipathy if they feel threatened. Sentimental, calm and have a tendency to trust people very quickly.
Massimo They have a keen sense of justice and often influence those around them to persuade with their charms. They like to be around people who share their interests and from time to time they enjoy a good solo read.
Valerius Sincere and good looking. They care what other people think. They are characterized by having a style of selective sociability, although they tend to adapt quite quickly to changes and new people.
Viscenzo Respectful and conservative thinking. They tend to be lovers of perfection and can become quite concerned when things do not go their way, to the point of losing the calm and seriousness with which they are usually known.